Struggling with addictions and Obsessions
Struggling with Addictions and Obsessions

Every person struggles with an obsession or addiction of some sort during their lifetime. You are part if the human race; a study group in consciousness. So love yourself for your struggles which are to be expected.

When you harmonize with your own inner pull, both grace and challenge become the ticket to peace. What the heck does this mean in practical terms? Let me explain.

Underneath any addiction or obsession is the yearning to be all you are. I am going to be personally honest to explain this. I was in a very fulfilling love relationship for many years. At some point in the relationship our shadow sides emerged (as occurs in all relationships). I suddenly found myself loving coffee�a drink that has never attracted me before. At first that was fine� a latte or mocha here and there. But it began to become an obsession. My mind was occupied with looking forward to the latte�thinking about the type of syrup and the size (thus, I was not present with life). It is not a bad thing to enjoy a delicious a warm drink in the winter, but I didn�t like the feeling of being distracted from my work by it!

So I asked myself, what does that latte represent to me? I realized that when I drank it I felt love in my heart. And then I realized love is all I ever want to feel. And then I loved myself for loving love so much that I was drinking latte to get a start up when my heart had been a bit troubled. And then I committed to allowing myself to return to love in my heart all day in every way with or without latte. And then new doors opened up in my relationship and I say that the emergence of our shadow sides was a great gift, making us go deeper into ourselves to be the source of love.

After that a latte was enjoyable but it didn't preoccupy me.

In a more profound way I began to notice that I have a way of making life exciting and fun! It can be a great talent and the quality is a gift to others. However, I also noticed that at times I used this ability to avoid going deeper into the layers of grief in my own heart. I mean deep grief...grief all the way to the core of humanity's struggle. When I caught onto my mind's tricks it was playing with my heart and soul I vowed to go deep inside and heal. Through personal grief, back to the timeless place before I incarnated and then back up to the beginning of my incarnation I found this: the universal wound that comes from a culture that evaluates, fixes, falsely appears to perfect and judges ourselves rather than welcome, celebrate and love ourselves as God's perfect creations as we are in motion. In sitting deeply in this place in my heart I felt a huge expansion and melting into softer love. Compassion of for the light and dark of life flowed through me.

In these facings of whatever I found in my heart, my love for mysyelf and my mate became much deeper and clearer and the forgiveness required in both directions during our challenged time was complete. We entered deeper love of one another from a previous deep love of one another.

Underneath all obsessions is the yearning to be all you can be�to be the great love you are�to be the seeker and fulfiller of love all in your own heart! Underneath all frustration is the yearning to return to the ONE love! All that you seek is in you. You are the way home, my friends.

To utilize your opportunity to awaken into love each moment use the following steps:

1. When happy, offer the joy back to life. This will liberate you and link you into the eternal source of unconditional happiness. If you do not do this you will become attached to whatever made you happy and you will try to get more and more of it until it no longer makes you happy at all. You don�t want things, situations, people and circumstances to be repeated over and over. What you really want is to tune into the eternal waterfall of happiness in all circumstances. Offering up whatever is given to you will take you into this eternal happy flow.

2. When you feel frustration go deeper. Underneath is yearning to be in love with yourself and all that is. Feel deep into the source of your frustration not for reason but as expereince and this shall shift into somthing else.

3. When you are obsessed and addicted, as we all are many times in many ways, go deeper. What does you addictive obsessive magnet give you? Is it really giving you that or are you giving that to yourself? Are you willing to be so powerful that you take full responsibility for what you are giving to yourself and give it to yourself every moment with or without the addictive obsessive magnet? How happy would you be willing to be?

4. When we go beyond addiction and obsession we often face a layer of fear that comes in tears or tightness or panic. Love it and embrace it and you will get to the next layer: your ability to create ecstasy through and with yourself.

Be Well My Friends,
Dr. Laurie

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Dr. Laurie Moore in Kona

No phone Satsang tonight as There are LIVE Satsangs this week in Hawaii!

Dr. Laurie Moore will be leading evening Satsangs on March 6, 7 and 8 in Kealakekua Bay from 7:00 p.m.-9:05 p.m. to open into the new ONE LOVE so that we can dissolve into the present now light through the opening of our hearts. Dr Laurie Moore's mission is to facilitate groups to open the heart via pure honesty and acceptance of who we are on all levels as individuals and as one in all dimensions. Everyone is God~Goddess.

To participate in the LIVE Satsangs please call 831-477-7007.

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