During 2007 I will be sending various exercises to help your mind lead you back to your eternal heart. In addition, every so often I will remind you that what you really seek is the ONE LOVE. Your heart is a tunnel to all of life, to every ocean, to every person, animal, angel, ascended master, universe, sun and that is all you. The one love, the perfect union between masculine and feminine is in your heart and that is all you need. When you truly trust this you will enter new paradigms and you will remember you are complete and you will not need these exercises as much. I will continue to remind you that you have the power to be this one love and in this one love you can watch every single illusion play out and will no longer need to fix them. And then you will know this. And, periodically when you forget, you will do the exercises which will serve you immensely if you give your all to them.

Blessings, Dr. Laurie

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Satsang Teleconference Tonight

There will be a Satsang~Teleconference Tonight, February 27, 2007 with Dr. Laurie Moore from 6-6:30 p.m. PST. The topic is Unconditional LOVE in every moment.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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