The Moment Now Portal
The Moment Now Portal

I have some inspiring news. I will give some background first.

Some years ago my Beloved family and I moved into a beautiful home on 3 acres. I became close friends with
hawks, ravens, hummingbirds, dears, lizards, an owl, and plants. Soon with our many invocations, prayers and meditations the area turned into Heaven on Earth and we found benevolent light beings from other galaxies, angels, ascended masters with us. Many who came over transformed, awakened or healed.
New paradigms were unloaded and we found a portal had opened. It was glorious. I invited many over for seminars and healing time.

When it was time to leave the sanctuary, due to unforeseen circumstances, (and life's promting us to awaken into a deeper state) I was devastated. Thinking I had to leave the Heaven on Earth portal we created over three years behind broke my heart but the animals said, "Be the portal. Where ever you go, you are there."

So I experimented. Instead of focusing my invocation and prayers on particular areas of land I focused them into the land of myself. I offered my bones, breath and blood to be the gate way for angels, benevolent light beings, ascended masters, animal master teachers and so my constitution quickly changed into a traveling bliss camper!

Try it!

Ask that every cell of yourself be a doorway for the Divine unconditional love, joy and devotion. Ask that you be protected so that only the most loving and highest frequencies travel through your cells.

We must be the world peace we seek. Find unconditional peace without going anywhere. Here it is! As you become peace, you offer great gifts to all you meet.

Warm Aloha, Dr. Laurie Moore

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TONIGHT, March 27, 2007
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