Your Dream May Find You!
Your Dreams May Find YOU!

Your Dreams May Find YOU!

Your life can't look the way you expect is should because you would never learn your
lessons if it did. And the great gifts that come to you after new lessons are
learned are far more powerful than the one's you might expect. So assume
everything that occurs is the best opportunity in the world regardless of
how it looks. Focus yourself fully in this way and all those dreams will
come true...sneaking up on you from all directions when you no longer NEED
them yet are able to fully be EMBRACED BY THEM! Relax into the wonderful
now that it is and watch the amazing gifts of life find you!

Here is a quote from a happy dream finder:

"Just when I decided I would be fine alone for the rest of my life, the man
of my dreams showed up. I did all the work but it was when I finally
released into needing nothing that what I desired came."

The universe is very skilled at answering our prayers when we offer up our
attachments to what we are meant to encounter all along.

Here is a quote from another happy dream finder:

"I finally realized I did not need the recognition, fame or public attention
to be happy. I stopped longing for it. In fact I kind of forgot about it.
Then people started calling me with great opportunities. I could enjoy them
fully now as I was no longer attached and in need."

And one more:

"I stopped fighting the pain in my back and surrendered to it.
was gone!"

What we long for is already ours. It is displaced from us when we grab it.
It is polarized from us when we chase it. It is ours when we are happy with
the moment just as it is and with any circumstances the moment offers.

Dr. Laurie Moore

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Satsang Teleconference Tonight

There will be a Satsang~Teleconference Tonight March 20, 2007 with Dr. Laurie Moore from 6-6:30 p.m. PST. The topic is Your Dreams May find YOU!

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