Your Own LOVE
Your Own LOVE

You are your dream. When you are dissatisfied with your
circumstances you are really dissatisfied with how you are not harmonizing with your deepest self. All circumstances are in the exact place required. Each person is doing what he or she is going to do. Your invitation is to be who you
are in harmony with your love. Then the dream you are part of will be love. It will open your heart to greater and greater love.

No matter what anyone else is or isn't doing, YOU are being invited back to your own love. It was easy for me to learn this lesson in a cosmic sense when life was good. I learned it in the most intimate sense when learning to face the shadow sides. I was in a honeymoon relationship with my home, my partner, my body, money and my career and at my peak for three graced years after many years of work. But when our
not so perfect sides were revealed, and many challenging circumstances burst my beautiful Heaven, I was deeply tested.

I could blame and suffer or I could see God's (ie all that is us and all that is) beauty in the teaching I was being offered. I struggled for a long time and when I fully found myself married in my own heart as beloved and lover, as the perfect male-female union within me then I saw the perfection in my shadow and my Beloved's. I saw perfection in all that was occuring and all that was challenging. Then I knew peace was for me in the easy and the challenging times, I saw what I needed to shift in my own inner dream and the outer world became my miracle again.

1. Be grateful for the circumstances.
2. Look for the gift in the circumstances.
3. Look for your ability to be joy, love , peace in the circumstances.
4. Look for the invitation to make a change inside
5. Know you are perfect and fine and this learning invitation is what life is all about.
6. Once you are at 100% peace with the circumstances that are you will find that you can create circumstances you prefer.
7. Choose to be all you seek form the outside by choosing thoughts that represent the harmony for which you yearn.
8. Shine the flashlight inside your heart right into the place where all you seek is already here.

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