Take Off Your Costume Fear!
Take Off Your Costume Fear!

Do you know how your FEAR fools you and keeps you from happiness?

Do you know that FEAR can be a distraction from being all you would love to be? FEAR IS PART OF LIFE, NOT WRONG NOR BAD, SOMETIMES A POSITIVELY PROTECTIVE FORCE BUT OFTEN IN YOUR WAY!

Not only does fear come up with all kinds of ideas about who you are supposed to be, what life is supposed to look like, what others should say, and how every situation should feel but it also lures you into upset. Really it is a thought and some waves of energy...no more than that!

Just last week I reached a complete union of love in the depth of my heart in which all I knew was love. A moment later my mind reminded me of a colleague who had betrayed me and lied to me. Why? Because that is the FEAR's job, to tempt us back into upset, loneliness, desperation and powerlessness. There is only ONE FEAR. There is only one love. I had the opportunity to turn my mind right back to people who love and appreciate me.

The love in my heart was still pulsing in a big way. After I spotted FEAR's little trick I decided to forgive the person who had betrayed me again (I had let this matter be the past once.). The result? I fell back into the arms of love. I felt content within myself.

Later on that week, I shared with a dear friend, my Hawaii Assistant, Richard Smith, about how I see some of my clients being unable to move forward in their miracle success because they are still confused about who they really are. Richard worked for an employer before he began to use my methods and work with my transmissions. Now he works for himself as a sculptor: his dream career. He was on the front cover of Santa Cruz Open Studios Cataloge Magazine. While many people don't even get into the show he made the cover! HOW? He tapped into the depth of his own core genius´┐Żhis BIG LOVE. And Life responded.

I argued once with Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor about who people are.

When it comes to money, love relationships, well being and spiritual awakening most people have forgotten (in at least one area even if they excel in others) who they are. They either don't understand that the source of their success truly lives in their own heart and soul, or don't understand what their unique genius is, or don't think they need to understand all this, or don't know how powerful they really are beyond illusions of who they think they are. (Examples of common doubts: That's abstract advice but cannot work for me. I am not that big. I am just little me. I do not know what I came to Earth for. That level of success is only for heroes or Gurus. I will not succeed if I am myself out in the world. It is not fair out in the world.)

WRONG. Your soul IS love and unique genius is destined to succeed in a way that will far outweigh the rewards that come with putting yourself in false roles, diminishing yourself or fitting into a mold!

Richard agreed that he saw many miracle-aspirers get stuck for years in the areas of money, love relationship, health and spiritual enlightenment by conforming instead of becoming the ONE BIG LOVE and unique GENIUS WITHIN! It's much more important than most of us think. Your melting into who you really are beyond what your mind thought you were truly is the source of your happiness and success.

Because this is such a pivotal time on this planet, I have Richard attend all the Hawaii seminars as my assistant to inspire people with his ability to tap into the BIG LOVE! I am announcing Richard Smith, once a nurse and now a successful artist after learning my miracle techniques. Richard will assist me to help you in becoming the genius you are and the BIG LOVE you are by releasing your many illusions in Hawaii. You can catch him on the DVDs: Animiracles and Indimiracles as well (Link to Order Below).

Now, the one and only step for you to take is simple but not always easy.

1. Allow your mind to melt into your heart and feel the one love.

On April 10, 2007 I will be giving you the lesson on the phone so you can ask questions right on the spot and receive the transmission on how to do this. The transmission will be offered on this teleconference.

The call is from 6-6:30 p.m. PST.
"How to Return to Complete LOVE AND UNIQUE GENIUS;
An introduction to The Hawaii Unconditional Awakening Seminar." THIS TELECONFERENCE WILL BENEFIT YOU WHETHER OR NOT YOU ATTEND the Hawaii Seminar. And if you do attend the seminar you will be well prepared.

Not a member of the 2007 teleconference series? Sign up now at www.animalintutivereadings.com. You can take advantage of this call and the special bonus coupons we are giving out tonight for sessions and the Home Study Kit. People on this call are eligible to sign up for the Hawaii Unconditional Awakening Seminar with a $500 discount ticket AND receive a free individual session, a free Miracle Oil by Ajne ($140 is the usual cost), and a FREE home study kit! (Usual $249).
Don't keep struggling along without your full LOVE and GENIUS at the core of what you do and who you are. Life is not here for you to go in endless circles. This is your time to succeed in a spectacular, happy, fulfilling way, and attract your heart's truest desires like the True Lover attracts the True Beloved. You see, you are BOTH in one! It's possible with the transmission and wisdom I will share with you tonight.

Love and Success,

Dr. Laurie Moore
The Miracle Worker
You and I are the Miracle Worker. The Miracle Worker is the One source of Magic and LOVE that belongs to us ALL!!!!


Satsang Teleconference Tonight

There will be a Satsang~Teleconference Tonight, February 27, 2007 with Dr. Laurie Moore from 6-6:30 p.m. PST. The topic is Unconditional LOVE in every moment.

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