April 2007
April News & Events

5 Year Water Quality Report

The Creeks Division has recently completed the 2001-2006 Water Quality Monitoring Program Report. The report describes the research questions, sampling strategies, and results of the monitoring program over the past five years. The Creeks Division now has an excellent baseline of water quality data from dry weather and storm conditions, including data from very wet and very dry years. The monitoring program will now move toward tracking pollution to the sources and investigating pollution routes to the creeks.

Some Key Findings:
Microbial Pollution~ Mission Creek has higher indicator bacteria values than Arroyo Burro, Laguna Channel, with lowest values at Sycamore Creek.
Storm Monitoring ~ Pollutants of concern identified through storm monitoring include dissolved copper, MBAS (detergents), oil & grease, sediment and indicator bacteria.

View Summary or Full Report

Creeks Manager Position Open

Jill Zachary, the manager of the Creeks Division since it's inception in 2001, has been promoted to Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation. Congratulations Jill!
The City of Santa Barbara is currently inviting applications for the position of Creeks Restoration/Clean Water Manager. The deadline for applications is April 5, 2007.

Link to Application


Want to adopt a beach?
Your organization, high school class or group of friends can adopt a beach and help keep it clean throughout the year. Parks & Recreation/Creeks Division now serves as beach manager for East Beach, West Beach and Leadbetter as part of the California Coastal Commission Adopt-a-Beach program. It's a commitment of 3 clean-ups/year on your own timing. Gloves, bags and materials are provided.  Call 897-2606 or e-mail Jessica at JScheeter@SantaBarbaraCa.gov for more details.

Bren Group Studies Impervious Surfaces

A UCSB Bren School group project has recently studied impervious surfaces and their affect on stormwater runoff in the Atascadero and Mission Creek watersheds.  The report highglights permeable pavements as alternatives to traditional hardscapes, and offers economic and policy recommendations to implement stormwater reduction techniques in the Santa Barbara area.  The general public is invited to attend a presentation on this as well as other group projects, on  Wednesday April 11, 2007 3-7 pm at Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort, Santa Barbara.

Visit Creeks at Earth Day

Visit the Creek Division booth at this year's Earth Day and take away some native Blue-Eyed Grass seeds to plant at home.  Browse aerial watershed maps and find where you live within the watershed. Learn more about what you can do to improve creek & ocean water quality and how you can participate in a Water Quality Monitoring Snapshot Day on May 5.

Sunday, April 22, 2007, 10am to 5:30pm
Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Gardens

Less Toxic Gardening
Visit the Our Water Our World website to learn more about less toxic alternatives to pesticides and to locate local stores that offer less toxic products.


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