Whale Consciousness
Whale Consciousness

The whale lives in the endless waves of consciousness. What you create in your life permeates deep into you, to the sea and into the world everywhere. You will see all you are creating in the waves of the whale. This cannot be understood by the intellect alone. It is the heart of consciousness emanating life in the way a flower blooms. Come home to what you really are: LOVE in the good and in the disturbing: LOVE.

In the Hawaiian waters the whale invites us to be
what (s)he is. (S)he is all that is from the beginning of time. Trust your different perceptions. Trust these new golden realities where all that is imagined is loved. Come home. Asked to be forever loved and you shall find yourself forever able to give love as well. This is what you longed for through all your journeys. LOVE is available now. Come home to you.

Although the consciousness of the whale is most available to you in proximity, there are other ways to tap into this delicious consciousness.

1. Sit and focus on your heart.
2. Breathe deep
3. Ask the whales to speak to you. They can hear. They listen. They understand from miles away.
4. When you feel a wave of something new, a taste of oneness, or a glimpse of color and light moving through you in waves express gratitude and ask for more.

The value of coming into whale consciousness is that you will begin to see, feel and hear that all life is, is love. Everything other than love is a belief that has turned into a shape, a color, a ride, an incarnation, a scenario. In whale consciousness all that exists can dissolve back into the one state of being which is the love we are.

Our next trip to the Hawaii waters which are filled with whale energy is July 20-25, 2007 when we swim with the whale's friends, the dolphins. Are next journey to actually spend time with the dolphins out at sea is October of 2007.

The new Hawaii Satsang~Seminar includes an off shore swim as well as a boat ride, transformational seminar time, yoga, chanting, animal communication, delicious meals with our own in house cook, Erin, and Satsangs where we often attract people from Hawaii and all over the world. Share in this great delight. You will never be the same. The bliss, the love, the joy you will become will stay with you forever.

"Two of us just attended Dr. Laurie's Hawaii seminar for the third time and once again experienced beautiful deep love, transformation and peace. I think we will be back again!"-Richard Smith, Annette Steiner

Info on Hawaii seminars

Satsang Teleconference

TONIGHT, April 17, 2007
Weekly Tuesday Satsang~Teleclasses with Dr. Laurie Moore will Feature

Teleconference Tonight: Whale Consciousness
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6:00pm - 6:15pm PST - Satsang Message
6:15pm - 6:25pm PST - Questions and Answers
Ask questions and receive answers filled with healing transmissions about
Spiritual awakening
Miracle Manifestation: love, money, well being, relationships
Animal Communication
6:25: Miracle Announcements from The Miracle Worker's Office & Teleconference Participants
6:28: Miracle Financial Investment Opportunities
6:29: Ending Message

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Scholarships to AniMiracle Seminars in California

If you haven't reserved your spot for Santa Cruz, San Diego, or Marin, visit the website www.animalintuitivereadings.com
or call 831-477-7007. We also offer scholarships to three hour programs in Hawaii on animal communication and transformation. Email us for info: Richard@DrLaurieMoore.com.

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