Heaven on Earth Emerges NOW!
Your Own LOVE

"Heaven on Earth is Here and NOW! This is how I thought it would be when I chose to incarnate! This is what I
waited for my entire life," said Dr. Laurie about the Hawaii 2007 Unconditional Awakening seminar on March 4-11 on The Big Island.

I agree. It was Heaven on Earth for many who attended. Here are some of the contributing factors to the experience we shared.
1. People agreed to witness each other as perfect. Rather than look for who's opinion was right or wrong, we decided to make each other all right and trust that each person's perspective carried value for all. This attitude created an ongoing uplifting union.
2. Our cook serenaded us with music as well as served us delicious food. We felt good staying nourished and fed on all levels in our beautiful house near Manini Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.
3. We practiced opening our hearts to the animals and called in the whales and the dolphins. Many of them surrounded our boat sending messages. We also spoke with birds, dogs and cats.
4. Dr. Laurie was relentless and loving, determined
that everyone experience an awakening. She had a different way of working with each individual based upon that person's needs. I have watched her for years and she always hits each individual's need for transformation on the
target and responds accordingly. That is why people have practical, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical miracles occurring during these events. I never know what she will say or do next and it seems to work time after time.

One attendee, Julie, returned to an enlightened state of unconditional bliss and love so impacting that she can carry the ease or struggle of any situation. I learned that I
can experience what I thought was only possible between lives right on Earth now! Several people from Germany, USA and Austria connected with their animals who had moved to the other side and had great heart healings. Our staff
became telepathic via the heart at times. We found Heaven on Earth is here now.

The next Hawaii trip is July 20-25, 2007 and we welcome you to participate. If you
are unable to come to Hawaii you may come to one of the California Miracle and Animal Communication seminars on FULL scholarship (or come to both as many do!) by emailing Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com. And you can bring Heaven on Earth to your home by practicing the following dictated to me by Dr. Laurie herself:

1. Assume that every one you meet has the perfect message for you. If you like what they do and say bless them. If you
don't, know that there is an opportunity for you to turn your own judgment back into unconditional love. Bless them!

2. Respect the animals for the great unconditional love teachers they are. Sit and listen to an animal and find this
to be true.
--Richard Smith, Hawaii Staff Assistant www.animalintuitivereadings.com

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