Give Yourself Satsang
Give Yourself Satsang

These days all of us can dissolve back into the master teachers we are at core. By offering up all that is good and all that is not we become more and more neutral. Through neutrality a love of great depth comes purring, meowing and perhaps, gleefully barking through us.

These words hold the container for energy of great love to reach your heart. Open your heart to LOVE if you yearn to do so. Feel it in these words, spoken by me, spoken by you,and sent via whales, the sun, Magdalene, master teachers
who are male and female, and the oneness of all life.

I write for love, to love and of love which is what I felt for the entire recent Hawaii trip. There were many awakenings and many great times. I had one time of upset and this upset was held in the love as much as the joy was held in
the love. The love is everything.

As I gave the public Satsang the Divine Mother Mary Magdalene (The female aspect of God) took me. At that time I experienced a migraine that caused me
to see bright lights. I was so in love with the universal source, the moment, the creation, the staff and the participants that I did not mind this headache and continued with my work. The headache became only a sensation in a big ocean of cellular love; my consciousness.

People came up to sit with me and ask questions about their animals, their personal lives and their awakening. Some asked about miracles regarding money, relationships and health. Everything is possible now that we have entered
the time of miracle mastery and manifestation. But an even greater gift is to be in the LOVE in and with all situations. To find a gift in every situation is a Divine blessing that causes life to be forever rich! I let go and
dissolved fully into the Magdalene remembering who I once was and why I am
here...who we once all were and why we are here: TO RIDE, BE AND FEEL THE GENERATING WAVES OF LOVE!

I invite you to experience this now. Try these steps.

1. Notice what you are feeling and thinking and offer it up to LOVE.

2. When you think well of someone bless them with gratitude.

3. When you judge someone ask life to help you trade in the judgment for forgiveness, appreciation and love. Send a message to that person's soul asking them
to forgive you for having judged them. Notice how the judgment deprived you of being in love. Offer the judgment back to the universe and ask that the Akashic records of all times, held by the whales, be rewritten without the
judgments in your lives.

Thank you for your existence which touches my heart.
Dr. Laurie Moore

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TONIGHT, April 3, 2007
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