May 2007
May News & Events

Water Quality Snapshot Day

Saturday May 5
Mission Creek

The Creeks Division is teaming up with Channelkeeper for this hands-on training in water quality monitoring as part of this statewide Snapshot Day. Volunteers will visit two locations along Mission Creek, including the Botanic Garden in the upper watershed, as well as a more urban section of creek, to compare differences in water quality. Volunteers will learn how to assess water quality including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and bacteria. Snapshot Day is a great excuse to explore local creeks! To RSVP, call 897-2606 or e-mail 

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Bioblitz Santa Barbara

Saturday May 12
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
free entry!

Observe scientists in action as they discover and document biodiversity along Mission Creek. Browse displays of plants and animals, and participate in hands-on activities for adults and children. The Creeks Division will display water quality and creek insect biodiversity results for Mission Creek, including results from the May 5 Snapshot Day!

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Steelhead Festival

Sunday May 20th
Santa Barbara's Stearns Wharf

The day will begin with a 5K run along the waterfront, serve as the public unveiling party for the 6ft. steelhead sculptures, and fill the wharf with activity around the Ty Warner Sea Center. Festival activities will include film showings inside the Sea Center, educational booths along the wharf, interactive watershed models, and hands-on water testing.

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Clean Creek Pledge
Thanks to the 50+ people at Earth Day who pledged to consider the creek and prevent household pollution (lawn clippings, dirt, pet waste, soap, trash & chemicals) from entering the street or storm drain.

Special thanks to Santa Barbara Natives for supplying native seeds and to Youth Cinemedia for designing our Creek Stewardship poster for Earth Day!

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