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Orthomolecular Medicine Meeting

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Highlights of the Orthomolecular Medicine Meeting

Dr. Judith T. Fine Dach, my lovely wife, and I just returned from attending the Orthomolecular Medicine Meeting, and I wanted to share with you a few highlights from this historic meeting. (1) In addition to the scientific meeting, we attended the black-tie tribute dinner honoring the 90 year old Abram Hoffer, MD, the original founder of the orthomolecular medical society and a prolific writer and researcher. (2) (3) We were lucky to be seated at a family table with Garry Vickar, M.D. Hoffer�s nephew. Garry Vickar is an orthomolecular psychiatrist from St. Louis, and proudly informed us the family had endowed the Hoffer-Vickar chair of orthomolecular psychiatry at Ben Gurion University. (4)

What is Orthomolecular Medicine? (5)

You probably never heard of this word, �orthomolecular�. It was coined by Linus Pauling 50 years ago and means substances in the human body like vitamins, minerals, and hormones used to treat disease. It sounds a lot like natural medicine, holistic medicine, and integrative, complementary medicine, doesn�t it? All of these definitions are blurred together, and we are really talking about the use of non-toxic natural substances, instead of patented drugs which can be toxic and produce adverse side effects. Abram Hoffer, Linus Pauling and Humphrey Osmond founded the orthomolecular medical society in the 1950�s, and Hoffer is still active as editor-in-chief of its journal. (6)

Gala Dinner Honoring Abram Hoffer MD

The award dinner was a touching and moving tribute to a great pioneer and scientist. Dr. Hoffer graciously allowed us to introduce ourselves and speak with him briefly, and I can report to you that he is charming, pleasant, and has the intellect of much younger person. He was the final speaker at the podium, and spoke for about 10 minutes recapping the highlights of his career and thanking everyone involved in the dinner.

The actress Margot Kidder was the master of ceremonies at the dinner. Remember, she played Lois Lane in the superman movies. Kidder was successfully treated by Hoffer after having her own personal problems in 1996. She is now a grateful recovered Hoffer patient, and also a political activist for orthomolecular medicine as the first line of treatment of mental illness. (7)

Hoffer is well known for his research investigating the use of high dose niacin, vitamin B3, as a treatment for schizophrenia. Hoffer noticed the association of pellagra, niacin deficiency, with dementia, and speculated some people needed higher niacin (B3) intakes to avoid mental illness. Hoffer found niacin (B3) to be quite effective and treated 4,000 schizophrenics with three grams of B3 per day with a 90% success rate. His original paper was published in Lancet in 1962, entitled, Massive Niacin Treatment in Schizophrenia. Review of a nine-year study. by OSMOND H, and HOFFER A. (8)

A new study of niacin (B3) for schizophrenia is underway at Ben Gurion University, entitled, Treatment of Acute Schizophrenia With Niacin Vitamin Therapy. This study is currently recruiting patients at Beersheva Mental Health Center. The director is RH Belmaker, MD, who is also the Hoffer-Vickar chair in orthomolecular psychiatry. (9)

Over his long career, Abram Hoffer has touched the lives of many Canadians, and many of the people at the meeting were there because Hoffer had treated family members with dramatic results. Dr. Hoffer's autobiography, "Adventures in Psychiatry: The Scientific Memoirs of Dr. Abram Hoffer", is a must read. We were all given gift copies of the book, personally autographed by Dr. Hoffer. (10)

More Hoffer links: (11) (12) (13) (14)

First Day of Meeting

I.V. Vitamin C Treatment for Cancer

The scientific meeting started the next day bright and early. And the first day was devoted to Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer, and all the big names were there.

Steve Lawson ,from the Linus Pauling Institute gave a short history of the original Cameron-Pauling Clinical Trials of Vitamin C treatment for cancer, which showed that cancer patients who received vitamin C lived 4 times longer than those who didn�t. One hundred terminal cancer patients were given 10 grams of vitamin C daily (2.5 grams four times per day) and followed until they succumbed to their cancer. They lived 4.2 times longer (210 days), compared to 1,000 "matched controls" who averaged only 50 days till death from cancer. (15) (16) (17)

In spite of these encouraging results by Linus Pauling, Vitamin C research was halted early on because of subsequent negative studies at the Mayo Clinic. Some say the Mayo Clinic studies were intentionally designed to fail and discredit vitamin C. The Mayo Clinic docs changed the Pauling protocol and failed to demonstrate the beneficial findings. (18)

However, after all these years, interest in vitamin C as an adjunctive cancer treatment appears to be reviving. One of those responsible for this renewed interest in Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer is Jeane Drisko, MD , Professor of Orthomolecular Medicine at University of Kansas who discussed her ongoing clinical trial investigating intravenous vitamin C as a treatment for ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer at the University of Kansas. (19)

John Hoffer, MD (Abram�s son) from the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal reported 3 well-documented cases of advanced cancers, confirmed by pathology biopsy, where patients had unexpectedly long survival times after treatment with intravenous vitamin C. (20)

Mark Levine, MD, Section Chief for Vitamin C Research at the NIH, presented his work showing intravenous Vitamin C kills cancer cells and infectious agents by producing Hydrogen Peroxide in the extracellular space. (21) (22) (23) Dr. Levine also wrote, Re-evaluation of Ascorbate in Cancer Treatment: Emerging Evidence, Open Minds and Serendipity by Mark Levine MD. (24). He also studied vitamin C Pharmacokinetics. (25).

Steve Hickey, PhD. author of Ascorbate, the Science of Vitamin C also spoke at the meeting. (26).

Second Day of Meeting

Bio-Identical Hormones for Women

The second day of the meeting was devoted to Women�s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Phyllis Bronson, PHD discussed the biochemistry of estradiol and progesterone and their effects on mood, depression and brain function. She explained how hormonal imbalance causes PMS which can be treated with supplemental progesterone rather than SSRI anti-depressants.

Dr. Bronson discussed I3C and DIM for the beneficial effect on estrogen metabolism, and as nutritional supplements for breast cancer prevention. Indole 3 Carbinol (I-3-C) and Di-Indole Methane (DIM) and Iodine are the basic breast cancer prevention program that we use in our office. We have discussed the role of Iodine as a cancer preventive nutrient in a previous newsletter .

Dr. Bronson was followed by Kenton Bruice MD , a practicing OB/Gyne doc who routinely prescribes bio-identical hormones. He summarized the medical literature showing safety of bio-identical hormone replacement. Dr. Kenton Bruice cited the French Cohort study which showed no increased risk of breast cancer from bio-identical hormones. (The RR = 1.005, which is identical to the control group.) (27). He also discussed the medical literature on heart disease risk, and showed that women using bio-identical hormones (estradiol and progesterone) have decreased heart disease risk.

Mark Starr, M.D. presented his talk on Type Two Hypothyroidism and has a new edition of his book available. His information was covered in my previous newsletter . It was a pleasure meeting him again, and I was glad he remembered me from the last meeting. One change he mentioned in his routine: he is now giving iodine supplementation along with natural thyroid and having better results.

Third Day of Meeting

Orthomolecular Treatment for

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

James Greenblatt MD from Waldon Behavioral Care gave a very good talk discussing orthomolecular treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). What is OCD? This is a fairly common mental disorder which affects kids and adults who have obsessive thoughts such as phobias, or fears (such as fear of contamination), and in order to deal with these thoughts they have repeating behaviors called compulsions such as handwashing, counting, hoarding, etc. Kids who are interrupted from their compulsive activities can become violent. The standard treatment is SSRI antidepressants, which may work initially, however, they come with a price of well known side effects.

Dr. Greenblatt has had dramatic success in OCD patients using non-toxic supplements such as 5-HTP, and Inositol (18 grams per day). (28) (29). 5-HTP is an amino acid precursor to serotonin, and Inositol is a non-toxic sugar like molecule.

Dr. Greenblatt discussed the use of lab testing for the opiate peptides, Gliadorphin and Casomorphin, which can be done on urine samples sent to the Great Plains Laboratory run by William Shaw. Apparently the cause for OCD, depression, bulimia, panic disorders etc. has been found to be these Gliadorphin and Casomorphin peptides which mimic neurotransmitters in the brain. Fortunately, these unwanted peptides can be degraded by digestive enzymes, and Greenblatt uses a digenstive enzyme product called Serenaid with much success.

Dr. Greenblatt presented cases showing dramatic clinical improvement in kids with OCD with the use of othomolecular medicine, 5HTP, Inositol, digestive enzymes and probiotics. These children recovered dramatically from their OCD symptoms of hoarding, repeating activities, handwashing, phobias and social withdrawal etc. This is orthomolecular medicine at its best.

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(7) Dach J, Patel N, Patel S, Petasnick J. Peritoneal mesothelioma: CT, sonography, and gallium-67 scan. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1980 Sep;135(3):614

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