Nobody Ever Dies
Nobody Ever Dies

While I was on the whale boat with my seminar students in Hawaii my Mother was with me. She passed over many
years ago but was clearly visible to me now. She danced in the winds. "I never died," she said. "That was only the imagination. The dead are alive with the living. They are in the wind. They are in the sea. I am
in your heart...literally. Scientifically I am here now. This is not just wishful thinking or flowery language."

The whales began to flash pictures to me, pictures of woman giving birth and I felt I was giving birth with each thought I chose. I began to experience my own consciousness as traveling through the entire world, creating situations far beyond my experience of my body and personality at sea. I saw how all my experiences were self-generated illusions of love and at center the one big light of love remained. The
vast sea and the whales showed me how consciousness is generated of itself. The stories we tell with our minds are little reflections of ONE VAST LOVE. The stories gardened in the muscular earth or floating on the ocean waves are all our creations.

Let us make it all right. Let us love ourselves in our triumph or
supposed failure. Let us love what we perceive in one another in our greatest success and worst fears. Let us find the love in the light and the dark. Let us go home to the heart of love. Now.

To receive the blessing of this message close your eyes and focus on your heart. If your mind tells you stories, thank it. If you like the stories look for the intention behind the story. Look for the motive of creating the story. Then offer that story up and ask that your deepest intention to love
keep you connected to the source of all that is forever. This way every moment is LOVE. --Dr. Laurie Moore

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Thanks to Ron Meadow, Richard Smith and Bryant Austin the seminar room became an art gallery last weekend. Right on the beach, we looked outward to the water and inward to the most beautiful paintings of flowers, sculptures of humans and photography of a whale friend.
I am so grateful. If you wish to display your art please email us some samples.

Send to me~ Dr. Laurie

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