Imperfect Human Being
Imperfect Human Being


It is I, Laurie, the being trying to be human, writing. Laurie, the imperfect person and the perfect soul with the imperfect organizational skills and the perfect LOVE intention we ALL have!! I am exactly like each of you in my perfect imperfection! Let's sing, dance and celebrate this. Why not?
We can celebrate when we win the lottery or just celebrate all that is now! I say go for the celebration in all cinrcumstances now!

I was very ill on Tuesday and mustered up my energy flowing via grace to meet with my clients one-on-one in full devotion, I did, but I did not have the energy to lead the Satsang and so we did not send out the Ezine or Satsang announcement on Tuesday as usual. I needed to stay with the Buddha and simply be illness until illness became a love and love began to reharmonize into health.

My apologies.

The Satsang Message is this;

Do not look for God*Goddess in another or a situation only. Do not seek perfection in an event or a goal. Seek Universal Source in the universal source itself, the one big love. Then all of your relations will be in harmony.

Harmony can be a major chord or a dissonant chord. In the bigger harmony all harmonies and disharmonies are one.

Thank you, The Nature Spirits.

And now some news:
Our business has grown a lot lately and we now have people flying in from Canada, Europe and Asia as well as from all over the USA.

Here is what some attendees have to say.

�What a weekend! WOW, Laurie, what a great space you set and what a terrific coming together of loving hearts.�

�I still show up at your seminars because there is much that you teach that I love to witness and I am learning, perhaps very slowly, and by patient repetition of what I see. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the work you do. And it is true that the "key" is the energy that you focus on but what really rings my bell, Laurie, is that the energy of the group is given willingly in response to your invitation and it is that amazing energy that I see push so many miracles. It sets us free to be magnificent. Thank you.�

�Such an honor and blessing to be in your presence at the seminar. It was life altering.�

And before I share a few more of the testimonials (and thank you to the many people who send beautiful testimonials�we do not publish them all but I do personally read everyone and am greatly touched in my heart for every single one!) I must share a request for support.

I am unable to keep up with scholarship program at this time without more help. We are being asked to go all over the globe and would love to do so. We are asking others who feel called to volunteer services and money as we have now grown too big to contribute all the volunteer labor and money on our own. I am so grateful for all the people that are already helping in these ways. Please know your contributions are changing the lives of people all over the world. Bless you!

I had a funny moment last week when I was told in an email that I was �disorganized due to an inner war.� I had to laugh. I am working seven days a week, again and sometimes 17 hours a day to keep up. We have grown too big for me alone and the practical day-to-day problems cannot be psychologically corrected! (Believe me, I wish it could attribute it all to an inner war because I always have more fun doing inner transformational work than office work!) We simply need more people to support this work to keep up now.

IF you feel called, please visit to see what is needed. On the right side of the home page is a white box for �volunteers and donations.� Press and read.

Now, more feedback on the recent seminar:

�It was so wonderful�invigorating�sweet�I feel all the presence of all the participant�s angelic bodies�really yummy.� Megan

�Laurie, it�s Mike from your last seminar in Santa Cruz. I have been seeing you in my dreams. In an animal and human meeting place. I also feel a good deal of healing in that same ruby color that you generate when you teach. I have told my holiest dentist and two other doctor friends about you. They will contact you soon! I have added you to my list to Padma to bless us with enough wealth to make all your plans a reality for us all. I would love to spend a lot more time with you, you dakini you! All my love and prayers for your success. Mike

�Laurie, if I had a million dollars it would all be yours to support your wonderful work. Thank you!�

�Laurie, You offered me DIVINE DETACHED LOVE state of Vairag, this spiritual freedom and detachment of the highest of ALL love. Allowing me to JUST BE with no expectations or opinions as to what is right or wrong. This peaceful serenity. This musical sound of GRACE. . I LOVE YOU. You are a Divine Vessel for God's Love. You are there. That is what I needed. Just knowing that I am O.K. in all my HUMAN-NESS! All is perfect. No need to move faster. I am Loved. And I have found someone who understands this. I have found YOU.Joy in YOU, J---

Yes, this is why we gather to learn and to do for each other in the seminars! To become the love of all we are, including the strengths and the weaknesses. We throw out the templates we have been given to evaluate each other and instead learn the art of love.

Life�s screenplay is LOVE. And Laurie (remember that being trying to be human?) is so imperfect�in fact, when forced out of my talent and into full time secretary work I suck! Pardon the teen ager language. You all might be pretty disappointed after initialing experiencing me in my creative space. And I love myself as I suck�that is the work. Not to profess perfection and not to excuse mistakes but to be in love with it all, to forgive, to make improvements to be human and to be holy and to be God�Goddess. All of us.

And if that is not feeling true for you to share these words I use I respect that! The work is love and the love has room for everyone everywhere with any belief because LOVE will transcend any belief anyone has.

Regarding asking for people to jump in who feel called: we need retreat houses, airplane tickets, food, money, office supplies and office support. We now have a list of 50 volunteers to assist at seminars and when we called them to assist 98% said yes. We are so grateful. Now we need more help with all the work that goes on behind the scenes: body work, office work, dancers, any kind of work you can offer may sooner or later be used.

�We receive far more back than when we simply participated. Giving as assistants has catapulted us! So we keep coming back.�
Mara, DeviGi, and Annette

Assisting us can assist you to create more and more life miracles!
Please, give us a call. 831-477-7007

Here's a letter from Christina who assisted in Marin last September:
Hi Dearest Laurie!

I just graduated as an Associate Chef and Teacher from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg!!! As I drove home throught the beautiful redwoods and flowers, I became aware that it was on that very weekend one year ago that I somewhat reluctantly agreed to attended your seminar on behalf of a friend (L_____) who could not come (going somewhere new by myself was a little outside my comfort zone, but not anymore!). Well, obviously it was spirit moving in my life, because I loved your seminar and you! It was after the two day seminar and on the drive home that I received my answer about my calling: to teach people how to nurture themselves though food by creating (and eating) a life of abundance, not restrictions or diets! (Bonus: you lose weight and feel and look fabulous!) So here I am one short year later, a chef and teacher! I attribute that to the energy you create in your seminars and that you teach us to believe in Sprit, in ourselves and in miracles. You are such a gift to me and to everyone you touch. You are an amazing woman.

I also reflected that I want to spend more time in service to you, it truly makes me happy and I believe in what you are doing. .

With Love,

We send love back to all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dr. Laurie and staff

I desire to help with service or money!

Satsang Teleconference

Next Tuesday, May 29 2007
Weekly Tuesday Satsang~Teleclasses with Dr. Laurie Moore will Feature

Teleconference next Tuesday: Imperfect Human Being

(I will be back and sorry about this week!)
Sign up NOW at

6:00pm - 6:15pm PST - Satsang Message
6:15pm - 6:25pm PST - Questions and Answers
Ask questions and receive answers filled with healing transmissions about
Spiritual awakening
Miracle Manifestation: love, money, well being, relationships
Animal Communication
6:25: Miracle Announcements from The Miracle Worker's Office & Teleconference Participants
6:28: Miracle Financial Investment Opportunities
6:29: Ending Message

Sign up Now

Scholarships to AniMiracle Seminars in California

If you haven't grabbed your seat call 831-477-7007 or sign up on a full scholarship at now. Anyone who asks receives a full scholarship. Enjoy seminars coming up in Santa Cruz, Marin and San Diego (see new dates...if you didn't make it in before no worries as we are cycling back around!)! Visit the website below for dates.

sign up

Satsang Concert Series

Dr. Laurie Moore's two day animiracle Seminars are now followed up with an after dinner evening concert at 8 p.m. The next San Diego Animiracle Seminar features Joya Winwood. The next Marin and Santa Cruz Animiracle seminars feature Bradford Tilden. Tickets are $35.00. People who are participating in the seminar pay $10.00.

Assist in Hawaii

We are now accepting requests to assist in Hawaii for October 16-21. All six July assistantships are filled. Apply soon as they are likely to fill in the next 3-4 weeks.
Assistants pay less than half price to attend and have the trip of their lives!

I wish to assist in Hawaii

Volunteers and Financial contributions requested

Dr. Laurie is working so much behind the scenes to bring this BIG LOVE to the planet via the global scholarship program. More volunteers and financial donations as well as body workers and a retreat house are all needed. We are looking for people to donate time, money and labor to share in the global vision Dr. Laurie has created by using hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer labor and much of her own money over many many years to create these beautiful planetary healings.

To donate money, time or office supplies or a retreat house, please call the office at 831-477-7007.

Office clerks who can work from home are especially needed as are grant writers. We also need a dancer to dance in at the beginning of the seminar with Dr. Laurie for the San Diego seminar. Thanks to Tanya Greenstein and Janice Marie Sandeen for dancing in Santa Cruz and Marin!
Richard Smith, Admin

I love donating to global heart oneness


Thanks to Ron Meadow, Richard Smith and Bryant Austin the seminar room became an art gallery last weekend. Right on the beach, we looked outward to the water and inward to the most beautiful paintings of flowers, sculptures of humans and photography of a whale friend.
I am so grateful. If you wish to display your art please email us some samples.

Send to me~ Dr. Laurie

display UPLIFTING art

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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