June 2007
June Creeks News & Events

Creek Summer Internships

The Creeks Division is recruiting two paid interns for Summer 2007. Positions are part-time, $14/hour with no benefits, 6/25-9/21.

Creek Restoration Intern
Duties include: assisting volunteers and paid youth apprentices with native planting, watering and weeding at various creek restoration sites throughout the City; and monitoring restoration sites to ensure that native plants are healthy and creek sites are clean and free of weeds. 15-20 hours/week.

Creek Water Quality Intern
Duties include: assisting with water quality monitoring on creeks in the City, performing data entry and analysis, and assisting with other projects as needed.  Job conditions include walking on uneven terrain, negotiating slippery surfaces, climbing, carrying heavy loads, frequent standing, and occasional extended hours.  Additional projects may include statistical analysis of long-term water quality data.  10-15 hours/week.

To Apply: Download and print City hourly application on-line: http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/Government/Jobs/Hourly/
Mail application, along with a cover letter, to City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division, P.O. Box 1990, Santa Barbara CA 93102 or hand deliver to 620 Laguna Street. (DO NOT mail or e-mail application to Human Resources). Apply by June 6. 

Link to Qualifications and Application

Snapshot Day Results

Thanks to the volunteers who participated in the May 5th Water Quality Snapshot Day! Volunteers took creek samples in the upper portion of the Mission Creek watershed, which has relatively undisturbed aquatic habitat that support a diversity of animals and plants. They also sampled in the lower watershed which is heavily urbanized with little native vegetation or wildlife habitat.  Here are some of the results:

Mission Creek at the Botanic Garden
Trash/Pollution: none.  Algae: none.

Water temp: 58.5    pH 7.5

Bacteria: Total Coliform 142, E. Coli 31, Enterococcus 141

Mission Creek at Cota St.
Trash/pollution: paper, bottles, human waste. Algae: 90%

Water temp: 62     pH: 6.95

Bacteria: Total Coliform 5794, E. Coli 259, Enterococcus 148

View 5 Year Water Quality Report

Watch "Creeks through Time" on Channel 18

The Creeks Division has been working closely with City TV in the creation of a series of of water quality programs which will provide background about local watersheds, water quality challenges and opportunities, and clean water habits that individuals can adopt at home to improve water quality.

"Creeks through Time" will air on Channel 18: Thursday, May 31 at 5:30pm.
A historical look at the four watersheds within the city including historical photos and interviews from community members about their memories and stories of growing up along local creeks.

Check City TV schedule for additional showtimes

June 3 "Wonders of Water"

Wonders of Water at the  Zoo
June 3, 2007, 11:00-4:00

The Creeks Division is teaming up with Project Clean Water to create the  "Clean Water Obstacle Course" for kids. Kids make decisions to get rid of trash and pollution so that they can crawl through a storm drain and end up in a clean creek surrounded by creek critters.

Clean Beaches Week

The Clean Beaches Council has designated June 29-July 5 as National Clean Beaches Week. The Creeks Division/Parks & Recreation, serves as beach manager for East Beach, West Beach, and Leadbetter and is happy to announce that several community groups have adopted beaches and are planning clean-ups.

West Beach~ June 30, 10am-noon: Contact Ben from Channelkeeper for details,  ben@sbck.org

The Boys & Girls Club "Torch Club" has adopted East Beach near Sycamore Creek and will be hosting an event in July. Urban Creeks Council is interested in adopting East Beach near Mission Lagoon and hosts regular clean-ups.

For details or if you are interested in adopting a beach, contact Jessica at JScheeter@SantaBarbaraCa.gov or 897-2606

Big Dog Parade
Big Dog Parade
Saturday, June 2

The Creeks Division will be handing out mutt mitts and asking people to take the "Big Dog Pledge" and always pick up after their pet to keep bacteria away from creeks & beaches. Pooch Pouches will be handed out as a way to make it more convenient to carry bags on your leash.

Why Pick Up Pet Waste?

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