The Bird in YOU is Free
The Bird in YOU is Free

Another wave of Heaven on Earth was sent down on Monday, September May 28 at 5:33-5:34 p.m.

Many of you will feel the shift. It has been a very challenging 10+ months for many many people. You have been faced with deception, mistreatment, occurrences that seemed nonsensical and interwoven with injustice. If you have chosen to see that the power of light inside, you can erase and wipe out all that is burdensome. The evidence has come that your light is stronger than any shadow or wound sent your way.

The play out of this human tragedy now turned to a love story came via all that we held as most sacred and precious. Your families, friends, animals, jobs, careers, spiritual success, relationships, financial matters and bodies were tested in ways you could have never imagined. It was challenging and hurtful. How could this be when your intention was the opposite? Only a test. Find how strong and powerful your own love is Dear ones. Do not be afraid. Gather together in the arms of love and call upon the stars at night. Yes, speak to the stars.

The solution has now been offered to everyone in grace. Trust the power of your light. Trust you are meant to be loved, Trust you are here to see miracles. Trust what you most desire is for you now. Trust the transparent light can dissolve all dark. Trust the disharmonious acts of those who are wounded can fade in your love. But do not let anyone walk over you. Keep the strength. Hold the sword of love and justice in full belief of your power to heal anything in you other than LOVE. You heal whatever is in your reality by healing you and having no expectation of anyone else, other than that your light claims all space NOW.

All good intentions are fed. �All that has been encased upon us is lifted� said the sparrow who hears source creation consciousness in motion.

�All that was meant to die has left and burden has melted, �said the swallow who noticed life far beyond the TV and the radio.

�All that is meant to be is now embodied into the human paradigm via grace,� said the joy of the hummingbird.

The key now is grace. Grace shall do it all. Give your love to grace and grace will reply.

We are being tested. That which seems unfair and hideous has and will come to pass. In our trust the most amazing synchronicities will occur until we fall to ground in love and say, �LOVE LIGHT, you do our will in good. I trust. I am in Heaven.�

You remember where you came from. And the struggle has been melted. And the last and most enduring wave which shall last until 2008 is here. From 2008 till 2012 those who miss the first wave will catch on and turn to their own power of goodness in trust. Some will take on step, and another and another until the final awareness that you are all there is and ever was filters through every cell.

�Here I am says LOVE. I never left you.� Do not turn your back on who you really are. Do what you know is for you and stop what is against you now. The grace will help you. Then a great softening will come and those that continue to fight will fight while those who choose to rise with eagle will ascend. �It is written now that you shall fly with us,� whisper the great white birds.

There is no one to tell you now but you. You have the secret within in your own words and maps. Fall humbly into he arms of the source creator with in your own guidance and don�t hide. Trust your vision my loved ones. Those visions are real.

Your apparent insanity will be the way to love. Notice it gives you energy, unspoken truths and profound healings. The insanity of drinking in the ecstatic news is an insanity to adore Drink in the cups of the beloved. Ignore the newspapers which are designed to stop your trust. If you cannot catch the sound, murmur or breath of the ONE LOVE go to places where translators offer you the translation.

Come to Satsang on Tuesday night. This week Satsang tickets are FREE to all. At 6:00 p.m. PST time call 605-990-0400. Your code number us 987402 #.

If you need a translation call Jewels Edwards. She will speak to you via the White Brotherhood of your goodness and help you to restore whatever is out of place. Jewels is a compassionate soul who strives always to be in the realm of the greatest good for all life everywhere. She lives in unseen realms of very high vibration compassion, love and benevolence and will help you to do the same in answering questions for you about any area of your life.

If you need to spread the word of your own service of good, utilize The Connection Magazine. Advertise to people who wish to know of goodness and create it. Contact Pattie Mills at to purchase advertising space for your business. Pattie and her husband effectively get the word out to a huge California South Bay audience. They work in great devotion with big loving hearts and strong sincerity to spread the light via the media! Pattie gives a special discount (on top of any other of their regular discounts) to people who mention Dr. Laurie's Ezine to her.

All beliefs will become word as nothing shall remain but love itself unless you choose the illusion. Tickets are FREE either way. All else will seem as unreal as it is and each moment shall be the choice to do good and know LOVE.

Those who appeared perfect may fall into graces Love, and those who are Love shall be while those who made error are now forgiven. We are all these postures, each of us.

�It is so,� said the bald eagle.

�Listen here where words carry you far beyond the intellect�s conditioning. Here where the marriage of Heaven and Earth take place is your home now and forever and so it is true, �said the little dandelion.

Listen to those who appear tiny for the dragon fly has your brilliance answered and the moth knows the road home to peace which is you.

Stop the mind and listen to the words of this transmission with your heart and come home. In each word is the breath and the nothingness, In the nothingness is the next creation.

People will try to pull you into fear and tragedy at this time. STOP. Are you the source of life's play out or the victim, Tickets are FREE either way now. Grace for you? Honey with your tee? Om of the bees? Gratitude of the soul? Choose what your hearts most hungers for. Be full.

Come to the Animiracle Seminar on FULL scholarship. Visit Come free yourself of all burdens and ascend into the big LOVE that you are.

Stop figuring it out and know what has been spoken by the beat of your heart. LOVE is the way. In the stillness of the night step outside and listen. The angelic choir sings eternally. The first sound plays on and on. It is �om� and �om� is LOVE.


Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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