Healing Spiritual Sexuality
Healing Spiritual Sexuality

Fulfillment is known via your human body into consciousness and in the the other direction too.
By telling the truth of what you feel moment to moment, and feeling loved and safe, you can live a highly sensual and erotic existence in the process of spiritual awakening.

When your relationship with your own consciousness
via your body becomes happy and well, sensual and erotic, your relationship with another (if you are in a primary partnership) or others( if you are in lovership) will be pleasurable, nourishing and alivening beyond anything before imagined. When you discover yourself as lover and beloved, the body will take on a vitality of lover and beloved as one if you allow your body to be included in this surrender.

When you cherish all your needs you become available to receive what you desire from yourself and another and offer a great giving to yourself and another. Then all of life becomes an erotic sensual experience deep within you. This generates great forces of love and light, prana, life force and new awakenings into exquisite vitality.

All desires, all yearnings, all concerns with whom we are or are not sexually, emotionally, sensually, and even all self defeating habits are keys to use to love ourselves back into complete aliveness.

The human body is a beautiful gift to be cherished in whatever size, shape and form s-he is living. Each person’s personal sexuality is here to be loved and honored. Everyone is good. Everyone is delicious. Everyone can have a dream relationship and dream life. New ways of the light and the life dance are being showered into the Earth by the angels and masters. It is time to bring Heaven here.

Dr. Laurie Moore works with people who wish to eliminate self defeating habits and come into full ecstatic union with self and partner in new ways of the heart, soul, sacred sexuality, truth telling, deep feeling and spiritual awakening as one. Via truth telling and opening to the life force within self this occurs naturally.

Dr. Laurie works as a coach and healer who maintains complete separation from your personal life so you may share openly and safely during your phone healing session or at the Satsangs. She will assist you to heal yourself in the context of YOUR life. She has no judgment, only an ability to assist you to create your dream healthy life of love, awakening and complete sensual and sexual expression in the LOVE.

set up a coaching session by emailing

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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