July 2007
July Creeks News & Events

Creeks Welcomes Cameron Benson

Jill Zachary, the manager of the Creeks Division since it's inception in 2001, was promoted to Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation in March.  The Creeks Division is pleased to announce Cameron Benson as the new Creeks Restoration/Clean Water Manager. With a background in environmental law and policy, Mr. Benson brings many skills and strengths to the position.  As a Santa Barbara resident for nearly 25 years, Mr. Benson has contributed to the protection and enhancement of the region’s natural resources and public open spaces.  From his role as Executive Director of the Environmental Defense Center as well as District Director for Assemblymember Hannah-Beth Jackson, Mr. Benson has an established background in organizational management as well as extensive experience working with diverse stakeholders to address complex environmental policy concerns.  Mr. Benson also served as a Creeks Advisory Committee member from 2004 to 2006.  Welcome Cameron!

Stewardship at Bohnett Park

As part of the Creek Stewardship program, teenage youth involved with Youth Cinemedia recently came out to plant native plants along Old Mission Creek at Bohnett Park.  Earlier in the day, students from Harding elementary visited the creek to learn about water quality and plant natives including Snowberry and Purple Sage, as part of a collaborative effort between the Creeks Division and the MERITO program.

The Creeks Division invites schools or community groups to participate in creek clean-up and restoration efforts at stewardship sites throughout the city, during the windows of May, August, October and February. To find out more contact Jessica at 897-2606 or JScheeter@SantaBarbaraCA.gov

Learn More about Creek Stewardship

Speak for the Creeks

Students involved in the City's RAP program (Recreation Afterschool Program) at Monroe, Cesar Chavez and Roosevelt participated this spring in the "Speak for the Creeks" pilot program co-created by the Creeks Division and educator/poet Sojourner Rolle. The program, led by Sojourner, involves a visit to a nearby creek to listen, observe, sketch and take photos. The creek visit is followed by a creek collage and poetry writing session. An important goal is to help the students learn the name of their local creek and spend some creative time within their watershed.

Youth Cinemedia

Youth Cinemedia, directed by Osiris Castaneda, in affiliation with Zona Seca, engages high-school aged youth, providing training in video editing, graphics programs and photography. As part of the newly created "Clean Water Media Lab" project, the Creeks Division is working with Youth Cinemedia to create hands-on experiences including creek clean-ups and restoration, as well as multi-media projects including photos and video for clean water public service announcements, educational posters and photography. The Creeks Division is excited about this collaboration and the potential to create diverse multi-media messages and outreach to the community in new ways.

Newly Certified Businesses

The Creeks Division is happy to announce the following automotive businesses and restaurants as newly Certified Clean Creeks Businesses:

Harbor Restaurant, El Paseo Restaurant, Los Arroyos

Tire Pros, Precision Automotive & Smog

The City of Santa Barbara congralates these businesses for taking important steps to protect creek and ocean water quality!

Learn More about Business Certification

It Flows to the Ocean
When you wash your car on the street, oil and soapy water run into the gutter, down the storm drain and straight to the ocean.
What Can You Do?
Wash you car on grass or gravel to absorb the water. Or take it to a car wash where the water is treated.

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