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Howls from the Mountain:
News from Full Moon Farm

Hellos and Goodbyes

We've had some new faces join us at the farm.

Our newest member is Aries. He and his brother, Cinder, were the last in a litter. They were surplus breeding stock, and Nancy offered to take them. Nancy took Cinder to his new home at Hawks Run in TN. Both Aries and Cinder are being raised to be Ambassador animals for outreach and education. He's 15 weeks old, and is absolutely adorable!!

Baby Girl and Jera experienced a change in their home, and have returned. They were happy to say hello again to their old friends.

Health issues in Shawnee's two-legged family forced her to return to our sanctuary. She's the sister of Sunshine and Shadow. She's still very shy around us, but has recently started to come within a few feet of you if you're not watching her.

Teddy and Yeti have returned. Their home situation changed. Yeti comes up to say hello. Teddy's a little more reserved.

Princess arrived at the end of the winter. She was picked up in Transylvania County. She looked a little like Frankenpup when she arrived--she was skinny and had several large wounds sutured and shunted. (She'd been grabbed through a fence by other dogs.) She's healed now, and is an absolute sweetheart! She's totally stolen Nancy's heart.

Max and his brother, Woof, were picked up as strays in Alabama. Max is an incredibly exuberant dog and would love to get his paws on any of the cats. He's currently in a pen with Princess, and they get along very well. Woof had a number of health issues and, sadly, was not able to overcome them.

Along with Woof, we've had four other wolfdogs that we've had to lovingly send over the Rainbow Bridge.

Ciera was treated for an impaction in April. Less than two weeks later, she had another one. Tests revealed abnormal growths in her rectum. She was in a great deal of pain. The kindest, though hardly easiest, thing to do was to let her go.

At the beginning of June, Pete suddenly developed an aggressive tumor on his side. Within two days, it was the size of a volleyball. At his age (14), surgery was not an option. In true Malamute fashion, he fought to the end.

Cherokee had an inoperable tumor on her leg. Our Grand Dame bore her illness with grace and dignity. On June 29th, she let us know she was ready to cross the Bridge. Nancy and Tam laid her to rest next to her mate, Washi, who passed over in the fall.

Matsi suffered a stroke at the end of July, which left him paralyzed on his left side. He received four doses of prednisone, which didn't help. He wasn't able to eat or drink on his own. Dee and Stacey took him to the vet and were with him as he went over the Bridge.

Ciera was special to Nancy. She loved it when Nancy sang to her. Pete would grumble and fuss and demand attention, and he'd usually get it. Cherokee was a sweetheart who would tap dance in her doghouse whenever she saw someone she loved. Matsi could be shy at first, but once he decided he liked you, you were in for the most thorough face washing of your life. They are all missed.

We've also had some happy departures, with wolfdogs who have found forever homes!

Tadu cried for two days after Matsi's passing. Her original rescuer, Stacey, took her home, and she's doing much better there.

Duchess, a gorgeous, snarky beauty, moved to California and is doing great in her new home! Her new pen-mate and best friend is named Lakota.

Sweet Diva got a new home with a hiker and runner. Diva logs five miles before breakfast!

Chance was placed with a longtime volunteer and is now enjoying life in New Orleans. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Lucy and Kato are proof positive that older dogs can find forever homes. Their humans are childless, and now have their "furkids." Lucy and Kato are having a BLAST in their new home!

We wish them all the best with their new families!

If you're thinking of fostering a wolfdog...


Shadow's Den, One Year Later

In April 2006, Full Moon Farm was contacted and asked to take in 24 wolfdogs from a "sanctuary" called Shadow's Den in a neighboring county. Only one of these animals was in good condition, since she had recently arrived. The remaining wolfdogs were emaciated, had received no veterinary care and had not been socialized. Many of the wolfdogs had serious health issues, such as heartworm and joint degeneration. Sadly, six of them have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

It's been just over a year, and while it hasn't been easy, there has been progress! If you've seen the pictures on the website, you wouldn't recognize them now! (And yes, we know we need to get updated pictures on there.)

The only placement was Onyx, now known as Bela. She is living the movie star life in Southern California with a great Mom and best Husky friend, Czar.

Wraith and Satinka are doing incredibly well. They've filled out and their slow kill heartworm treatments are working. Wraith is as adorable as ever. ("Goofball" fits him pretty well.) Satinka's even in a good mood most days, despite her hip dysplasia. They're only too happy to come up and say hi!

Sinjun is a little less frantic these days, and will stop to sniff you if you pause by his pen. He might even let you scratch his chin.

Colby has gotten his own pen, away from Kodiak and Dakota II. He loves the new space and spends a lot of time digging, playing in his tub o' water or snoozing in his house. He loves to tap dance in the tub after you refill it. Cheeseman, indeed!

Sophia is happy to approach you if you're outside the fence (even more so if you're a cat). She's still shy when you're in her pen, but does love attention.

Mojavi has grown quite fond of Sophia, and will bark at you while you're in her pen. He still hides in the back of his pen, but no longer shakes around those he knows well.

Glacier, Juneau and Hanta (aka the Three Stooges) are all doing very well. They enjoy playing together and starting arguments with Mojavi or Kodiak and Dakota II. They're very happy to have anyone visit, and will knock themselves silly vying for your attention. If they'd only stop peeing in their food buckets...

Dakota II really came out of his shell once he and Kodiak were put in the same pen. The wolfdog who would hide behind the tree stump now bounds to the gate and pushes Kodiak out of the way to get petted first! And Kodiak has learned that affection can be a good thing, and will stay still a little longer to get some scritches.

Sky, Nita and Sakari all come to the gate when you approach. Sky and Nita are usually jumping on one another--"Pet me first!" Sakari is still a little more reserved, but will let you pet her through the fence. Once inside their pen, Sky and Nita are only too happy to sniff and get some petting, while Sakari does sneak sniffing behind you.

Harley and Navajo are still on the shy side. Harley will approach those she knows. She loves her bunbun, and will bring it to Nancy. And if Navajo is comfortable around you, he won't hide in his doghouse. Otherwise, you only see legs and a torso!

We're really hopeful with the progress they've made, and look forward to seeing them continue to blossom!

Click here to read about the arrival of Shadow's Den wolfdogs


Misty Moo Moo

Remember the horribly abused wolfdog from South Carolina?

Misty was on death's door when she arrived here. Emaciated, with a nasty eye infection, an embedded collar (which was also severely infected), a staph infection and with one of the worst cases of mange we'd ever seen, Misty was not a pretty sight.  If you saw her then, and didn't see her again until now, you wouldn't recognize her.

Her physical wounds have healed. Her fur has grown back in (and is beautiful). She's learning to trust those she knows. She woo-woo's greetings to those she likes. Woo-woo has been changed to Moo Moo and has unofficially been added to her name. She's also developed quite a crush on Delaware, and the feeling is reciprocal. If we could get a larger pen built...



We are in need of volunteers who are willing and able to help out on the farm!!

We need more pens! We've got materials to build them, but lack the people to assemble them. If you can follow directions, you can help build a pen!

We also need people to help with the daily chores. This involves hauling food, water and poop. (Oh, and the occasional face washing!) It's a great way to get to know the woofers and for them to get to know you.

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Michele Frankl, at mish@fullmoonfarm.org or call the farm at 828-669-1818.

Volunteer Program



It takes a lot to care for 73 wolfdogs.

It takes a lot of time.

It takes a lot of money.

It takes a lot of food.

It takes a lot of love.

We need help to care for all these beautiful creatures. The link below will take you to our wish list. If you are unable to give an item from the list, a financial contribution is always helpful. Any amount is a good amount!

Wish List


Thank yous!!

A special THANK YOU to our anonymous Jeffers donor! The woofers are enjoying their treats!

Another big THANKS to the volunteers who came out from Best Buy on Friday, July 27th to help build pens. They did an awesome job! (Y'all are welcome back anytime!)

Our heartfelt thank you to The Watershed and The Town Pump is overdue. December 8, 2006, saw the greatest musical event in Black Mountain! Jamie Dose, of the late Rufus Grove Band, coordinated and orchestrated the 1st Annual - (we hope) - Music Jam. There were over 20 bands that played the two venues at staggered times, and a one price wristband allowed access to both clubs. It was a great success and the wolfdogs benefited with Christmas toys and treats!

Stay tuned! We hope to announce the next one!


A special note about this issue...

This is our inaugural e-newsletter. We're planning to put one out once a month. Hopefully, future issues won't be quite so lengthy!

If you have any questions about this newsletter, please contact Michele Frankl at mish@fullmoonfarm.org

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Full Moon Farm PO Box 1548 Black Mountain, NC 28711-1548 828-669-1818 nancy@fullmoonfarm.org

E-Newsletter written and compiled by Michele Frankl.

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Hellos and Goodbyes
Shadow's Den, One Year Later
Misty Moo Moo

We are in need of volunteers who are willing and able to help out on the farm!!
Thank yous!!
A special note about this issue...
Silent Auction
It's a Pawty!!
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With the warmer weather, the
Howl-Ins have returned!

Howl-Ins are scheduled for the Saturday
closest to the full moon. The remaining dates are August 25th, September
22nd and October 20th.

Tours of the farm start at 3:00. Dinner
starts at 5:00. The cost is $5.00. Bring a side dish! We'll provide the
barbeque and soft drinks. Weather permitting, we might even have a bonfire!

Come on out, meet the woofers and join in the howling!

You can also subscribe to The Howl to get event reminders. Just
click on the link below and then the blue "Join this Group"
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The Howl


Silent Auction

We're having our Third Annual Silent Auction at a new location!

The auction will take place on Thursday, September 20, 2007 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm at the Biltmore Village Inn. If you have an item that you would like to donate for the auction, please contact us!

Tickets for the event are $20.00 per person, and are available at the Bone-A-Fide Bakery in Black Mountain (828-669-0706) or at the Biltmore Village Inn (828-2748707). Food, drink and entertainment will be provided. Aries, our Ambassador Wolfdog, will be there! Come on out & have a howlin' good time with us!


It's a Pawty!!

Full Moon Farm will be hosting a get-together for all east coast wolfdog owners on Saturday, September 1st. If you'd like more information, please contact Nancy at wolfmommy@msn.com or call 828-669-1818.

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