August 2007
August Creeks News & Events

Youth Apprentices in Creeks

In an effort to employ and engage local youth, the Creeks Division is working with 6 youth apprentices at two creek restoration sites this summer. As part of this Youth Apprentices Program, two youth crews are working along Sycamore Creek  and Old Mission Creek at Bohnett Park. The apprentices are working to keep the creek clean and to enhance the restoration sites including weeding, mulching, planting and watering. In August, they will construct a natural bioswale at the end of Soledad Street to help filter urban runoff before it enters Sycamore Creek.

Walking the Creeks

New Creeks Manager Cameron Benson is getting his feet wet, learning firsthand about the creeks by assisting in this year's creek walks. Every year, Creeks Division staff walk miles of  creek, from the ocean to the upper watershed, documenting trash and other sources of pollution. The highest amount of trash is usually found in the Mission Creek and Laguna Creek Watersheds which meet the ocean along East Beach. This information is used to direct priorities for outreach and clean-up efforts. The data is also plugged into a GIS database so that changes can be tracked over time.

Mission Lagoon Clean-Up

Join the Urban Creeks Council for their monthly cleanup of the Mission Creek Lagoon on Saturday August 11th at 8:30 a.m. The project targets trash in the lagoon as well as invasive arundo donax and other invasive plants.  

Please remember to wear sunscreen, glasses, long sleeves, hat, work shoes or rubber boots.  Park free compliments of El Torito in lot behind restraunt.   Look for large UCC sign and check in just east of wharf.  
Email Ed Harris for more information:

Special thanks to the Urban Creeks Council for helping the city clean and restore health to the shoreline.

Clean Water Enforcement

Many people don't realize that it is actually illegal to let polluted water enter the streets or storm drains. Creeks staff Tim Burgess and Autumn Malanca receive daily calls of illegal storm water runoff or illegal dumping. Last year, they responded to a total of 320 reports of pollution.

What are people calling in to report?
Violations included dirty wash water from businesses, construction site discharges (cement, plaster, dirt), mobile cleaners, dumping of paint and oil, and more. Upon arriving on scene, Tim and Autumn provide education on strategies to prevent polluted runoff from entering waterways. If violatons continue, notices and fines are implemented.

To report storm drain/creek pollution, call 897-2688

More On Water Quality

Is Your Yard All Wet?
Over irrigating wastes water. And water runoff carries pollutants to our creeks and the ocean. Consider the creek-  adjust your sprinklers.

Healthy Yards & Water Quality

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