Mother Earth's Soul
Mother Earth�s Soul

Lay your head on Mother Earth. Let her take you into to her lap and hold you and comfort you a while.

Sink into her and be enveloped by her cleansing energies.

Your soul will nurture your emotions into inspired waves of energy now.

Your feelings and sensations and thoughts will keep changing but your soul remains eternal just as Mother Earth�s soul.

Allow her to help you recall this experience.

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Teleclass Satsang LIVE TONIGHT

Tonight, Tuesday, August 7, 2007 from 6-6:30 p.m. P.S.T. you can listen to an inspired message from Dr. Laurie Moore.

There is also time on the call to share your deepest heart expressions to an audience that will witness in love rather than judge or fix.

Be inspired by Dr. Laurie and people all over the world. You may also ask Dr. Laurie (Ghandilee) your questions during this precious and sacred phone call of the one LOVE.

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Grandmother of Animal Communication

Penelope Smith is the Grandmother of Animal Communication.

Long before it was in vogue to be an animal communicator Penelope was courageous enough to let the world know that, "yes, animals do speak!"

She trained animal communicators all over the globe for decades. What is most precious about Penelope's work is that she is the practice of compassion for all beings in motion.

Penelope is gifted with a very big soul ability to accept all beings in love. She is able to come from a place of
zero agenda and just get who animals and people are.

Instead of fixing she is listening. Instead of debating she perceives. She is able to master the skill of witnessing as animals do. As you learn more about her work you
can begin to gain this skill yourself.

I truly believe that when we can all do this world peace will be the norm.

What is also very impressive about Penelope and her work is she never stands above anyone. She stands as sister side by side with all life. What a great leader!

I tuned into Penelope to embrace her soul and this is what I learned about her. She is a channel of a very very bright light and she embodies the fairies, the dance, the music, the people, the animals, and the elements. She is the light.

She has returned to who she really is and she is sharing
this so that others may remember who they are.

From this special person has come many a CD and book; each one a beautiful experience and read for all animal communicators, healers, people who are awakening or desire to and lovers of life.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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