Be in Lemuria
Lemuria North Carolina

Dr. Laurie has a way of opening the gateways to Lemuria in wherever she ...goes. Come experience the love and Ecstasy Dr. Laurie Moore will be offering the two day Animiracles scholarship in Ashville, North Carolina September 29 and 30 on Scholarship.

This is a seminar and teacher that...

"changed my life. She is the closest thing you can find to an angel incarnated. She is creating the world as it can be!"
JoyceAnne Pierce

I was able to be myself 100% authentically as I committed because her environment invites that. I pushed peoples' buttons and then we worked that out and returned to love. Her seminar changed my life."
Brad Tilden, musician

" By the end of the seminar the only things to say to anyone were I love you, thank you, I forgive you and I am sorry." Dr. Laurie taught us to refind the unconditional love we have for each other. I am coming back again!"
Richard Smith, artist

"My mind got mixed up and didn't know what she was asking of me and she kept pushing me further. Finally I POPPED into UNCONDITIONAL PEACE which turned out to be my true nature."
Julie Zack, massage therapist

"Every time I come to the seminar miracles occur!"
Paula Nelson, real estate

"I need to get a Dr. Laurie fix. She reminded me that I am perfectly
okay exactly as who I am."
Sandy Walters, Sales manager

Here is Dr. Laurie's comment:

I would like to reprint an article I wrote for Animal Talk awhile back, when a Mama and a Baby whale were getting the attention of many people. The whales have taught me what Lemuria is and their wisdom comes into each seminar.

Save the whales. I have received many pleads to save the mama and baby whale and here is what I say: Save the humans!

I am inviting people to wake up again.

We have gone through many dark ages and it is time to forget about all this forgetting and be in Lemuria.

Mama and baby are sending out much light from the Delta.

Creator Source says listen to the teachers. The whales do not need to be saved. The people do! And the whales are attempting every way possible to assist us in saving ourselves, not them. They were saved ions ago and nothing has changed except the third dimensional illusions�in a big play out. �They cannot save us nor can we save them.

Each person now is invited to go home and be inspired by other souls in all types of forms. That is the true saving.

Come home to the inner most heart where whale and human are one. This will one day be pr oven as a scientific energetic reality...this is not poetry though it may sound romantic. The whale lives in the sea in your heart LITERALLY.

See if you can remember who you really are.

The whales are moving in and out of many wonderful dimensions looking for every avenue possible to contact us.

Listen within. Clear your channels.
Then the channel home for all will come.

Things are not as they appear and there�is�no one to feel sorry for. The whales are ions ahead of us. This is not an emotional issue. It is an issue of coming HOME to the heart. Then that is you, that is the sea, that�is the whale in you will come home.

Save yourself. Clear out all that is not coming form love and highest source. Then all beings shall be free. It works! Truly!

I am receiving many calls to save the whales but they don't need to be saved.

There is no where to go. We are here but people forgot. The whales asked everyone to do a clearing on the themselves. That is how this entire event came into play.�It came into play as wake up call. They are emanating incredible light
from the Delta and instructions have been sent. If people would stop saving and start clearing our own selves�the universe will create what is needed and the liberation for Mama and baby whale will come.

We have to emerge beyond this duality to really get what is being asked...or we can keep playing out the same archetypal patterns forever. Let�s ascend while the invite is so big to all! The whales have asked us to listen. My personal task will be to trade in impatience for patience via a meditation this afternoon. If each person could do a trade in regarding his or her own tendencies as the whales requested this will help.

Assuming the whales are anywhere but home is based on our own inability to be at home where we are. You might also believe that the sun is in the wrong place in the sky. We need to bond together as a human race and move it. Please pray for the sun to find his way home. Meanwhile I am calling the fire department, signing a petition and calling congress.

Okay Okay. Enjoy all that!!! The sun and whales are deeply enjoying their experiences. Might you join them? Join them in planet LOVE which is in you here and now.

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Teleclass Satsang LIVE TONIGHT

Tonight, Tuesday, August 21 from 6-6:30 p.m. P.S.T. you can listen to an inspired message from Dr. Laurie Moore.

There is also time on the call to share your deepest heart expressions to an audience that will witness in love rather than judge or fix. Be inspired by Dr. Laurie and people all over the world.

You may also ask Dr. Laurie (Ghandilee) your questions during this precious and sacred phone call of the one LOVE.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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