Awakening to Communication with all Life In Love
Awakening to Communication with all Life In Love

Now that your focus is on allowing yourself to BE LOVE, each being with whom you come into contact, reflects a Divine trait in you. You meet a friend in a grocery store and feel devotion. You pet a visiting cat on the back deck and tingle with joy. You sit in silence and are in love.

Your years of karma are over. You are now karma free. All that shows up in your consciousness, which is not preferable, may be offered up. Ask that it be taken. Then you find you are light. You are life in motion with shades and colors of the qualities of the Divine passing through you.

You lose attachment to how anything is carried out as you trust your Divine vision is operating in Divine grace. You respond as a master teacher one moment, an angel the next, and your highest self in the next. Another moment you ask for help with your entire heart and laugh at your human quirks. It is all the Divine dance.There is no longer a need to prove that you are anyone in particular. You have chosen to BE LOVE.

My name is Dr. Laurie Moore and I worked as a psychotherapist in private practice at one time. Now I work as a spiritual teacher. My name, my title, my job title did not change the essence of who I am ever. I am you. You are me. We are the sun and the entire universe. All names and titles we utilize are a game called dress up. When we incarnate we enter the global stage. For our time on Earth we are able to utilize the beautiful costume of a personality to serve and contribute and learn.

After a few years as a psychotherapist my private practice was thriving. I was seeing the wealthy, the middle class, and those who were in poverty. I was seeing couples in joy and couples in despair. I was seeing the high achievers, the average achievers and those who were bumbling around. Regardless of each person�s fleeting experience, (s)he had one choice only. That choice was to recognize the love of which (s) was made or to resist it.

The LOVE did not judge anyone. The loved continues to love always.

The psychological stories people told themselves about their identities were simply a level of resistance to being in their experiences. When a person can be fully present in his or her emotional, physical, and thought experience, the experience dissipates. An emotional or physical or thought experience becomes something very transitory while the light that a person is becomes clear to him or her.

When I began to listen to the messages of the animals, plants and insects I began to wake up. Eventually I found that I was light. I, like you, exist in conversation with everyone: the angels, the ascended masters, the seas, the planets, all beings. I live in a LOVE dream in which I create fun. I realize I may dream up joy or sorrow, wealth or poverty, success or failure. I realize that regardless of what I dream up the LOVE is me, holds me, and dreams me up. So I decide to create celebrations of joy, generosity, bliss, ecstasy and gratitude. And I chose to sit and absolutely love anything else I experience other than that. In such loving I find myself as one with all experiences. This is the ultimate LOVE. When at last you come home you find that you are the lover and the beloved. You are the seven seas and that which breathes those seas into life. You are the Earth and the stars that smile around our planet. What would you like to do with this?

The dolphins choose to be in bliss with this and celebrate this. They celebrate their duality and they recall their oneness. I invite you to do the same. I invite you to go so deep into your heart that you choose your dream reality, the vision of your highest angelic self to be the source of your participation on the planet while you are here. Are you ready to come home?

You are the key.

As you begin to love every aspect of yourself, the side effect will be you loving everyone else exactly as they appear. Whenever you are dissatisfied with circumstances that appear to be outside of you refocus to the experience within you. It may help you to identify that experience with one word. For example: troubled, sad, scared, etc. Once you identify the experience become acutely aware of where that experience is held in your physical body. Do not say it is not in your body. Your brain can only register an experience if your body is feeling it so look carefully and listen carefully to your body. Once you identify where that feeling is in your body be 100% present with it. Do not explain it, Do not resist it. Release the word. Just be in the physical sensation. Be so present with love in that sensation that it becomes all there is.

You will find the sensation dissipates. But do not aim to dissipate it. Aim to be 100% present in love with it. When you do this fully the sensation will neutralize. Next you will discover a new state of inspired feeling. Inspired feeling is different than emotional feeling. It is full of breath, sound and heart. Gratitude, unconditional peace, limitless abundance are all examples of inspired feeling.

When you find yourself delighted with circumstances do the same thing. Become aware of what you are feeling, where in your body you are feeling it and be fully present. Then offer it up to the LOVE and say �More of this please�. So you will be an endless water fall of Divine qualities. You will see the Divine in all beings you meet.

People wish to know methods for communicating with animals, plants, angels, stars, etc. There is one way to communicate with everyone including humans. Approach each being in a state of gratitude of the heart. Assume (s)he is perfect. Assume that whatever is evoked in you upon the meeting of another is perfect. Choose to BE LOVE.

When you are in contact with another being ask to know his or her soul purpose. This way you will understand the person is a perfect aspect of God doing exactly what she is meant to do. Learning exactly what she is meant to learn, and being exactly what she is meant to be.

Ask that you receive the pictures, thoughts, and feelings the beloved being with whom you converse is sharing. Then receive in love. It is that simple. It will by pass a lot of misunderstanding and potential conflict that can occur when our agendas point us away form our unconditional LOVE abilities!

Everyone is subjective so you will come to understand all others through your uniqueness. If you ask that you feel, hear and see their uniqueness each being will present himself as a different energy essence to you also. Each being will have different tactics regarding what he values, does, believes. It does not matter. When you choose to BE LOVE the love and respect is there for every single being. Yu will respect and love humans, animals, insects, angels, beings of other galaxies, angels, master teachers, Saints, criminals, lovers and everyone else for you will see that each being is learning in his own way and contributing as he is able.

There are many movies out about aliens attacking from other galaxies. When a neighbor knocks on the door do you assume she is a friend or some one who will kill you. I grew up in a neighborhood where we left the door unloved and had house visits daily. So I was fortunate enough to become conditioned to assume that neighbors are friend.

We are spending millions of dollars to build rockets to visit friends on other planets. So if some of them who have more advanced technology than us get here first, lets welcome them in love!

Welcome everyone in love, all of life! When you leg hurts suddenly it is wrong and is your enemy causing you pain. Think of your leg as your best friend instead. Love your leg. Love and be present with that pain until it neutralizes and all you know in your leg is love.

What if you are in a bad mood and can�t love. Then love that part of you that is being in a bad mood. Be so fully present with that part that it melts.

Love created you, love is you and love will set you free. All you need is love because love is who you are!

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