September 2007
September Creeks News & Events

Job Openings at Creeks Division

This fall, Creeks Outreach Coordinator Jessica Scheeter, will be transitioning to a new job as a community & non-profit coordinator with Jack Johnson Music. George Johnson has also recently been promoted to Creeks Supervisor, leaving the position of Creeks Planner to be filled.

Creeks Outreach Coordinator: Responsibilities include developing and implementing neighborhood outreach and business outreach programs, coordinating with youth education programs, and organizing community events and media campaigns. (Spanish speaking skills pay incentive available). Apply by September 17, 2007.

Creeks Planner: Peform high-level professional planning, project coordination, and construction management. The program implements the City’s goals of improving creek and ocean water quality and restoring creeks to a natural appearance and function. Prepare grant applications; inspect and manage contractors and construction sights; secure permits for projects; develop/design project restoration plans including landscape plans. Apply by September 27, 2007

Job Info and Applications for City of Santa Barbara

Bioswale at Soledad Completed

City staff and neighbors were invited out on August 21 to view and help plant the bioswale at Soledad Street and Sycamore Creek. Constructed over the summer by youth apprentices, the bioswale was designed to capture and filter polluted urban runoff from the street. As the water soaks into the ground, many pollutants are filtered out. Wetland plants help to remove toxins from the water, before it enters Sycamore Creek.

Thanks to Edgar, Bryan, Darren and Sean for working hard this summer to create the bioswale!

Learn More about Sycamore Creek Stewardship

Native Planting at Stevens Park

Creek Week this year will kick off with a native planting workshop at Stevens Park as part of the San Roque Creek Stewardship Project. Last October, over 75 volunteers and students planted over 300 native plants which are now flourishing! This year on October 6, Carol Bornstein of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, will provide training on planting natives, pruning and maintenance as part of this native planting workshop and planting day. Stay tuned for a complete schedule of Creek Week events!

We've now posted the Stevens Park native planting lists online! Check the link below. We are also working on plant nameplates and interpretive signage to give ideas for selecting plants for backyard and gardens.

Download Native Planting Lists

Creek Week October 6-14

Creek Week is an annual series of events which highlight our local creeks and watersheds and the many ways to enjoy, restore and protect them. Creek Week 2007 is scheduled for October 6-14. The event is coordinated by the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division and County Project Clean Water, with events hosted by several community organizations.

We have some great events already scheduled and more in the works- the native planting workshop at Stevens Park on October 6 and a community restoration day at Arroyo Burro on October 14. There will be a multi-media showing of creek photos and video created by youth as part of the Youth Cinemedia as well as an exhibit of children's creek art and poetry as part of a "Speak for the Creeks" showing at the Central Library. You can volunteer for storm water monitoring, creek and beach clean-ups and more! Check local papers for a full calendar of events or call 897-2606 for more information.

Coastal Clean-Up Day September 15
September 15, 2007
Click on the link below for a list of locations!

Last year, volunteers picked up 1,158 pounds of trash and 764 pounds of recyclables from local beaches stretching some 30 miles along our coastline.

List of SB Beaches

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