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Greetings from Elisabeth

Early Fall Greetings.I�m pleased to let you know that part of the delight of my Fall is that I will be coming to the DC area once again for an Orion Lecture Event, Saturday, November 10th, from 1-3 at the Takoma Park Chapel.Again, I�ll schedule a limited amount of personal sessions on Thursday and Friday of that week.Check out the details below.

As you know, this summer we published the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Orion Material � Perspectives of Awareness.It�s rather exciting to have the book in print once again, in a refreshed format.It was interesting immersing myself in this material which serves as the �core essence� of my work with Orion, as well as finding the words to share�about the last 20+ years of our work together in the new chapter, Continuing With Orion.��The acknowledgments grew, honoring everyone involved in previous editions, as well as those who supported bringing this new edition into being, plus some special words for those who had been part of the early years and are no longer with us.Project-wise the horizon is open and flowing, so we�ll have to see, as Orion says, �What pops up.�

This issue�s piece from Orion , 100 Years of Being, is edited from emails and comments in the Spring lecture event.�� It is a beautiful sharing from the questioner to Orion about connection with loved one�s who have passed on from this realm of being.

And if you haven�t yet noticed, we now have an MP3 clip of Orion on our website, at the new MP3 & Linkspage.There is also a link for a free download of Orion�s beginning sharing at the Spring Lecture.Lecture events are now available on CD as well as cassette tape.

The Orion Material - 20th Anniversary Edition at the OrionWisdom Bookshop...

Orion Event in Washington DC area, November 10th

Orion Lecture Event, Silver Spring, MD,��Saturday, November 10th, � $10

Expect sharing from the Orion consciousness, with ample time for your personal questions and interaction.� As ever, the topic will be based on the energy of who gathers.� Again and again, the synchronicity that arises in Orion events is very powerful.� Orion and you will touch upon something that engages your intellect and touches your heart.� Deb Booth will be with us with her OrionWisdom notecards and prints, as well as her magical book, Floral Fables.Naturally, the 20th Anniversary Orion Material and our Empath book, Dancers Between Realms will also be available.As always, this is an open, inexpensive event meant for sharing Orion with old friends and new.� So do tell your friends, spread the word.

I will be scheduling a limited amount of personal sessions during the day on Thursday 11/8 and Friday 11/9.These time slots fill quickly. Please email to schedule and for details.

Takoma Park Chapel, 8120 Fenton Street,� Silver Spring, MD20910� -� The Chapel is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring, has adjacent free parking and is�just blocks from the Silver Spring Metro Station,� Learn more about this open, interfaith community and check their calendar of events�at their website.

Learn more about Takoma Park Chapel...

Orion on 100 Years of Being

As Orion says, �We are always speaking to and for each other�.This lovely sharing is excerpted and edited from a series of emails as well as an Orion Lecture event where the �speaker� was present.He has thoughtfully given permission to share his experiences with us and I feel you will be deeply touched by then.

Dear Orion � In �Ghost Patterns� you state that one can interrupt the pull of a pattern by being the beacon that shows the pattern the present.� �I want to share that part of my own connection to that formulation is my Dad, who passed on in 1989,�and would have been 100 years old this year.� He bestowed wisdom upon me on many an occasion as I grew up.� Accordingly, in my adult years, I began to refer to him as Stanley A. �Beacon.��� Had I gone on to become a writer as once I thought I might, I had intended�to possibly use �Beacon� as a pseudonym, in his honor.

From Orion:�� Dear One � Thank you for sharing your lovely comments about your father as a Beacon.� It is a great gift to have such a clear sense of light and presence about a parent.� So many struggle with deep senses of lack around their parents.� There are too many people who have such emptiness in their hearts from their early lives.� A tip of the hat to Stanley A Beacon and we join your honoring of his 100th year.� Surely, his energy is celebrating �100 years of being.�

Dear Orion � ...�While you likely recall not infrequently mentioning this or that pattern (now I can say �ghost pattern�) that arose from my childhood in relation to my father, the overriding feeling and connection with him is that we have now an eternity-long very deep love for one another -- and you've renewed my gratefulness that I have this same sense around my mother if not at an even deeper level. I raise my glass to Dad's energy celebrating his�100 years of being, and thank you again!�

In the Spring 2007 lecture in Silver Spring, MD, a question was asked about the presence of those who have passed on.

Orion:There are many ways to come on the dying road.When you actually are on the final walking, you know the reality of the process, the walk to beyond..All that we know about this path is always just up the moment of the final process.But for the people who actually enter the process � not before it, not just up to the brink, but actually there � it is its� own place.Further, in our view, nothing that we know or can know about that moment, about the true nature of passing from this life, is the whole truth, as it simply is not translatable into concept.

Everything we here know remains only aspects of, touches of, flavors of the truth;for it truly is a distinctly other reality that our consciousness simply cannot comprehend. ��So know what you come to know, feel what you come to feel, sense what you sense, find words that point towards it and in the end be comfortable with � as it is called � Great Mystery!

People want all such mystery to be understood.Aspects of it are understood, but in the end, be comfortable in embracing that there is mystery - that not yet known, perhaps not able to be known, in the realm of mind and language and concept.In being in this life allow the quality of that which is mystic and of spirit. When you can give yourself the capacity to be in not-knowing, you give yourself the capacity to be expansive, floating and discovering.

Speaker:You�ve also spoke today that those who have passed are not �there� in their form, individuated in the �next� realm, and I was a little taken aback.I understand that they are not completely in that form, but I�m thinking I could relate to my father more as the entity within the spirit that I�ve assumed he�s taken � though I know it�s far, far beyond that.But in some simplistic way, I thought when a loved one of mine passes on, that I can be in touch with that specific energy or their spirit.

Orion:As energy changes, what can happen is a coalescing to a particular resonance, a particular vibration, a particular note that all of you are now.And this very coalescing will come into being when there is recognition of another�s particular note of presence.Thus, father, brother, friend can coalesce into that specific note you knew and recognized in this life, from however else they may now be.This particularly occurs when you are acting as the receiver of the resonance or you are broadcasting your own resonance and mirroring or broadcasting their resonance that you were familiar with.In this way, you recognize each other, the frequencies match and one feels connection.

Energies may not stay coalesced only as brother, father. friend.The energy may more fully expand and/or be not individuated as an individual expression. If you merge into the All, you are part ofthe drop in the ocean is now ocean.And yet it can coalesce into distinct drop of ocean once again.And as long as your consciousness is anchored and the receiver, the energy of your loved one may coalesce and, essentially, be heard by you in the familiar element you recognize.

There are people who have had experiences, as well, where a loved one clearly communicates�I�m not only yourbrother, I�m more than your brother.�Many people have experiences like this in less directly personal ways as in dreams or with guides or totem figures. Here the idea of �I speak with you, but I am more than this manifestation,� is inherent or is embedded in the situation.The same process of coming into resonance and experiencing connection, can occur with energies who did not know each other directly in their personal lives.

Speaker :This gives me a pause... I appreciate that I now have a more expanded view of what the contact with my father�s essence and being was, and that I can now feel into a more expanded experience of that.

Orion:There is no loss at all in what we are talking about.It is not a lesser experience to consider, �I have felt into father�s essence,� rather than �I have spoken with my father.� The essence of your experience is, emphatically, �I have felt into father�s essence. I talked to my brother��There is no loss in this experience.The heart knew the experience and the mind now can have an even further understanding of the beauty, of the intricacy, of how we can be completely merged with the All and yet have the facility to coalesce to the very specific moment of being that we once vibrated at.��

Dear Elisabeth & Orion:I will soon be celebrating my Dad�s 100th year of being while on a spiritual retreat.I feel that Orion provided a magnificent sense�of our own ability, once we've fully�traveled the final road, to coalesce out of the All�at the request of�our loved ones who remain on the planet.�

From Orion:Dear One - What is the deeper pull for you, at this time, to wonder about the dying road and further/other existence?� We understand that this is always a question of the ages, a wondering that is pondered by many over time.� But to us, we always see that within the question there is always a deep relevance to the asker in the present moment of one's life.� So, what part of your heart needs to know about this topic now and why?� Is he in mourning?� Is he in fear?� Has loss arisen?� Is it uncomfortable being in not knowing?� Is it uncomfortable being in not knowing about something else in your life, so one can move the discomfort from the small and particular, to the large and vast not knowing about life?

Speaker:You continue to �read me like a book,� don't you dear friends?!� Yes indeed, I was �in not knowing� about an upcoming medical test.� Clearly I was unconsciously fearful about that, although I'm now able to take what comes in life much better...�The good news is that the testing revealed no problems.

Orion:We feel there is still an unseen element trying to find it's voice and it has followed this route of the �100th year of being� of your father and the route of the vast nature of things.� There is something closer and more intimate to you that you are bearing.Perhaps you have not found voice for it from the deep fear often held, that to �speak a name' is to actualize something.�

Yet, we see that to �name� is to bring it into the light of seeing.� That which is not named, which stays unconscious, then can become a ghost energy that can haunt us in other guises and manifest in ways far from the truth of their impetus.� In this case, with you, we are only going to place these questions before you.� It may not be that you need to 'think' about them, but rather, now that they have been spoken see what begins to reveal itself to you.

Speaker: ...here's what comes to me right away:� I'm certainly very tuned in to wanting to depart this plane before my sweet wife goes Home.� And if she should perchance precede me, I would want�deeply in my heart�to join her immediately thereafter.� I know this is a quite emotional outlook, but I also know that it is a very real part of my day-to-day psyche.� On the other hand, the beauty and the power of the �dying road� narrative that I typed up from your group event is something that gives me enormous excitement about the very real ability to communicate with coalesced loved ones, as happened �in spades� with my Dad during my retreat.

Orion:Home realm�, as you refer to, is not a static place of being or single meeting place of all beings.�We often refer to existence in realms of consciousness.�What is most useful is simply the consideration that there can be other ways or realms of existence and that we can have communication between such different ways of being.We can indeed find a meeting place in energy.We can find meeting places through the tools of language and conceptualization and experience and sensing and so on.�

So the experiences one can�have in deep meditation or during a shamanic drumming journey or walking in the woods, the sense of merging with a flying hawk or immersing in the sea - all are ways of allowing connection and communication beyond the focus of what we consider our typical daily interaction with life.� And your coming to know us, is another aspect of this.� The essence of this is holding in awareness that each of us can experience more than we at first know, can expand our recognition of what is happening in life and move into sensing and participating in other flows of life.

Physical form itself concentrates how energy is experienced and death of the form moves the concentrated language of energy out of this realm,� Energy migrated from this realm is then available to continue to explore and also to communicate in ways specific and non-specific; available, as well to come into focus once again.� The way of this is myriad and again, life out of form can only be comprehended to a degree by those in form.� Also �available� to come into focus does not directly imply that focus will be recreated.�This may seem disconcerting but in the fullness of one�s choices, it is not so.An acorn may become a new tree or it may become energy that feeds the earth and does not move into the 'focus' of a tree.�

Speaker: My fondest hope, when that time comes, is to recreate a focus that not only includes �relationship� with my wife�s extended being, but that also entails working and serving with such as you, Orion.

Orion: The experiences you are learning with your senses of your father's �100 years of being� are so valuable.� It is a gift you opened to by allowing this experience to come present in this lovely way - 100 years of being.� In sharing this with others, you have given another model, which may allow someone else to touch into healing, rebalancing, rediscovery and new discovery - about relationship and love and meaning of those we are connected with.� You have given the world the idea of �100 years of being.�

Follow the journey as it leads you.� Comprehend what comes to you to comprehend.� Ask, �Is there something I have yet to see?� Can I see it now?� Is it time for me to invite this awareness to come present or shall I simply offer that I am open to learn in it's own time and place.� I am willing to see.�� We know you are.� You are ever willing and in that very willingness you give and share of yourself.� You are ever dear to us.
Edited & excerpted with permission & appreciation

Books of Inspiration & Awareness

The Rope Walkby Carrie Brown - This is a magical book of developing awareness and self-discovery.The protagonist is a young girl and the story takes places in her 10th year which becomes a year of great shifts.It is of interest to be reminded that at any age, we travel through our own inner journeys, where life leads us to see things in entirely new lights, where we see new facets in people and places we love, we come to understand more fully.Some of these changes are welcome and delightful, others are disconcerting and challenging.This is a moving story of friendship, of caring, of acceptance and discovery.

My husband Dennis, discovered the work of Jungian analyst, James Hollis.If you are interested into delving more deeply into the ideas of Ghost Patterns and how are early life informs today�s choices and touching into still another perspective, Isense you will find his work well-articulated, meaningful and useful.

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life � How to Finally Really Grow Up��� �Sometimes, to our dismay, we find that we have been living someone else�s life, that their values have been and are directing our choices...For those willing to stand in the heat of the transformational fire, the second half of life provides a shot at getting themselves back again. This [book] recognizes the immense importance of spirituality in this process of reclaiming the vitality of your essence of being.�

He has published many books on aspects of inner dynamics, but these two are especially relevant.

Why Good People Do Bad Things � Understanding our Darker Selves .��� �The I that I know does not know enough to know that it does not know enough.� ..the human psyche is not single, unified thing as the ego wants to believe. It is diverse and always divided.�Thus, this division can lead to the �acting out� of our shadow self, qualities and needs we may not in touch with at all, yet which will move toward expression in our lives.

Explore James Hollis' books at Amazon.com

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