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September Howls from the Mountain:
News from Full Moon Farm

What a Pawty!

On September 1st, Full Moon Farm hosted a get-together for wolfdog owners and other sanctuary owners. Folks came from as far away as Tennessee, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and two came all the way from California! A great time was had by all, but don't take our word for it. Here's what Patti from California had to say:

Namaste' Everyone! WOW I'm not sure where to begin with the BEST journey I've just taken to Full Moon Farm.

Driving to North Carolina and up to Black Mountain (Full Moon Farm) is a touch of heaven! Absolutely gorgeous! Coming up the long driveway and then arriving at FMF just kept you in awwwwwwww.

The touch of heaven these animals live at and the hardest working woman I've met (Nancy) is just truly unbelievable!

We arrive at FMF and are greeted by so many wonderful people. Of course Nancy is there rolling out the red carpet for everyone! And seeing all of the animals (all 72 plus) with wagging tails or soft howls to welcome the new comers with "Hello's". We were given the grand tour and also many many Wolfie kisses! Speaking of grand tour, these animals are truly living in a piece of heaven. And are given so much love. The stories of each one of them are very heart breaking but seeing them live now, makes your heart sing.

Oh now dont let me forget! The humans! Heeee Heeeee Being able to finally put the faces to the emails. :-) Meeting everyone from the East coast was such a pleasure! Ken, Georgina, Richard, Kelly, Luna, Cindy, Chandra, Bennett, Bonnie, Scott, Sherrie and so many others. I feel like I've just stepped into a new family. Wonderful, wonderful people!

Oh the food! FMF putting on such a spread with the food and of course we had our BBQ King (Ken) who did a fantastic job! And to everyone who brought side dishes and desserts! Speaking of which everyone should get Georgina's recipe for her cheese-cake! Yum Yum!!!! Ah heck while your getting her recipe for her cheese-cake you better get her recipe for her cucumber onion salad! Yeah that is to die for! :-)))))

There is so much to share about this wonderful get together at FMF that I would have to write a mini novel! LOL
Nancy, I cant thank you enough for bringing everyone together and opening your home and farm to everyone. You made each and every one of us feel like we were one of the family.

We all luv ya and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the HARD work you do to give so many animals a new loving life in such a beautiful piece of heaven!

Many (((HUGS)))) and "THANK YOU's"

Happy Howls

A special thanks to Adrian, Andy and John, who came out and worked incredibly hard on the pens while everyone else was having fun!

And thanks also to Cindy for the big tub o' treats for the woofers, and to Wolfdog Rescue Resources, Inc. for the donation of canned dog food!

(Photo: Pawty Attendee Sharon with Aries)


The Aries Update...

Aries is growing like a weed, only a whole lot cuter! If you met him earlier this summer, we promise you he's gotten *much* bigger since you last saw him--even if it was only last week! He's in his "Land Shark" stage. He wants to know how everything and everyone tastes...

He's gone to work with Mom a few times, and has attracted a lot of attention. He went to the vet (Animals R Us in Flat Rock) for his shots and microchipping, and handled it like a champ. He's also done a few outreaches, and had done great!

Aries will be at the Silent Auction on September 20th (see sidebar for details). So if you attend, not only will you get to help out the Farm at a fantastic "pawty," you'll see just how big and sweet Aries has gotten!



Sweet Polly-wolly-doodle got a home!! One of our volunteers fell in love with her. OK, everyone falls in love with her. But this time, the person who fell in love with her wanted to take her home. Polly is a short-coated offspring of a husky cross wolfdog mother and a Labrador father, from the Shadow's Den rescue. Here's what her new mom had to say:

I have had Polly for three weeks now. She is turning into a beautiful, normal dog. Zeus has accepted her well. She gets along well with my cat. She likes the venetian blinds up in the daytime while I work, so she can look out of the windows. She also likes cold milk on her dry dog food. She is gaining weight and her coat is soft and shiny. We all took a ride in the truck yesterday. She sleeps snuggled up to me at night. I think she is happy.

Happy Howls to Polly & her new family!


Day of Caring

On September 6th, a group of employees from Eaton Electric took part in United Way's Day of Caring by helping out at the Farm. They helped build pens and cleared trees. One of the pens is almost finished!

Our thanks to all of you for your hard work!

Volunteering (hint, hint)


Ways to Help

Full Moon Farm relies on YOU to help us care for the 72 woofers on the farm. In addition to sponsoring a woofer, purchasing items on the wishlist, or sending a donation, there are two other ways you can help!

Use GoodSearch for your Internet searching! You can download it to you toolbar (super easy to do) or search directly from their site. Simply select Full Moon Farm as your organization of choice. Fifty percent of the revenue generated by the advertisers is shared with the organization you've chosen.

You can also help FMF by using iGive.com. For Step 1, type Full Moon Farm in the keyword search, then select it from the list at the side. It will then take you to the registration page. Once you've registered, start shopping! There are hundreds of fantastic stores, and they all give a percentage of your purchase to your favorite nonprofit.

Wish List



You missed our first e-newsletter? Don't worry--you can read it here.

Special thanks to the folks at mynewsletterbuilder.com for helping me fix it!

Contact Info:

Full Moon Farm, Inc.
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A 501(c)(3) organization

E-Newsletter written and compiled by Michele Frankl. Comments regarding this newsletter should be sent to mish@fullmoonfarm.org

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Howl-In season is winding down...

Howl-Ins are scheduled for the Saturday closest to the full moon. The remaining dates are September 22nd and October 20th.

Tours of the farm start at 3:00. Dinner starts at 5:00. The cost is $5.00. Bring a side dish! We'll provide the barbeque and soft drinks. Aries will be there, and weather permitting, we will be having Ceremony and bonfire! The 10-day forecast is showing sunny and 80 degrees...we hope to see y'all there!

Come on out, meet the woofers and join in the howling!

You can also subscribe to The Howl to get event reminders. Just click on the link below and then the blue "Join this Group" button to subscribe!

The Howl


Silent Auction

We're having our Third Annual Silent Auction at a new location!

The auction will take place on Thursday, September 20, 2007 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm at the historic Biltmore Village Inn. Tickets for the event are $20.00 per person, and are available at the Bone-A-Fide Bakery in Black Mountain (828-669-0706) or at the Biltmore Village Inn (828-2748707). Food, drink and entertainment will be provided. Aries, our Ambassador Wolfdog, will be there! And the old pro, Zodiak, will also be there, showing the "kid" how it's done. Come on out & have a howlin' good time with us!


We're on MySpace!

One of our wonderful volunteers, Janet Robinson, has set up a MySpace account for Full Moon Farm! You can view our page here. If you have a MySpace account, we'd love to have you as a friend!

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