It's ALL True
It's ALL True

Yes, it is all true. Everything is existing at the same time. The polarities

of the love and the fear, the happy and the sad, the trust and the worry, the faith and the envy,

the generosity and the greed. Everything can be seen in everyone. Your truth and your neighbors can occur

within one situation all at once. Your story and hers are different and both true. Look very carefully. To your mind this will not make sense but some where in your heart and soul you

feel this to be so. You and a friend do not see eye to eye but what both of you see is needed and making up the maya.

The maya (illusion) is the play through which you can rediscover what is forever true. In the middle of the hurricane is the ease and the peace. In the middle of your heart

as life continues to dream itself up into all kinds of polarities and events, you ARE PEACE.

So bliss out, celebrate and throw a party in your own living room right now!

You live in your body and it is through your body that you express your love.

So give your love out! Dance through life! Whatever this means to you is the way!

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Teleclass Satsang LIVE TONIGHT

Tonight, Tuesday, Sept 11 from 6-6:30 p.m. P.S.T. you can listen to an inspired message from Dr. Laurie Moore.

There is also time on the call to share your deepest heart expressions to an audience that will witness in love rather than judge or fix.

Be inspired by Dr. Laurie and people all over the world. You may also ask Dr. Laurie (Ghandilee) your questions during this precious and sacred phone call of the one LOVE.

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