My mind made up many emotions which my body felt for many years.

When I began to sit fully in each emotion without any attachment, realizing each circumstantial experiences is like

a fleeting musical note of the scale going up and down, the emotions dissolved into neutrality, real peace and deep deep love. Now , many things that used to upset me only remind me of all the love that is here. They are MADE of love, all of it is!

All the wonderful joys as well as all the frustrations of sharing a beautiful intimate relationship with my partner are all love to me. Our love is made of everything we have shared and it is rich and deep.

One of the artist crew members came late to a seminar. In the past I would have been very angry but I felt the orgasmic joyful elation I allow myself to feel when things go as I plan. I found that the love and passion for all of life are always here in every moment in all preferable and non preferable circumstances and emotions! Only the trained mind thinks that life�s experiences are based on circumstance. In fact , we are directing our body to particular emotions by what we believe each moment.

My emotions are no longer the source of my experience but flavors and colors passing through. Love is everything. I choose to make my home, my relationship, myself and my business the recipients of the profound love I feel by creating them in wellness. Love is here and non-disturbable. Only circumstances change like the beautiful notes of s scale.

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Teleclass Satsang LIVE TONIGHT

Tonight, Tuesday, Sept 18 from 6-6:30 p.m. P.S.T. you can listen to an inspired message from Dr. Laurie Moore. There is also time on the call to share your deepest heart expressions to an audience that will witness in love rather than judge or fix.
Be inspired by Dr. Laurie and people all over the world.

You may also ask Dr. Laurie (Ghandilee) your questions during this precious and sacred phone call of the one LOVE.

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