Thank you for these beautiful testimonials everyone.

Dr. Laurie says that what you see in her is YOU!"

Paula and Richard, Staff

"You are love, you are so sincere, you are reality, Dr. Laurie." Karen, Manager

"I am so glad to meet some one doing what you do. You have so much integrity and you are like a little girl, innocent." Susanna, Horse Communicator

"This is the best of all personal growth programs I have been to." John, DJ

�I had a lot of questions but instead of asking you I saved them for myself. This is what you taught me". Marti, Artist

�Oh My Dr. Laurie,

That was a phenomenal seminar.

Deceptively simple, deceptively quiet.

A LOT going on for each of us.

As I told you, I appreciate your energies, yours and "theirs".

I spent the first day in that room swimming in the energy you created and incorporating it

into my physical and energetic being.

I appreciate how you work with people, direct, thoughtful, supportive AND giving our job

back to us, not just giving us the answers.

In fact, the whole idea that we have the answers inside of us, was beautifully modeled

throughout the weekend.

The depth of the two days with you was,,,,,,is,,,, singingly, delightfully, cell-level


I hope you don't mind getting my thoughts on this. Appreciation abounds.

A request:

I would love to know more about what you did to "set the room", "invoke the archangels" "bring in help," etc. in a bit more detail. Could you let me know how you did what you did

to create that enveloping and nurturing energy field, either in a phone conversation or an

email? It was palpable and I would love to know how to do that!

Also, the second day, with the energies different, could you please tell me what was


How you did what you did.

It felt more ( red ? ) more grounded, a different tone, different colors, ....differerent


Again, it was breathed into my being.

I came home different.

voice lower, deeply inwardly calmer, thinking clearer and sweeter.

(Trying to put words to the sensations and the after-effects is tricky, know that words here

are not quite adequate)

(Especially today, as, I'm a little tired!!)

Many many thanks, from both Ted and I.

much love�


�Dear Laurie,

Hello there! I want to thank you for helping me with changing my fees. Whew! I went in right after we talked, and changed it all on my website once and then switched back . And I just made the change complete today.

Feels great.

A little nervous � as I was invisioning my phone ringing off the hook 5 minutes after I made the switch, but � in due time.

Have had so many realizations with this process. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

And sending SO MUCH LOVE��


�Dr. Laurie I have you written down in my notes...because you told me I was good at loving and this stuck with me...that you. The work we did really worked and stayed.� Jean

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