Susan Kotraba and Barbara Alexander~THANK YOU!
Susan Kotraba and Barbara Alexander~THANK YOU!

Susan Kotraba and Barbara Alexander~THANK YOU!

I was recently blessed to take the animiracle seminar to

Ashville, North Carolina where the mountains held be in a great grounded love.

The questions, interests and approaches of most the participants who shared was significantly of a different flavor and set of thoughts than what I encounter in

California and Hawaii. This left me feeling deeply grateful for the

differences and similarities of people. The same one love held a seminar in Ashville

that was very different in feeling, focus, style but the same in essence.

We met wonderful people who invited us to Kentucky next so we plan to be there in April. This time we WILL be on a big horse ranch. We apologize that the number of

attendees required that we moved the Ashville location.

As I was teaching I noticed people being lifted into very angelic realms. Many angels gathered and

offered people instant release out of story and drama into ascension. Some accepted and some felt it was not

their focus and chose to explore the stories more. All is welcome. All is love.

What is most precious about the angels, masters, many animals and insects is that they find ways to travel to assist wherever we go with the seminar. And there is never a judgement...only a willingness to respond to the moment of whatever anyone brings.

I am most grateful to Susan Kotraba who was a channel allowing the gateway between angel and humans to open up in the room

in conjunction with others of us who enjoy the Angelic Sister R Brother realm placing her~himself into one paradigm with the Mother Earth.

I am most grateful to Barbara Alexander who put in 50 hours of her own time to make this event possible because

of her generosity and kindness. Learn about her horses who are therapists and teachers for humans.

Love. Dr. Laurie

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