The Power to Heal Yourself and Others

We all have the Ability to reduce pain and to accelerate the healing process in ourselves and others. Each and every one of us are natural healers.

Recently I’ve come across a healing technique called Quantum-Touch which allows everyone to connect to and to work easily with their natural healing ability.

Quantum-Touch is a type of energy healing in which practitioners learn to focus and to amplify life-force energy (known as chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises.

As the practitioners life force energy amplifies it resonates at a higher frequency.  The client often entrains to, or matches the higher frequency, thereby facilitating healing.  Life Force energy affects matter on the quantum, subatomic level and works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells, tissue and structures.

I love the simplicity of Quantum-Touch.  It is truly open to all and whether you are a complete novice with no energy or health-care experience or a physician, a chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, reflexologist, Qigong practitioner, massage therapist or other health-care professional, you can start seeing great results after the first workshop.

If you are already a health-care professional quantum touch is unique in that as well as being used as a standalone healing process, it can also be used in conjunction with any other healing modality with the effect of amplifying the results. 

Quantum Touch is easy to learn allowing everyone to bring out and enhance their own natural healing ability.  It is still relatively new to Ireland but is spreading quickly throughout the US and the rest of Europe.  Workshops are relatively inexpensive and give you credits towards becoming a recognized practitioner. 

Quantum-Touch Courses in November

Why do some people roll with life's punches, facing failures and problems with grace while others dwell on calamities, criticise themselves and exaggerate problems?

The answer according to recently published research is self-compassion !

Self Compassion involves 3 components:

Self-kindness - being kind and understanding toward yourself rather than self-critical

Common Humanity - viewing your negative experiences as a normal part of the human condition

Mindful Acceptance - having mindful equanimity rather than over-identifying with painful thoughts and feelings.

So how can I be more compassionate toward myself?

Accept mistakes, problems and challenges as a normal part of life - They are nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide and nothing to fear.  They are a normal part of the human experience.

Lighten Up - Next time you fall short of your own expectations give yourself a break.  Take a gentle approach to yourself.  Learn what you can from the situation and move on.

Avoid being hooked by your thoughts and emotions - thoughts and emotions are passing but we often get "hooked" by them.  We become immersed in them and start to believe we are them.  If we feel guilty, we believe we are guilty.  If we feel bad, we believe we are bad.  Try not to get hooked on your thoughts, notice them but also realise they are just a small part of a bigger picture.  They are not a true reflection of the full you!

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Your Reality - Fact or Fiction ?

Our perception of reality is filtered through our personal assumptions, judgments, images and beliefs and this can distort what we hear, see and experience in our daily lives. 

Research indicates that on average we are only perceiving the real facts 2% of the time.   98% of the time we are living in our own illusion, superimposing our expectations on what is really there.

We don't plan to do this or even do it consciously but we are programmed to interpret the world in a certain way.    We sense something in the environment around us, our brain scans for similar experiences in the past and hey presto we come up with a filtered version of reality. 

It’s a very handy mechanism and allows us to move quickly through the world without having to think about our every step.  However it also has its disadvantages because inevitably some of our programmes are based on bad logic and keep presenting us with versions of reality that don't help us to make the most of our life.  

Test it out by reading the phrase in the picture above.  What does it say? More than likely you will say it says “A Bird in the Bush” and you will have failed to notice the 2nd “the”.  That is because you were not expecting the 2nd “the”. 

The good things is that once you have spotted the 2nd “the”, every time you look at the sentence after that you cannot miss it.  

Life is the same!  Once you open up to the possibility that what you are perceiving may not be the true reality then the facts of every situation will start to become clearer and easier to see. 

Boost Your Self Confidence

Next time you are feeling a little shaky and unsure of yourself, try these confidence boosting tricks:

Focus on your Strenghts: When your confidence is low you tend to focus on your weaknesses and lacks.  Take some time each day to remind yourself of all the positive traits, talents and qualities that you have.

Put Things in to Perspective:  We often place too much importance on  potential problems.  Our mind leaps to the worst case scenario.  Ask yourself two questions "is this really likely to happen?" then fast forward a few months in your mind and ask yourself "if the worst case scenario did happen would it really be that bad?".  In most cases you'll find the chances of the worst happening are slim and even if it did, you'd handle it ok !

Visualise a Confident You:  Close your eyes and relax, then vividly imagine yourself succeeding wildly at what you are going to be doing.  Make it vivid by involving all 5 senses.  The mind cannot tell the different between something vividly imagined and something real so when you do hit the real situation you wont feel so nervous.

Quieten your Inner Critic:  Yep.... you know the one I am talking about.  That little nagging, negative voice in your head rarely gives you good advice so give it a day off.  Better still send it on an extended holiday.  Picture it with an off button and when it starts to nag turn it right off.

Enjoy your Humanness:  Being human means that along side your good qualities and positive traits, you also have flaws and vulnerabilities.  You along with everyone else, are on a journey of ongoing learning and growth.  It is good to set a high standard for yourself - something that inspires you to be your best but equally it is good realise that at times you will fall short - this is part of the journey

Go lightly on yourself.  Allow yourself to make mistakes and to be a bit messy.  Accept this as part of life, learn from it and move on!

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Breaking the Cycle of Poor Communication

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of regular arguments? Do you feel resentful, unheard or unappreciated —possibly even by someone  you love the most ?

If so you may well be stuck in a cycle of poor communication where an unhealthy pattern of relating has been established and just continues to play out again and again. 

The good news is, that with a little awareness and a few different choices you can break this pattern and can start to build more fulfilling relationships

Be honest about your feelings:  if you
 feel upset or angry, undervalued or unloved it is important to tell the other person how you feel.  The critical thing here is not to blame the other person while doing this.  It is also important to stick to the simple facts a) how you feel and b) what has triggered this feeling in you. 

So instead of saying in an angry tone “you never do your fair share of the work” try saying “I feel really angry, I feel like I do the bigger share of the work and this doesn't feel fair to me”  The first approach is an accusation and liable to cause a reaction and defense in the other person, the second approach is a statement of fact– the fact of how you feel and perceive the situation.  It gives an opening for a response and discussion.

Take responsibility for your needs and wants: A lot of irritation
and dissatisfaction in relationships stems from not clearly expressing your needs and wants.  We assume the other person should know how we feel and what we want.  Sometimes it’s used as a test for the relationship “if the other person doesn't know what I want then it can’t be a very good relationship”.  At some level we still act as if we were children where without saying a word the people around us knew what we wanted and took responsibility for ensuring we got what we needed.

Life is a little different when we are older.  As an adult it is your responsibility to communicate your needs and to make sure they are met.  Putting the expectation on someone else to know exactly what you need and to get it for you will eventually lead to problems. 

So make life easier by choosing to take full responsibility for communicating your own needs.  Don’t expect the other person to be a “mind reader” and don't let them put that expectation on you either.

Let your Heart be the Judge:  Visualise or imagine 
bringing a little sized version of the person who your are struggling with in to the area of your heart on your body (your heart energy).  Allow them to stay there for a few minutes as you breath in and out.  Really feel them there.  If you feel or have felt love for that person in the past, connect with that love and feel it again now.  When it feels right release the image from your mind and trust that the relationship has received healing as a result.  You’ll be amazed at the results this can bring about.

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Movie Review - "What the Bleep Do We Know"

"What the #$*! Do We Know?" (commonly referred to as “What the Bleep do We Know”) is a provocative movie that opens up a world of knowledge and ideas and stimulates your thinking. 

It explores the questions who are we?, why are we here? and what is reality? and delves into both science and spirituality.  The film is built around the story of Amanda (Marlee Matlin from "Children of a Lesser God"), a depressed photographer living in the US.  As Amanda experiences multiple versions of her life, exploring situations in which a different decision or reaction could reshape her entire existence, she learns to change by altering the way she thinks about herself and the world.

The film combines documentary-like interviews with quantum physicists and spiritualists, with inventive animation and some melodrama.  Film-makers William Arntz, Mark Vicente and Betsy Chase venture into New Age metaphysics, exploring how each individual creates his or her own reality and how our choices impact our lives. 

I am not sure if this movie is available to rent in Ireland but you can purchase it by clicking on the link below. 

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