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Thoughts of Gratitude Create Physical Well Being

The universe is a tone and light system giving you instantaneous feedback in your body about your thought choice. However you think about anyone becomes your body in bliss , peace or pain. Substitute all thoughts that are not in gratitude with asking to return to wholeness and gratitude and watch everything shift in each second.

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The Miracle Ground
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"A New Success Story"

California Hawaii Dolphin Scholarship Winner

We are publishing Tracky Hendrickson's winning essay.
Who will the next winner be?
Read about the Hawaii Dolphin Scholarship contest in this Ezine.

Dr. Laurie,

THANK YOU so much for your generosity and wonderful offer. I was hoping something like this would be available soon. Hawaii has been "calling" me lately and I feel a great need to be there to receive what the land and dolphins have to offer.

My Intention: To receive the confidence needed to help fulfill my life purpose of spreading love and compassion to the

I have been summoned this year to learn. It started in February and has been accelerating ever since. I have recently discovered one of my life purposes is to spread love and compassion. This is very strong within me.

I feel one of my guides may be Jesus or someone very close to him as he is on my mind a lot and I refer to his pure love and compassion toward others everyday. No judgement. Just listening, understanding, guiding, helping and loving. I see how this love affects others.

It is the only mechanism that creates true change toward a prosperous and abundant life. To LOVE yourself is to LOVE all.

I attended an AniMiracle Seminar in June 2007 and wow.
I had no idea what talents lay dormant within me...that seminar started to bring them out. I was given a glimpse of who I am. This led me to search even further for my truth and the truth of the Universe. How joyous and happy to finally receive affirmation - or be aware - that there is so much more. Much much more! I knew our Source did not love based on conditions.

This never made sense to me even as a child. I have a great urge to spread this unconditional love to the world. I can
feel it and see it. I already do it, but on a small level. I am here to do more - on a much grander level. A level that reaches the masses. I have been primed for this and the time is very near to make it a reality.

I have a very strong feeling I am to write a book - a book based on the foundation of love and compassion. This is one of the ways I will spread unconditional love to the world and those around me. I repeatedly watch people walk by and ignore the needy. The love and compassion has been lost. Not to all, but to many. I have felt drawn to stop, help and talk to these people. They are receptive to me and
when we look at eachother there is a knowing. I know there is something about them and they know there is something about me. Together we can teach others to "see" again through their stories and their eyes.

This is what I am to do. It will happen. The idea is already written, the concept is there, I have all the equipment and skills needed. Now, I just need a push of confidence. I have had this idea before, but didn't take it too seriously. This time was different. I received many affirmations regarding the importance of this book. The only thing holding me back is a lack of confidence due to conditioning.

On a physical level, I was mentally and physically abused for many years as a child, and through this, was conditioned to shy away from people. I was controlled, and therefore felt powerless around others. At this point in my life, I understand why I went through what I went through, and am grateful. I survived it and learned what I needed to learn;
however, I still feel the conditioning of other's power. I have
strong conditioning stored within my sub-conscious that needs to be altered/reprogrammed. This is a struggle for me. I know in order for me to fulfill my life purpose, I must reach out to others. This is something I know the dolphins can help me with. I believe they want to help me with this. I can feel it. (I keep seeing a dolphin,hovering 1/2 way out of the water, smiling at me joyfully as I think and write about them :-)

I asked the Universe for many items during the last full moon.
(1)Financial Freedom; (2) Trust; (3) Love; (4) Time (to be a mother and to serve humanity); and (5) Master Guidance. Just three days after asking, I received an invitation from you to one of your upcoming Satsangs.

The words that kept popping out to me as I read your website was "master" and "guidance." I believe you are one of my saviors. One of the guides to help me along the way. I felt such a strong connection to myself at the June seminar and I can just imagine what I would feel and the changes I would incur after spending time with you in sacred Hawaii with the beautiful dolphins.

As I stated earlier, I have had such a strong yearning to go to Hawaii and have this experience. As I write this, I can feel the dolphins playing with me...it's very intriguing. I truly believe this is what I need to give me that push into making my mission a reality. My time is here...my time is now.

As I heal and learn more about the truth, I find so many people drawn to me. I can hardly get any work done as I get one visitor after another. We often talk about spirituality, health, and very intimate details about their lives. I'm taken aback at times with how comfortable people are with me. They are too.They usually can't believe they are sharing
what they do with me. I notice they appear more peaceful when they walk away. It's a nice feeling and I know there is more to it. I find I am a guide for many; therefore I share my experiences with anyone who is willing to listen and is ready to listen. I love to socialize and have fun. I imagine myself coming home after my time in Hawaii with the dolphins feeling so peaceful and abundant. No worries. I see myself having a better understanding of who I AM and full of SELF CONFIDENCE and increased LOVE. I see myself loving others no matter what they say or do. I see myself walking up to those who are lost and providing my services. I see people becoming more compassionate. I see people noticing those they used to just walk by. I see the judgement falling away. I see people helping people. I see and feel love.

So, what in my background indicates I will carry through with my promise to share? My word and my truth as a friend. I have listed those who I am very close to in my references. They understand me. They know who I am and that I am always there for them when they need me. They know my
great need to get this information out to the world. They have seen my transformation. They know my passion when I truly believe in something.They understand my skills and know there is more to me than what I have been doing.

Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to speak with you very soon.

Tracy Hendrickson

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Satsang Seminars Schedule 2008

Santa Cruz Animiracles January 19, 20 2008

Santa Cruz Animiracles, January 17, 18, 2008

San Diego Animiracles February 16, 17 2008

Maui, Kauai, Molokai 7 Chakra March 8-17,2008

Big Island Going Deeper May 4-23, 2008

Big Island Pele Benevolent Nature Spirits May 10-17, 2008 Open

Big Island Dolphin July 6-11, 2008

Animiracle Seminar Satsang Santa Cruz, CA July 18-19, 2008

What is Satsang?

The peace, love and joy we all desire is what we are made of essentially. We are the ocean, earth sun and air of all that exists through our own hearts as unconditional love~bliss~peace beyond all circumstances. When we tap into this vital and rich awareness of self, that which manifests as us is peace, love and joy because we were this long ago and are this now eternally. It is in loving all polarities, all that is not what we call peace, love, joy that the fullness of love in all returns deeply, profoundly, authentically.

We gather to share the truth of our hearts, each his or her own and to remember this.

To attend Satsangs that honor animals, insects, angels, elements, humans, master teachers with Dr. Laurie in Hawaii or California visit http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm for dates.

Work Study Options
Virtual Office Assistants, Grant Writers and Body Workers,
Helpers with clean up and set up and logistics, DVD filmers, musicians, etc. may inquire about potential work study.Work Study participants participate in the entire Satsang and pay for part of their Satsang with work. Visit the website for workstudy rates or contact the office: Richard@DrLaurieMoore.com.

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FREE Animal Communication Session

Dr. Laurie offers to gift a to one person from every USA state, every country and each Hawaiian Island in 2008.

We ask that you apply to represent your country, state or island if you would like to share your experience of the session with others from the authenticity of your heart.

If you are a person who loves to share with loved ones, writes articles, has a large email list, appears on radio, or has another way of spreading the news of Dr. Laurie's heart based sessions, please apply at Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.

Simply let us know your geographical location, as well as with whom and how you will share your experience. Application letter should be no more than 3 detailed and specific sentences. If you are selected you will be contacted within two weeks. Long letters will not be eligible.

As we anticipate this offer talking a while to spread to every country, USA state, and Hawaiian island, don't be shy. Apply at any time in 2008 and maybe you will be the one!

Dr. Laurie translates your animal's communications to you during the session. The session is in honor of two equals: one animal and one person and lasts 20 minutes. Dr. Laurie is not accepting applications for people who wish to fix or change their animals. This is for people who wish to communicate in authenticity of the heart and soul with beloved animal friends. Your animal friend may be domestic, wild, alive on earth or passed over.

In Love, The Miracle Ground Staff

The following locations have winners as of this Ezine being sent out:

1. USA-Arizona
2. USA-Arkansas
3. USA-California
4. USA-Colorado
5. USA-Georgia
6. USA-Indiana
7. USA-Kentucky
8. USA-Maryland
9. USA-Massachusetts
10. USA-New Jersey
11. USA-New Mexico
12. USA-Oregon
13. USA-Tennessee
14. USA-West Virginia
15. USA-Wyoming
16. USA-Texas

Hawaii Dolphin Satsang Scholarship

Dr. Laurie is giving one Hawaii Dolphin Seminar Satsang scholarship to one person in every country, one person in every USA state, and on person on each Hawaiian island.
(Does not include accommodations, travel or boat fees.) To learn about the Hawaii Dolphin Seminar Satsang visit www.animiracles.com.

These scholarships are for people who enjoy sharing about
their experiences with others. Whether you are a newspaper reporter, some one who loves to tell friends about your heart felt adventures, a mediator who shares inner experiences with friends, a vet, a radio host, or some one with a big email list of people who will potentially prosper from Dr. Laurie's work and gifts you are eligible. If you are some one with any other way of spreading the word you are eligible.

To apply: Email the office at Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com and let us know what your intention is for attending, how you will prosper from the journey, and how you will share with others to spread unconditional love and joy in the world. Who will you share your experiences with? How will you get the word out? What do you imagine you will come home to share after your time in Hawaii with Dr. Laurie on The Miracle Ground? How do you think you will be transformed or awakened from the Seminar Satsang? What in your background indicates to us that you will carry through with your promise to share after you are granted the scholarship?

Please provide a resume and three references with your application letter.

If you are chosen for an interview you will be contacted within two weeks of sending your email. Email your interest to Laurie@drLaurieMoore.com.

As of this Ezine scholarships have been awarded to people from the following locations:

Hawaii Satsang Seminars

Hawaii Satsang Seminars

Visit www.animiracles.com seminars page for 5,10, 20 day Satsang retreats.

Enter the world of love that is your full ,whole natural state of being as all else dissolves. Come home to your own heart deeper than thought, emotion, and circumstance but honoring of it all. Be in communication with animals, humans, insects, the elements, archangels, angels, master teachers, sea animals,benevolent light beings and YOURSELF via the awakening heart.

Inquire about work ~study positions as a way to pay for part of your journey. 831-477-7007 or Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.



“Oh My Dr. Laurie,
That was a phenomenal seminar.
Deceptively simple, deceptively quiet.
A LOT going on for each of us.
As I told you, I appreciate your energies, yours and "theirs".
I spent the first day in that room swimming in the energy you created and incorporating it
into my physical and energetic being.
I appreciate how you work with people, direct, thoughtful, supportive AND giving our job
back to us, not just giving us the answers.
In fact, the whole idea that we have the answers inside of us, was beautifully modeled
throughout the weekend.
The depth of the two days with you was,,,,,,is,,,, singingly, delightfully, cell-level
I hope you don't mind getting my thoughts on this. Appreciation abounds.
A request:
I would love to know more about what you did to "set the room", "invoke the archangels" "bring in help," etc. in a bit more detail. Could you let me know how you did what you did
to create that enveloping and nurturing energy field, either in a phone conversation or an
email? It was palpable and I would love to know how to do that!
Also, the second day, with the energies different, could you please tell me what was
How you did what you did.
It felt more ( red ? ) more grounded, a different tone, different colors, ....differerent
Again, it was breathed into my being.
I came home different.
voice lower, deeply inwardly calmer, thinking clearer and sweeter.
(Trying to put words to the sensations and the after-effects is tricky, know that words here
are not quite adequate)
(Especially today, as, I'm a little tired!!)
Many many thanks, from both Ted and I.
much love”


Thank you to Graham Alexander Lee in England we now have a wonderful gift to share: Inside-the-Circle.com allows you access to a decade of my work archives never before made public, a library of the works of many special teachers on this planet, free gifts, complementary tickets to seminars, a wonderful discounts, and much more.

In a world that is full of deceit and mistrust, many people still operate on love and trust. Many. Graham and I met in trust and watched out for each other with each step. A handshake contract WORKED and is allowing us to present The Planet Love Project to the Globe (Learn more at www.Inside-The-Circle.com) as a reminder that life can build itself on LOVE and honest sharing !

For all my willingness to trust I have been deeply burned more than once but those times are a small handful amidst a huge network of amazing people, colleagues, helpers, friends, and family that came to me in the love of The Miracle Ground.

Learn about Inside-The-Circle, The Planet Love Project and The Wall of Love.


Dr. Laurie

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The Love Wall~The Planet Love Project

Read All about The Love Wall and The Planet Love Project

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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