Who are the Santa Cruz Moths?
Who are the Santa Cruz Moths?

Who are the Santa Cruz Moths?

I was speaking to a wonderful species of moth~butterfly beings who fly about and near as sweet friends.

They enjoy flickering beautiful light all over the community.

We live in a community of people, plants, elements, animals and insects on Earth.

Apparently, these moth~butterfly friends like apples. And some one in Santa Cruz decided that in order to preserve the apples a massive attack would be created on the moths' pheromones to stop their reproduction.

I have another idea.

If everyone offers one apple a day to the moths (cut it up and put it on a plate outside with great love and an invitation), they won't need to eat the farmer's apples.

Although some humans feel that humans are the center of the universe, scientist affirm that there is another view point. In the event that all people left Earth, all ecological problems would be solved

within a couple of months thus balance and harmony would prevail. If all insects left the Earth, on the other hand,

life would die...all humans would die within a few months.

Lets re~examine our priorities as a global community of multiple species and begin to honor each others' value with generosity and thoughtfulness.

Love to everyone with all points of views. Love to the people, animals, insects, animals, benevolent light beings from other realms, fairies, angels, archangels, masters,

and elements.Love to our moth friends for their compassion and care and service. Love to each moment you are alive for that is your only moment to choose to love.

Thank you.

Dr. Laurie Moore

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