Illumination from Flowers and Trees
Illumination from Flowers and Trees

Illumination from Flowers and Trees

At a time in our many life streams the value is seen of remembering that the "I" is truley a sound.

All other thoughts, actions, motives have come from an idea of preserving or building or releasing an identity or position that isn't

really what the "I" is. In surrender, many thoughts of upliftment and actions of upliftment and fulfillment continue to be available in a stream of joy. However the surrender to the voice of the sun, water, air and Earth brings such immense

glittering fulfillment that many actions and thoughts are instantly changed and a new serviceful love celebration takes over as all identities fall off.

In this state, many choices are made from a deeper source that can seem quite odd to the trained mind or society in which one lives.

Yet everyone around the flower begins to prosper. When a person is ready, she~he will experience life as the flower. Pray for this when the heart says it is time to release all but the Love~Truth of Creation and your prayer will take you home.

I know of this because it occurred with in my body~temple~personality from many prayers to be home. I continued to live a life of being human after this awakening occurred in every way over and over but the human was recognized

in my consciousness as a temporary grace, a gift way to experience God~Goddess (Universe in many forms, that called so many names in so many cultures and histories but that which goes beyond words�the one glimmering light~tone made of a choir of all tones) which is all that exists. Every moment became a prayer and whenever I forgot due to some circumstances that seemed more important it became a comedy.

Thank you to Life with a big laugh and amazement.

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You are the Yearning and The Completion

The yearning is compete and you, we, are home. We are whole. We are love. The human circumstances continue. Feelings and situations are born, pulse, get bigger, go up, go down, get smaller dissolve. You are what you always were. You are all of this: pasts, presents futures all at once. All that is you holds a personal soul tenderly, given your name, here to sing a unique sound through eternity. You were born in orgasmic creation literally. Join your ecstatic eternal self, nature, love.

From this I come back home to you because I am you and you are me. Who is calling whom home.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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