Stopped Three Times
Stopped Three Times

Stopped Three Times

During the recent Hawaii retreat I was stopped in my car three times!

The first time a big frog, the size of a squirrel walked in front of my car, faced me and would not move. He wished to discuss this with me:

�You are not looking closely enough,� he told me.� Not everyone you are interacting with is coming from the highest place. I do not sit before you blindly. I know you will not move the car while I am here. This is because I take the time to look into you. You must look into everyone from now on before proceeding in any way with any business or personal matters.

Love is unconditional Trust is earned.� He would not leave until I listened and promised to take this to account in all matters.

Next I was stopped by a dove. Trusting, she sat facing me so that I had to stop my car. �Pray all day,� she said. �Pray before each moment. Set each moment with an intention� to surrender to the highest calling of love in trust.�

She softly left when I absorbed her.

My third messenger was a human. But it was I who stopped my car. On a one lane road, surrounded by bushes who brushed the air with their faces, my nostrils full of the ocean scent, and my eyes feasting a talented sky of artwork, I stopped. Only one of us could proceed at a time. The human in the other car stopped as well. Her message was thoughtfulness, consideration, kindness. She set me free with her good intentions and I drove on.

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Thank you Helpers!

We now have 90 people on our work study and volunteer list. Thank you ALL! Special thanks to Mara Sussman, Richard Smith, Ken Ohme and Paula Nelson who have made The Miracle Ground their own. My vision connects with all of your visions creating this beautiful historical event in motion. Each of you adds profound beauty and gifts to this creation which I could not create without you. It is a great blessing to live in this dream of love!!! Thank you to my partner Ray Torres who is the silent Ground behind the Miracles of this ongoing celebration we are all creating. Thank you!

To Everyone I say, thank you, I love you, I honor you, I respect you, I celebrate you, I cherish you, I am sorry if I ever appear to cause you any discomfort and I forgive you if you ever appear to cause me any discomfort. That is the esence of all that ever needs to be said among beings...deep in the heart..when we each take 100% responsibilit for our own creation...animals teach me this. Dr. Laurie

Assist in Kentucky~Come FREE

Assist in Kentucky~Come FREE

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