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Thanksgiving Message from Nancy

In this Thanksgiving season, I take more time to talk to the animals, and give them my love and receive their gratitude. I wanted to share with you all some of the reasons WHY I am here, and WHY FMF is THANKFUL to each and every one of our volunteers, supporters, and sponsors.

#1. Sloppy kisses, from any number of the residents that have learned to trust again.

#2. Bone-chilling HOWLS that fill the valley here, and let me know that the songs they sing would be silenced if not for YOU, our supporters.

#3. Belly Rub Requests from the likes of Max and Banjo, Daunkette and Delaware, Indy and Oengus.

#4. Ooohhhsss and Aaahhhsss from the children when they get to pet Zodiak or Oengus.

#5. Misty's beautiful winter coat! (Her Missing Link supplement is working wonders!)

#6. Having Sunshine and Shadow remain where they are, lying down, when I enter the pen to feed or water.

#7. Listening to Harley tell me all about her day with her Bun Bun!

#8. Balancing the checkbook and having a positive balance after the feed store and the Vet have been paid. (Bless you all!)

#9. Requests from a school to bring an animal in for students to hear firsthand about responsible pet ownership.

#10. Making a difference, for each animal, and in the lives of the two-leggeds that are touched by the stories of why the animals came to live here.

In closing, there are 72 reasons why I get up each morning, and there are a multitude of reasons why the dogs do - YOU, OUR SUPPORTERS are why...

Thank You All.

Nancy and the Residents of Full Moon Farm


Howliday Events

Full Moon Farm will have a table at Holly Jolly in Black Mountain on Friday, November 30th in the Cherry Street Square near the Bone-A-Fide Bakery. We'll also have wolfdogs in the Black Mountain Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 1st (weather permitting)! The theme is Christmas Around the World. The parade starts at 4:00 pm. If you're in the area, please stop by and join the festivities!

Full Moon Farm will also have a tree in the Park Ridge Hospital Holiday Magic: A Festival of Trees. Each participating organization decorates a tree in a way that expresses its mission statement, and has the opportunity to win prizes. Awards will be given out on Friday, December 7th at 6:30 pm, and the public is welcome to attend.


Woofer Updates

Maya has returned, due to a change in her home situation. Nancy is planning on doing a little "wolfdog feng shui" to rearrange a few pens so she can put Maya and Aries together.

Speaking of Aries, he's now 86+ pounds! Nancy has coined a new term for him--"giractopus." He's gotten really good at sticking his head through the pen and getting stuff he shouldn't. He's already grabbed two of the hoses (they now sport multiple patches). He started dominating Sugar Bear while playing, so Nancy had to separate them before Aries realized he could do that to anybody. She's hoping Maya will teach him some better manners!


Woofer Spotlight!

This month, it's Pandora and her Boys!

Pandora (or Pandorable, as she's often called) is truly a walking miracle. She was diagnosed with cancer, but initially denied treatment by her original "owner." When surgery (amputation of the leg) became an option, it was discovered that the cancer had spread. Most of the time, you'd never know anything was wrong with her, because she rarely limps. She eats well, and enjoys running around their pen and up on their house. (It's not uncommon to see all three of them up there, checking things out.) She also keeps the Boys in line.

Sunshine and Shadow (aka the Boys, the California Boys or the $10,000 Boys) have greatly improved over the last year. They spent part of 2005 and most of 2006 on their own, after escaping from their pen in their new home. Nancy spent $10,000 and made four trips to California to get them back. (If you see them looking up, they're looking for nets, which some people used in the attempt to catch them.) They look much healthier now--they've gained weight and Sunshine's mange is gone. They are still leery of strangers, but are relaxed when Nancy is in the pen with them. They enjoy running around with Panny, and if she's allowed someone to pet her, they'll come up and sniff her once the person has left. They also know that she's the boss!


A Special Request

As the Holiday season approaches, we have a special request. We would like to build larger and more functional shelters, and need your help to do so! While the dogloos have been great, many have been almost destroyed by the residents with chewing habits. (Star is slowly turning her house into a convertible.)

Landscape timber houses provide both shelter and enrichment, and are sturdy as well as attractive. (Check out Banjo and Yeddy's shelter when you are here!) For $5.00, you can purchase a "log" - a landscape timber - to help us start our building fund! For a $25.00 donation, you can buy a "roof" - a 5/8" 4' x 8' sheet of marine grade plywood. For $150.00, you can buy an entire log shelter for an enclosure!

We're not the only ones who appreciate this--the wolfdogs do, too.


Gift Ideas

For that person on your list who has everything, why not consider sponsoring a wolfdog in their name? Without our sponsors, we could not continue to provide the love and care to our residents. Many of our returnees, like Maya, Sunshine and Shadow, Shawnee and Jera are lacking sponsors, along with some of our other residents, like Glacier and Navajo, Phineas and Noshoba. Please email Michele (mish@fullmoonfarm.org) for sponsorship questions and packet information.



Thank You

Once again, to the University of Georgia Vet School. Stan and his wife, Kimberly, came to the Farm the Saturday after Thanksgiving to bring a donation of several large bags of dog food. We greatly appreciate it!

Also, many thanks to the staff and some of the students from The Learning Community, who came out on "Make A Difference Day" to do some Fall cleanup!

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E-newsletter written and compiled by Michele Frankl

We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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