20 Day Satsang Leads to a FULL LOVE of ALL Experience
Awakening in Kona with Dolphins and Flowers

thoroughly enjoyed the Kona experience. I will always cherish it. Every day was teeming with lessons. Every person taught me something to remember, but mostly the spirit of the island itself filled me with a powerful loving wisdom and a vitality that is far beyond words. I felt truly blessed by the energy of creation in that place. I would love to live there. Thank you for your guidance and acceptance of all-that-is. It was a powerful facilitator for the best possible experience for all, in my humble opinion.

Imagine swimming in warm ponds, dancing in safe gentle waters with dolphins, meditating and chanting with a facilitator who takes you to the heart of the matter
again and again. Feel yourself deepening your relationship with animals, elements, people, angels, archangels, master teachers, dolphins, whales, the Sun, Water, YOURSELF, fairies, insects, source creator within and without, while practicing Goya Yoga, eating gourmet Island food from our private cook, and sleeping in the fresh air of Hawaii, scents of flowers filling you.

This is NOT a psychological journey. This is a journey for people who are ready to re-enter the ancient ways of Lemuria, the Divine Love in all, the feelings you yearn to experience in surrender to the greatest joy and peace imaginable´┐Żavailable to every cell in your being. This is surrender into your profound power, your unique soul calling , your right to be the individual that only you can be while being at one with everyone else.

Beginning at our favorite portal of refuge, a beautiful home in the greenery, flowers and Papaya trees, an eight minute walk to KK Bay, where dolphins often visit, we will hold exquisite Satsangs by 2 Step and The Place of Refuge. Our home has a beautiful overlook and is a sacred portal to benevolent love of all.

Daily Satsangs take us further and further into the heart, expanding wider and wider into our laughter, lightness and awakening Joy.

The schedule is the same every time but the truth revealed takes a different experience. There is no curriculum and nothing to study or take notes about. Dr. Laurie teaches in a heart response to the day, the place, and the people and animals present. She invites you into the deepest union of your heart with yourself, all people who are gathered, the sun, the earth, the water, the air, the animals, the angels, the cells, the feelings, the thoughts, the master teachers, the insects, the plants, those in the physical realms and those on "the other side", the past, the present, the future, the planets, the many cultures of all time and all life everywhere.

Satsang may include open heart sharing, animal readings, other side readings or personal readings from Dr. Laurie, transmissions from universal love and guides, silence, facilitated exercise, and more. Dr. Laurie is known for spontaneity and an authentic response to the moment so fun, playful, laughter or tear inspiring and profoundly moving excursions and activities may emerge at any time during her programs. We may sing, dance and play at any time AND there is never any pressure to do anything! The Satsangs are known for providing enjoyable and immediate safety, ease and welcoming of every individual.

We will meet some days in the water where we often encounter many Lemurian Goddesses and there messages will become apparent. Part of the journey will be in the angelic KK Bay which is a gateway for ancestral benevolent lines to other galaxies and ways of great peace.

Beginning swimmers, advanced swimmers, and those petrified of water have all attended these Hawaii Satsangs with Dr. Laurie. We have staff to support you.

Thank you to Kathy, my swim guide. I was scared of the water and with her I became safe! ~ Gina

"I was afraid of being COLD! Dr. Laurie told me to ask the Sun and the water, the Earth and the plants and the air to love me and warm me. I did and became warm and happy.

"Rasha, laughed and laughed when this occured as many of us do when we see the beauty of our creations." Dr. Laurie

To sign up or apply for a work study position call 831-477-7007.

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Special Thanks

The Miracle Ground Thanks our helpers who take time out of their professional lives to put love and peace into all of The Miracle Grounds Endeavors. Special thanks this week: Thank you Megan Lynch for taking care of the mail runs. Thank you to Amber for managing the Ezine. Thank you to Paula Nelson for managing the financial accounts. Thank you to Mara Sussman for assisting Dr. Laurie. Thank you to Peter Melton for making our business an international one. Thank you to Rich Smith for bringing love and joy to people who attend seminars. Thank you to Mary M. Rose for generous and selfless support and assistance. Thank yo to Penelope Smith for including so many of Dr. Laurie's sharings in Species Link. Thank you to Graham Lee who is assisting our business in serving many more people in new and wonderful ways. Thank you to many people who have assisted with seminars in a variety of ways: Fawn Christainson, Pat Beckham, Rasha, Ankhara Hunte, Rayna Lumbard, Annette Steiner, Julie Allen, Joan Tannheimer, Ken Ohme, Mariposa, Celeste Eaton, Joe P. Thank you to Peggy G., Cheryl Clifford, Clare Strohman fro great generosity in assisting us. Thank you to Barbara Alexander and Marti McGinnis for great generosity. Thank you to wonderful artists Brad Tilden, Ron Meadow, Kaiulani, Rich Smith, Tanya Greenstein fro bringing music, art and dance to the Satsang Seminars. Thank you to Maryam Larki, JoyceAnne (www.YesI Cansuceed.com), and Julie Zack fro abundant service. Thank you to Amy, Cindy and Siva Das (Ocean) for wonderful global virtual office work. Thank you to our Hawaii Staff, friends. Associates and Colleagues for your incredible gifts: Captain Veto, Captain Dolphinus, Captain Dana, Michael, Erin Pasco, Bliss, Kathy Carr, Kirby Wright. This is a portion of the many wonderful people helping us and there are many more to thank in future announcements.
Thank you to Lin Lacombe. Thank you to Mike De Give. Thank you to Leslee Beldotti and Michael Boyce for promt quick ongoing website work. Thank you to Michael Boyce. (He created The Animiracle website graphics by the way...email us if you would like to contact him and use his services). Thank you to Ed Keller (if you wish to put video on your website email us for his contact info). Thank you to Jean Kowalski, a generous healer who contributed a energy work session to Dr. Laurie upon her visit to teach in San Diego!!!! If you will be in San Diego she is at Jean Kowalski [angel444love@hotmail.com] and not to miss! Thank you to Grandma Chandra for making sure I remember the children by sending her most angelic psychic messages to us! Thank you to her for finding us. Thank you to Bryant Austin whale photographer and Dean Bernal, JoJo's best friend. Thank you to all the animals, plants and nature spirits who have guided me with this work and to the many Deities who have come over to assist. Thank you to Wayne Hoff! Thank you to Lisa Levinson! Thank you to Jean Voice Dart and Matt Dart! Thank you to Jane Hendler for developing exquisite oils and to Craig for supporting the staff behind the scenes with glorious body work. Thank you most of all to Ray and Jessie without whom there would be no Miracle Ground. They are my ground beneath the miracle that this is! Thank you to the elements, Gary Hillman and all my relations. Thank you to The Santa Cruz family and to Jim and Barbara and to Jesse and Sharla. Thank you to the entire universe. Thank you to Jacquelyn Aldana, Todd Roush, Janette Archer. Thank you to my hawk and raven pals and to Lucy the beetle, Jason~Jasona the spider, and other bugs who have spent time with us. Thank you to cats Sno, Shera, Sherman, and my angel cat Tiger Lily. There are many more to thank so I will do thank you columns again. I do not forget any of you...but I do have another meeting to attend...so I leave in gratitude to the people mentioned today and send this along....

You know, all the work these people do is incredible..but what is really amazing to me is that so many of them are gifted healers and light workers who choose to do simple task to assist The Miracle Group in global work. They take time from their professional lives to give graciously and lovingly though simple work. Or they run their own entrepreneurial businesses thus allowing themselves to be supported through doing what they love to do shinning the light and love to many. Mahalo, love Joy to you all!!!! Dr. Laurie

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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