Universal Reharmonization
Universal Reharmonization

Universal Reharmonization

Universe calls us to reharmonize all patterns from within our own consciousness patterns via lights and sounds of harmony now. We are created and creating in waves.

Let psychologically off patterns be indications to restore inner patterns to inner harmony via surrender to asking for help, grace and transformation. The Plaeidans and many others are here to help. Peace on Earth is an inner project that re-aligns all members (all plants, animal, element and non 3D bodied species) back into harmony via sound and light. From this right actions are normal.

Ask for transformation in your own consciousness to turn any jangled patterns back into harmonious ones within all life which is you. We all own everything. Simultaneously, do what ever one can to assist any one of any species who's 3d existence has been compromised (birds in the oil spill, human with the flu, etc). Ask them how.

Love, Dr. Laurie

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Satsang Schedule 2008

Satsang Schedule 2008

Santa Cruz Animiracles January 19,20, 2008 FULL

Santa Cruz Animiracles January 18,19, 2008 Just Opened

San Diego Animiracles February 16, 17, 2008 Open

Maui, Kauai, Molokai 7 Chakra March 8-17,2008 FULL

Big Island Going Deeper May 4-23, 2008 Open (Accepting reservations through February 1, 2008)

Big Island Pele Benevolent Nature Spirits May 10-17, 2008 Open

Big Island Dolphin July 6-11, 2008 Open

We now accept work study applicants for all Satsangs.

Call 831-477-7007 or email Richard@DrLaurieMoore.com for info.

For details on seminars please visit www.animiracles.com.

Dr Laurie Moore
The Miracle Ground
(831) 477-7007

Sell Unique Organic Perfumes

Sell Unique Organic Perfumes

Jane Hendler of Ajne and Dr. Laurie Moore

have created unique, organic essential oil blends

using oils from

all over the globe. Oils are created to assist with awakening into

unconditional and full love, oneness, lovership, joy and peace

in each chakra on a soul level. These oils are created in union with master teachings, whales, and many animal species' wisdoms.

These are very high end oils which can only be purchased via Dr. Laurie Moore and are created by aromatherapist to the stars, Jane Hendler, founder of Ajne.

The original blends are sweet, therapeutic and full of goodness.

We are looking for a private contractor with a boutique or a way to sell these oils who

would like to run the essential oil faction of The Miracle Ground.

"I have used many essential oils over the years and Jane's are my favorite." I am blessed to have her designing these oils according to my intentions. I use them mist days

and feel a deep sense of goodness and awakening that feels like eating a yummy dessert! These oils assist the body~personality in surrender to

the most heart felt teachings." Dr. Laurie Moore

Please email Richard@DrLaurieMoore.com with your interest and resume.

About Ajne:

An extraordinary product and especially a fragrance is no less nuanced than fine wine. The art of creating it demands true passion, great expertise, a touch of alchemy and a masterful intuition that borders on magic. Exceptional blends possesses the power to change a mood, enhance your well-being and transport you to another place.

Ajne is unique in many ways. Our commitment to the creation of the most rare and precious items translates into a hands-on relationship with every step of the process. Few companies in the world grow, distill and produce their own plant oils. Ajne does. In addition to our own organic lavender farm in Carmel, we work with growers from around the globe to obtain the finest sustainably-harvested ingredients. These small farms support entire local economies and help reduce global warming.

At Ajne, we honor the extraordinary scent and healing properties of rare and precious pure plant oils. They are among the most valuable substances on earth, some more precious than pure gold. We are deeply committed to creating transcendent product experiences that revitalize mind, body and spirit and produce noticeable results. We believe this can only be achieved with an uncompromising commitment to hand-producing the finest, safest natural formulas. Ajne is synthetic free, paraben free, phthalate free, petro-chemical free, harsh-sulfate free, entirely vegan and never tested on animals.

Three Remarkable Woman and Light Workers

Peggy Black, Ginger Schaeffer, and Mariposa

Three Remarkable Woman and Light Workers

For angelic assistance I highly recommend Peggy Black who channels

in all the Lemurian realms in the most beautiful and sincere way.

PeggyBlack@aol.com. Inquire about her morning messages too!

She can work long distance.

If you are suffering from an illness or body problem, get well with Ginger: 209-747-9873.

�I got the flu for 2 weeks and I kept getting

sicker and sicker. One session with Ginger, followed by a day of sleep and I woke up well at last.

No longer needed any herbs or treatments.�

(Only works in Ben Lomend, California.)

For over all wellness and health, Mariposa (Santa Cruz, CA area only). She is very gifted and very well studied acupuncturist! 831-426-6482

I have experienced the rare services of these three woman and recommend them all highly! Dr. Laurie MooreFor celestial and angelic assistance and guidance I highly recommend Peggy Black who is a multidimensional transducer who channels in all the Lemurian realms in the most beautiful and sincere way.

PeggyBlack@aol.com. Inquire about her morning messages too!

She can work long distance.

Love Dr. Laurie Moore

Stocking Stuffers: Channukah gifts

Stocking Stuffers: Channukah gifts

Write to Dr. Laurie your dream for the Heaven on Earth globe for 2008 in 150-300 words.

Your vision will be published in the Tuesday Ezine and you will receive two complementary tickets to upcoming Satsangs.

Limited to 7 people.

Participants and Readers Write Us Back

Participants and Readers Write Us Back

Laurie yes indeedy I had the most amazing experience of my life in Hawaii and thank you and all .........immensely .......you blessed angels.

Yes yes yes...........................I say amen to all those that help make these incredible seminars so amazing ..........and many blessings to you Beloved Laurie Moore.................for allowing spirit to use you in this way................

Thinking a lot about Hawaii again in July,
Much Love,.


Thank you, thank you! And by the way, the 5-day trip was absolutely perfect for me in many, many ways. So many lessons from so many beings in so many forms�all in perfection. The island spoke to me very deeply. Divine Mother �spoke� to me very directly in my rustic cabana/spider/centipede room. I felt so thoroughly well there. It was a tonic just to breathe the air. I think I realize now that the ring of fire vision I saw when Mother was sending communication was the birth of the island itself. So awesome. Thank you for making this experience available and for allowing all that is to be in all of its perfection.

Mary Ann

Dear Laurie,

Loved your post on the moths & butterflies.

People are so worried about the decrease in the bee population but they don't realize that all sorts of insects and animals provide us similar services (free of charge)

I have been feeding yellow jackets whenever I ate outside for years. I just put a small portion of my serving on this side of my plate for them.

The way to keep this earth healthy and in turn to keep humans healthy is Thur balance and that mean balance of all things not only our bodies.

The "simple" cultures realize this and provide for nature around them. Some how in all our smarts our cultures have seemed to lost this connection.

Thank you for reminding us again.



Thank you for reminding us of oneness with all.

Love and light


Regarding the moths:


Dear Laurie,

Thank you so much for your thoughts on the moths. I am

reminded again of how grateful I am to have you on

"our" side -- me and the animals, that is. :-) I do

identify so strongly sometimes with the animals that I

forget that I am human and not animal myself. I am

putting out my apple now.

Love to you!


Thank you soooo much for this email about the moths! You're once again - right on !..Hugs, Gayle

I was speaking to a wonderful species of moth~butterfly beings who fly about and

i luv how love is so simple and cleverly creative in

problem solving towards a win-win solution. mahalo

for sharing the luv! tee hee. Eunie

What is Satsang

What is Satsang

The peace, love and joy we all desire is what we are made of. We are the ocean of all that exists

through our own hearts beyond all circumstances. When we tap into this vital and rich awareness of self, that which manifests of us is peace, love and joy because we were this long ago and are this now eternally.

We gather to share the truth of our hearts�each his or her own and to remember this.

To attend Stasangs that honor animals, insects, angels, elements, humans, master teachers with Dr. Laurie in Hawaii , Mexico , Tonga , California or Kentucky visit http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm for dates.

Virtual Office Assistants, Grant Writers and Body Workers

Partial Work Study Programs for Hawaii & Tonga Satsangs

To partially pay for your Satsang by being a virtual office assistant, grant writer or body worker, please contact 831-477-7007.

Grant writers are also able to create salaries for self.

Or Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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