Inner Hawaii Maui Journey during Holiday Season
Inner Maui Journey during Holiday Season

If you feel there is a world inside you that is more real than what you feel, see or hear around you come home and discover yourself~the universe in a new way on this home coming journey. Make love to the entire universe within yourself. Learn to communicate in the silence so that you can speak to people, animals, angels, master teachers, planets, insects, all of life that exists before, now and after in the beautiful poem of living that is offered.

This 5 Day Maui, Hawaii Internal Journey with Dr. Laurie is for you who wish to go very deep within, reunite with source creator within yourself, and learn to speak, hear, feel all beings via LOVE.

Maui is calling us spontaneously to playful studies... Listen to Maui's messages and hear her simple exquisite love that beckons and holds you.

Find your inner male and female in love within you so that you are full and whole forever. Connect to Magdalene (She was/is the Goddess inner aspect of the union of female~ male in the Christ light. The Divine feminine avatar who is alive on the planet as a soul who lives through many may breathe you in this journeying. She breathes in complete ecstatic inner pure fullness.

Remember your original soul priest and priestess self. Allow Quan Yin to clear that which you no longer need through simple sweet pure tones. Awaken into you fuller potential. Drop old ways, beliefs, limitations, blocks. Come home to your full power of aliveness and exhilarated existence in all chakras. Cry, laugh, speak, dance , (no pressure and nothing choose your individual approach~any modality or medium welcomed) ) into your deepest peace and great love.

Awaken into Heaven of the female and male in union in song within your own self as an individual. Women and Men welcome. Remember who you were in Lemuria and who you are motion....

This is an inner journey which will change your outer life eternally. Rise in joy with the Loving sun. Speak in fullness with our friend the Beloved moon. Two very deep journeys each day with Dr. Laurie plus plenty of integration time.

Learn to have no lack when you find you are everything.

If you are interested in doing a 5 day journey in Maui with Dr. Laurie and other participants please call 831-477-7007 or email This is a special opportunity to have very focused time with Dr. Laurie who will guide this process in direct relationship to a small group of self selected individuals who feel this is the journey for them.

Contact the office for details.

send in your questions about this journey

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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