Maui In Love Within Dec 12-16, 2007
Maui In Love Within Dec 12-16, 2007

Dr. Laurie will take a small group to Maui December 12-16, 2007 (next week).
You will be deeply guided on going into the universal heart via your own heart to fall in love with the universe. You will learn to talk to animals, angels and all of life: present, past , future, here, other side. You may see who you are on a deep soul level which will put a new perspective on all of living. You will return to being here now in the creation of LOVE.

Two daily Satsangs each day

Very small group. This is a very unusual opportunity to go very deep in meditation facilitated by Dr. Laurie.


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Scholarships for Animiracles Programs

Animiracle Seminars vs. Animiracle Satsang Tickets

Dear Dr. Laurie:
I was hoping to get one of your $1800 scholarships to the Animiracle Seminar. I heard great things about it from friends. What happened to it? Will you offer it again? I was hoping for two scholarships for my husband and I.

Hi Tracy:

You can get 2 FREE tickets to the Seminar (now offered once a year) or the two day Animiarcle Satsang (now offered every few months) at Inside-the-Circle. The Satsang offers all the same info and benefits that the seminar did but in a powerful, surrendered to LOVE, magical, but much shorter day. If you prefer fast and impactful and being your own teacher this Satsang is for you.

After teaching the Animiracle Seminar for 18 months I felt it was time for a change. I feel that my role is to assist people in taking 100% power and surrender into their own ability to be enlightened. I no longer process people much. I assist people to awaken of their own ability. I have learned to effortlessly do in a matter of three+ hours a day what was taking me a lot of work and two long days. It used to take me months! The human race has evolved and is ready to quickly shift into harmonious patterns of tones and lights that awaken Heaven on earth within each being.

So now I offer Satsang (gathering in truth of heart) where I facilitate an arena in which everyone brings out his or her highest nature immediately or very quickly. People learn to manifest miracles, talk to animals and all of life, and tap into unconditional fully peace, joy, love, gratitude, abundance and success in all areas of life: spiritual, practical, relationship, career, communication with all species, awakening, abundance. People who prefer the original seminar style where I take on more of a therapist role, and people who like to work in intensive ways, and people who are very goal oriented will prefer the Seminar format. Both eventually end you up in the same places. Neither is better but they are different styles for different people. Some people like to attend both. It is all good.

Both formats are profoundly powerful. The Satsang is a light day that leaves you filing well rested and energized AND gives you everything the original LONG Animiracle seminar gave your friends. Back when we were in session hour after hour people went home very tired to the was a lot to digest and they benefited immensely. People now have the option of benefiting immensely in the same way through an easy and effortless experience that causes a profound eternal shift. Come ride on the Raven and Hawk wings into the depth of your soul heart: the universe.

Aso of January 1, 2008 Inside-the-Circle you two FREE tickets to the Seminar or Satsang (your choice. It's a wonderful place coming soon to visit on line (Inside-the-Circle) as of 1/1/08. So if a scholarship is your desire, you shall have one. Email so we can notify you when Inside-the-Circle is open and taking visitors on line.

In Love, Dr. Laurie

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Thank you.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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