Dr. Laurie shares Hawaii Aloha
Dr. Laurie Shares Hawaii Aloha

I am writing form the kind kind Aloha of Hawaii so as to share the energy. The Intensive is absolutely heart full. 11 birds from the dove family and one red headed bird have joined the Satsangs. They sit with us outside and they come inside the condo living room when we do. A rainbow that I can see from Maui going all the way from Lanaii to Molokai was loving us all morning. Spinner dolphins flipped in front of me as I ate!

Sooo many people are now belonging to the worlds of love and peace, abundance and joy that they receive from these Satsangs. I now take small groups of 2-5, also 1 person at a time for intensives, and the regular 15 person groups for the 5,10, and 20 day retreats in Paradise, Heaven on Earth. You come to Hawaii to find Heaven on Earth is inside you and for you to create and surrender to.

Currently I am working with someone who is allowing himself to show up in the world as the spiritual person he always was and recreate his already very successful business with his spiritual awakening as the basis for how he consults business owners ready to expand.

I have questions for every one. For every person that has treated themselves to this trip, two have called to say I wish o go but �I cannot yet�. Here is some help. I remember when I was in my young twenties, living with a bunch of people and living on only several hundred a month! While I cooked all food from scratch due to finances and would not even buy salad dressing, I saved close to 18% of my monthly income to pay my yoga teacher and almost a third of it to pay the person who was my mentor for becoming a therapist. I was always HAPPY to work for this money and give it to those who truly served ME! Also, I bought all my clothes at thrift stores back then but always saved up for very expensive shoes. Boy did my feet feel good which made my whole body feel good. Well worth the price! So when people tell me money is an issue, I know there is another underlying issue!

If you are desiring to go to Hawaii Satsangs please answer these questions to assist you with creating the way to go.

1. What will the Satsang feel like? Look like? Sound like? Taste like? Smell like?
2. How will I be different after I attend?
3. How will it change my life?
4. Which two Satsangs most appeal to me? (5 day dolphin swim, 10 day chakra awakening, 20 day go deeper, 7 day Benevolent Nature Spirits, One one-on-one or small group with Dr. Laurie)?
5. Am I worth it?
6. Will I do what it takes to get there or will I give up on myself.
7. If you answered I will give up on myself discontinue this process. If you answered I will do what it takes, what will it take? How long will it take? And when will I allow it to occur? Or when will I create it happening?
8. I suggest you put an alter in your house with all that represents your Hawaii Satsang so you can be reminded every day of your getting yourself there.

*Now, here is something to make it really easy. For those of you who cannot decide between two satsangs (most of my clients end up going on more than one and doing some private coaching work for deep fulfillment) , I will give you your second trip OR 1 on 1 intensive or coaching package for half price as long as the first one is of equal or greater value to the second. And I will offer a buddy system discount also. If you sign up for a package along with your friend or family member, that person pays half price for his/her Satang or coaching package as long is your package is of equal or greater value to your friends.

See you soon. This is your life for you. When you give to yourself you are full of much to give to others effortlessly. I invite you to receive that which you long for.

The water is warm and kind and here I learn to allow my soul to fully love my personality body as much as I have loved the animals. It is a great homecoming I give to myself. Come take yourself home in the love that the Satsangs facilitate.

Aloha, Dr. Laurie

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