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December Howls from the Mountain: News from Full Moon Farm

Message from Nancy

Goodbye 2007, Howllo 2008!

What a year! Our volunteer database has grown, our supporters were faithful and generous, and we were able to make a difference in many wolfdogs' lives. The residents and I are very grateful. A New Year's Howl is dedicated to all of you!

Asking for financial help is one of the facets of this "job" at which I fail miserably. With that in mind, please understand that it has taken me over an hour to compile the requests below.

While the sanctuary is not taking in any more rescues, our residents are getting moved around into larger quarters. We still have two enclosures almost finished, and are clearing for a large one so the kennels can come down and all critters will be in their permanent habitats. Posts are all that are needed to complete this project, approximately 32 posts at $9.00 each, plus tax, around $435 - $450.

Perimeter fencing is our next big project, and it is estimated to cost a minimum of $15,000, which is a good portion of our budget that cannot be allotted for fencing! While we need the new shelters and are starting on them when the weather dries up, perimeter fencing will help us with our liability insurance and let me (and the new caretakers) sleep a little better at night. So with that in mind...

We have never had a big Capital Fund Drive, but may need to look into that option. If any of our readers and supporters has experience with such an endeavor, please email me at fullmoonsanctuary@yahoo.com and help us get this project off the ground! Blessings in advance!

Food for thought...Did you know that as a 501(c)(3) federally recognized charity registered with Asheville Buncombe United Way program, you can earmark your donations to the United Way to go to Full Moon Farm, Inc.? Please call or write for our tax identification number! We are already approved with a California United Way program, through a generous payroll plan deduction by a CA state employee. Will you help us within the United Way network?

Also, some companies, such as Bank of America, have "Matching Funds." For every dollar donated by a BOA employee, BOA will match it! They will also grant up to $500 in volunteer hours donated. Please check with your employer for such a program, and we can stretch your donation even further! BestBuy in Asheville sent employees out one day this summer, and while we benefited greatly from their labor, I was notified that there was also a check for the Farm at the store. Well, with my schedule, it was at least a month before I made it there, but it was a trip worth making. They matched the volunteer hours with cash, and we were able to close out the calendar year with the feed store and vet bills PAID! Thank you, BestBuy!! (Only $18,000 is owed on our original investment loan!)

Remember, FMF does not receive any funding from any Humane Society, SPCA, government agency, wild wolf support program, or dog support program. We are not politically motivated or involved. Please take a look at where your donations dollars go - administration vs hands-on?

Full Moon Farm is now seeking an Animal Caretaker and a Grounds Person. Ideally, a couple would fit the bill! We are setting up for the college internship program (finally), and will have housing available for possibly two interns this summer. If you are interested, or have a referral of someone, please email me privately at fullmoonsanctuary@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Happiest of all Holidays to you and yours, from Nancy and the Pack of Howlers!


Woofer Updates!

Aries continues to grow, and grow, and grow! Some wolfdog feng shui is planned soon to move woofers around so he and Maya can share a pen.

Sweet Max has a new home! One of our long-time volunteers fell in love with him and took him home to be a buddy with her other two dogs. Princess misses him, but has been moved to a kennel by the house, and likes being closer to Nancy.


Woofer Spotlight!

Delaware is easily one of the sweetest wolfdogs at the Farm, as long as you're not a cat. He loves to get attention from visitors. He's also one of the Farm's older residents. Nancy estimates that he's 10-12 years old.

Delaware was picked up by the transport team that was bringing the New Hampshire group (Daunk, Momma, et al). He was found walking along the side of I-95 in--you guessed it!--Delaware. He was Nancy's big introduction to wolfdogs. He was the first one unloaded, and put in a kennel. Within five minutes, he'd climbed over the top and had come up the hill to say hi to everyone and to see how the rest of the unloading was progressing. Delaware is also a major chewer, and is the reason why the passenger seat belt in the van has been replaced three times. If a toy says it's indestructible, if it's given to Del, chances are he'll have it demolished in a short time.

Shortly after his arrival, Nancy started trying to find him a girlfriend. He rejected several, until Cheyenne. The two of them were totally devoted to each other, and neither liked to be left behind if the other one had to go somewhere. For the 2005 Black Mountain Christmas Parade, Delaware rode in the passenger seat of the van (and ate the seat belt) while Cheyenne walked in the parade next to the van. He was devastated when she suddenly died from bloat in November 2006, and started tearing apart their pen. He had to be moved into the "Fort Knox" pen for a while. Since then, Nancy has tried pairing him up again, but while he certainly enjoys flirting with some of the girls through the fence, he's not keen on actually sharing his living space with anyone new. We think he prefers being a bachelor. If that changes, we'll let you know!



Just a reminder about our campaign for building timbered houses for the woofers. We've already had donations to pay for three! For a $5.00 donation, you can pay for a "log," a landscape timber. $25.00 will pay for the roof (marine grade plywood). $150.00 will pay for an entire house. If you are donating for this project, please specify that information.

We're looking forward to starting construction soon, and so are the wolfdogs! Thank you!


A Request from Nancy

Because the internet gremlins have spoofed and spammed Nancy's email, her preferred address at this time is fullmoonsanctuary@yahoo.com. She will be terminating the BellSouth address in January. Please update your address books, and thank you!

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