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Listen late at night to the deep peace of the whale.

She and he sing through your heart back into eternity through the whole galaxy. Fill the world with peace that emanates from your choice to be the peace.

Listen with your soul to this, not your intellect. Release all the other stories and opinions. You are the world peace.

Listen to the benevolent light beings and learn of their worlds. Let them teach you. Be willing to speak other languages now.

Find you are part of a multi cultural galaxy where we can talk beyond supposed time and space barriers.

Listen…if this delights you..and if need to do so.

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Success Story

Dr. Laurie speaks to my dog Johnny

I recently experienced an animal communication session with Dr. Laurie Moore who spoke to my standard poodle, named Johnny.

What was most valuable about the session was a deeper understanding and connection with Johnny.

Johnny at the young age of six has been dealing with cancer and heart problems. Dr. Laurie did more than simply communicate with Johnny. She taught me how to communicate with him myself in a deeper way. She helped me also with my own feelings of grief around what he has been going through, helped me come to a more peaceful place within myself and taught me how to support Johnny more with his feelings and life purpose.

Due to the session there is a new development in my relationship with my animal friend.

Let me explain more. I have been able to be more present with Johnny in a real way with an open heart.

We have had some wonderful moments just staring in each other’s eyes.

After the session I noticed that Johnny has been more peaceful. I have echoed back to him some of the words he said to me about us being best friends. I noticed his eyes getting very big and open and him staring straight at me like he completely understood what I was saying. It seems like we have a new understanding between us.


Amy Jacques

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Satsang Seminars Schedule 2008

San Diego Animiracles February 16, 17 2008

Maui, Kauai, Molokai 7 Chakra March 8-17,2008

Portland, Oregon March 29-30 2008

Big Island Dolphin July 6-11, 2008

Animiracle Seminar Satsang Santa Cruz, CA July 18-19, 2008

What is Satsang?

The peace, love and joy we all desire is what we are made of essentially. We are the ocean, earth sun and air of all that exists through our own hearts as unconditional love~bliss~peace beyond all circumstances. When we tap into this vital and rich awareness of self, that which manifests as us is peace, love and joy because we were this long ago and are this now eternally. It is in loving all polarities, all that is not what we call peace, love, joy that the fullness of love in all returns deeply, profoundly, authentically.

We gather to share the truth of our hearts, each his or her own and to remember this.

To attend Satsangs that honor animals, insects, angels, elements, humans, master teachers with Dr. Laurie in Hawaii or California visit for dates.

Work Study Options
Virtual Office Assistants, Grant Writers and Body Workers,
Helpers with clean up and set up and logistics, DVD filmers, musicians, etc. may inquire about potential work study.Work Study participants participate in the entire Satsang and pay for part of their Satsang with work. Visit the website for rates or contact the office:

Email the office for a FULL FREE TICKET:
Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF
you bring a friend who is NEW to the Satsangs. You may also attend FREE a second, third, etc. time if you come to assist on the set up-host- clean up team.

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FREE Animal Communication Session

Dr. Laurie offers to gift a to one person from every USA state, every country and each Hawaiian Island in 2008.

We ask that you apply to represent your country, state or island if you would like to share your experience of the session with others from the authenticity of your heart.

If you are a person who loves to share with loved ones, writes articles, has a large email list, appears on radio, or has another way of spreading the news of Dr. Laurie's heart based sessions, please apply at

Simply let us know your geographical location, as well as with whom and how you will share your experience. Application letter should be no more than 3 detailed and specific sentences. If you are selected you will be contacted within two weeks. Long letters will not be eligible.

As we anticipate this offer talking a while to spread to every country, USA state, and Hawaiian island, don't be shy. Apply at any time in 2008 and maybe you will be the one!

Dr. Laurie translates your animal's communications to you during the session. The session is in honor of two equals: one animal and one person and lasts 20 minutes. Dr. Laurie is not accepting applications for people who wish to fix or change their animals. This is for people who wish to communicate in authenticity of the heart and soul with beloved animal friends. Your animal friend may be domestic, wild, alive on earth or passed over.

In Love, The Miracle Ground Staff

The following locations have winners as of this Ezine being sent out:
USA-New Hampshire
USA-New Jersey
USA-New Mexico
USA-West Virginia

Hawaii Satsang Seminars

Hawaii Satsang Seminars

Visit seminars page for Satsang retreats.

Enter the world of love that is your full ,whole natural state of being as all else dissolves. Come home to your own heart deeper than thought, emotion, and circumstance but honoring of it all. Be in communication with animals, humans, insects, the elements, archangels, angels, master teachers, sea animals,benevolent light beings and YOURSELF via the awakening heart.

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You were beautiful and were right on to stop the intellectual discussion that was forming in the group to hide the power without a moments’ hesitation. You stopped it. This was right on. This was a gift and role modeling to me of what I can do. You were right on in your reading of me too.

Rachel , Social Worker

I love your laugh Dr. Laurie. You are love…big love. Having met you I now channel my inner wisdom and bliss downloads regularly. My bird loves you so much the house filled with love when she met you.

Paula Nelson, MG Merchant Accounts

Free Tickets to California Seminars

Dr. Laurie with the Miracle Ground offers FREE. tickets in 2008.

Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF
you bring a friend who is NEW to the Satsangs. You may also attend FREE a second, third, etc. time if you come to assist on the set up-host- clean up team.

For FREE ticket info email

email Richard

The Planet Love Project

Rediscover Heaven on Earth for all beings.

Learn about The Planet Love Project with Dr. Laurie.

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Partial Payment for Hawaii~Work Trade

Current Positions:
Contacting Media
Writing Grant Proposals
Xeroxing or scanning archive articles, reviews, photos
Helping in Hawaii (music, dishwashing, greetings, errands,phone calls)
Body Work, Energy Work
Mail runs

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Inside-The -Circle offers 365 inspirational messages (one a day ) from Dr. Laurie Moore to all members as well as a copy of 111 Messages by Jessie Justin Joy as an ebook.

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