Good...Bad...Good News

Good...Cheryl Clifford generously offered her home near San Diego to hold a Satsang and Dr. Laurie generously offered to fly in and offer a private 12 person Satsang. The Satsang filled up quickly from people all over the USA.

Bad…While we have people asking for these spots from all over Canada, Europe, Asia and USA three people who tokk the spots have cancelled last minute giving very little traveling time for others to take the spots.

Good...we heard from one person that she bought a ticket and flew over from London at a moments notice for a Marin seminar last year. We heard from another that she got to the airport in Asia, realized she left her ticket at home, went all the way back home and bought another ticket just to make the life transformative event with Dr. Laurie and The Miracle Ground in Hawaii.This person is now planning to host Dr. Laurie in Taiwan because the event FULFILLED HER SO DEEPLY. Both people were VERY happy they got to the event. Many tears of gratitude were shed.

Bad...Dr. Laurie loves to give people lots of time and allow them to come in ease and is not happy about offering a gift so last minute to people whom she cares about.

Good...After observing the last minute journeys in joy of the two people mentioned above, Dr. Laurie lets that last minute embarrassment thing go and knows some people LOVE last minute treasures so we have three FREE tickets. This is a one time event. Ordinarily Satsangs hold 30-60 people and we will not offer free tickets again for a private Satsang where every person will get one-on-one time during the event with Dr. Laurie. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

IS one of these 3 FREE TICKETS FOR YOU? We are told that people who get the pull to attend know with all their heart they are meant to be there so you will know!

If yes please email or call 831-477-7007 immediately. The Satsang is in Carlsbad, outside of San Diego on February 16, 17 2008. Laurie will fly in Saturday and out Sunday. It is a special time for awakening.

Do not be shy. If you feel you would like the ticket it is YOURS! Come be love, joy, bliss and meet your fulfillment.


Yes, that is MY ticket!

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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