Music of Life
Music of Life

A group of frogs gave a free concert in the backyard today.

A beautiful choir was brought right to us. Be still and you can still hear them as all our songs continue out into eternity.

If you sit silent in the middle of the forest you can hear the trees and angels sing. We are taught that miracles are the creation of that which is preferable in place of that
which is not. Perhaps the greatest miracle is simply to sit and be in the music of life.

Whether you have ears to hear outside or whether you are
deaf and only hear within, the music of life is available every moment.


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A New Success Story

"Success Story"

Colorado Hawaii Dolphin Scholarship Winner

Kim Conrad is the Colorado winner for the Hawaii Dolphin Scholarship.

Kim has touched my heart and soul with the depth of the transmission she is gathering for us all on behalf of the animals, herself and the universe.

She sent in five poems in place of an essay submission to the contest. The one below can take you very deep - as all of her poems can. Ride the beautiful and true words into the vibration...

I thought of my life as a prayer.
Then I realized I am a prayer
and that we all are unfolding prayers
opening to the Sun of God.

Kim Conrad

Little did I know that when I received Kim Conrad's scholarship entry, I would be receiving one of the deepest healings I have ever had from a whale. Via Kim, I was approached by a whale I had not met before who
rearranged my brain patterns, physical patterns, and personality beliefs.

By reading Kim's books you may experience transmissions of the new world...beyond old dogmas interwoven into many of my FAVORITE spiritual teachings (East and West).

Pure goodness and neutral now with nothing but
lightness and a love that has no agenda.

Come laugh the deepest laugh of life with these transmissions. This is exactly what we do at the Hawaii
Satsangs! Buy Kim's books and take them with you to Hawaii to join us in swimming with the dolphins and/or visiting whales.

Dr. Laurie

Kim Conrad can be contacted at regarding her books, "Soulfully Living in Your Destiny" Volumes I and II.

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Satsang Seminars Schedule 2008

San Diego Animiracles February 16, 17 2008

Maui, Kauai, Molokai 7 Chakra March 8-17,2008

Portland, Oregon March 29-30, 2008

Big Island Dolphin July 6-11, 2008

Animiracle Seminar Satsang Santa Cruz, CA July 18-19, 2008

What is Satsang?

The peace, love and joy we all desire is what we are made of essentially. We are the ocean, earth sun and air of all that exists through our own hearts as unconditional love~bliss~peace beyond all circumstances. When we tap into this vital and rich awareness of self, that which manifests as us is peace, love and joy because we were this long ago and are this now eternally. It is in loving all polarities, all that is not what we call peace, love, joy that the fullness of love in all returns deeply, profoundly, authentically.

We gather to share the truth of our hearts, each his or her own and to remember this.

To attend Satsangs that honor animals, insects, angels, elements, humans, master teachers with Dr. Laurie in Hawaii or California visit for dates.

Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF you bring a friend who is NEW to the Satsangs. You may also attend FREE a second, third, etc. time if you come to assist on the set up-host- clean up team. Sign up for a FREE Ticket below at
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Invest in Hawaii Retreat for Planet Love Project

The Miracle Ground found our spot in Hawaii which we can see ourselves purchasing for The Love Planet Project. We wrote down 25 criteria just as we have for our California centers and found the place that meets all 25. It is exactly where we love to be, near the dolphins, in the angelic portal and ten minutes from the whales!

We seek an investor. Please call Dr. Laurie at 831-477-7007 or email

You may see the site below (PRESS LINK BELOW) in English or visit in Japanese at

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Hawaii Satsang Seminars

Swim with dolphins. Enter the world of love that is your full ,whole natural state of being as all else dissolves. Come home to your own heart deeper than thought, emotion, and circumstance but honoring of it all. Be in communication with animals, humans, insects, the elements, archangels, angels, master teachers, sea animals,benevolent light beings and YOURSELF via the awakening heart.

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Thanks for the advice and the Lucy beetle and Jessie cat photos. I really love you, and totally get why we're related.

You're an amazing, amazing person.



Dr. Laurie, you are such an open channel for wisdom. That is a tiny thimble of the huge amount of things I thank you for.

Pat Beckham, Consultant

Free Tickets to California Seminars

Dr. Laurie with the Miracle Ground offers FREE 2006-2008.

Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF
you bring a friend who is NEW to the Satsangs. You may also attend FREE a second, third, etc. time if you come to assist on the set up-host- clean up team.

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2008 Drive: Planet Love Project

Rediscover Heaven on Earth for all beings.

Learn about The Planet Love Project with Dr. Laurie.

If you have benefitted from Dr. Lauire's seminars, products, sessions and talks we ask you to contribute between $100 and $1,000,000,000 in 2008 to The Planet Love Project OR to set up a contribution drive in your town in your own way.
You will assist the Miracle Ground with creating a base in Hawaii and giving scholarships for Hawaii Satsang to people from all over the globe with your contribution of money or time. See yourself go up on the wall of love.

Thank you.

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Jacquelyn Aldana is a friend and mentor who has assisted me in creating great miracles in many areas of my life for the past 8 years. She would like to give you her free e-books on the 3 minute miracle.

Please email her and request this and let her know Dr. Laurie and The Miracle Ground sent you.

Anyone experiencing health troubles may benefit from her
three minute miracle process and ebook. You may use the process to assist yourself, your loved ones, and The Mother Earth.

Love, Dr. Laurie

email Jacquelyn with your interest


This site was created so that you can be with Dr. Laurie and create The Miracle Ground in your home.

In addition to 365 days of inspirational messages members receive a free ebook: 111 Messages by Jessie Justin Joy. Jessie is a cat who has helped hundreds of humans to become awakened, improve their relationships, release karma and discover unconditional joy and goodness.

Members receive a free ebook on animal communication.

Members receive a free copy of Creative Intimacy autographed by Dr. Laurie,

Learn more or sign up at Inside-The-Circle: Press Here

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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