February Howls from the Mountain: News and Updates from Full Moon Farm

Ice Storm

Rain was forecast for the evening of January 31st. It was supposed to continue overnight. What was not in the forecast was ice - the temperature was supposed to stay above freezing. The weather had other ideas. It rained in torrents, and it froze on everything.

Nancy awoke the next morning to an ice-covered Farm. The ice on the fencing was so thick that she couldn't see the woofers inside the pens! While some of the pens were damaged, all of them held. Several trees were damaged, losing branches, breaking in half or falling over. The tree outside Aries & Maya's pen now has a curve to it. Nancy was unable to walk up the steps by Zodiak and Tala's pen, due to debris. Amazingly, no one was injured by falling branches, some of which were embedded 3 to 4 inches in the ground. The Farm was also without power until 1:30 Saturday afternoon (February 2nd).

On that Saturday, a group of students came over from Warren Wilson College. They hauled debris from all parts of the Farm. By the time they left, there were seven huge piles of branches in the upper compound. Other volunteers repaired pens or removed branches from pens while watering the woofers. We are grateful for their assistance!

There is still a lot of clean-up to be done. There are many snags in trees, some of which are in trees in pens. Some of the trees in the pens did not make it through the storm, and need to be removed. These all need to come down before the windy season. The Farm is also in need of a really good chain saw! (A Stihl chain saw has been added to the Wish List.) If you are able to help out in any way, please contact Nancy at fullmoonsanctuary AT yahoo DOT com.

Ice Storm Photos


A Day at the Spa

Sensibilities Day Spa in Asheville selects one local non-profit organization every month to support. For the month of February, they have chosen Full Moon Farm! They will match donations from their clients, up to $1,000. If you have been wanting to pamper yourself (or someone special), now would be a good time, and Sensibilities would be a great place! They have two locations: 59 Haywood Street in downtown Asheville, and Two Town Square Boulevard in Biltmore Park. For information on their products and services, please visit their website. So go do something nice for yourself, and for the Farm!

Our thanks to Sensibilities Day Spa for selecting Full Moon Farm!


We Have Pressure!

Water pressure, that is.

For those of you who haven't helped with chores or visited the Farm, the water is provided by a gravity-fed spring. As you can imagine, it took quite a while to water all the wolfdogs. It would take an hour to water the ones at the bottom. 45 minutes for the ones in the middle. To water the ones up the hill, we would have to put buckets in the back of Nancy's pickup truck, fill them, and then drive the truck around the pens. Lifting the buckets out wasn't the best thing for one's back, or for staying dry. Filling the buckets would take 30-45 minutes. Delivering the water would take another 30-45 minutes.

There had been much discussion about purchasing a pump. A few weeks ago, Nancy made that become a reality (her funds, not the Farm's). Big Joe donated his time, and along with Tim, spent several days setting it up. Now it's just a matter of hooking up the hoses and keeping them relatively straight. We can reach all of the pens. And the best part? We can water all of the woofers in about an hour and a half!

Thank you, Big Joe and Tim! 


Woofer Update!

Aries and Maya were moved into the pen between Autumn and Banjo & Yeddy. After everyone settled down (all those alpha females did a little arguing), things have been going really well. Maya and Aries play, and she's not hesitant at all about showing him who's boss. His behavior has improved. He's not quite as mouthy and quickly settles down so you can pet him. He still won't hold still for too long, but it's an improvement. The funniest outcome is that Autumn has developed quite a crush on Aries! She flirts with him through the fence. Not to worry, though. There's no way that Nancy's baby will be put in with the Snark Queen!

Jera got a new home! His new person has a great deal of experience with samoyeds who need manners training. (Jera was bred and sold as an arctic wolf, but he's really a husky/samoyed mix without a bit of wolf in him.) He's been doing well with his new family, even though the back steps confused him at first. He's even got a girlfriend! We wish Jera and his new folks all the best.


Woofer Spotlight

This month, it's Daunkette and Howler!

They were part of the New Hampshire rescue, where a breeder died and her animals had nowhere to go (her husband abused them). Initially, Howler was leader of a pack that included Red Stripe, Mystic, Bear, Chewey and Daunkette. After a while, Mystic decided that he wanted to be pack leader and Nancy had to pull Howler before they seriously hurt him. Daunkette stayed with the boys for a while, but she was too aggressive to some of the neighboring animals, so Nancy took her out and put her with Howler.

Daunkette is very sweet and friendly, and enjoys coming up to most folks to say hi and get scritches. She was named because she is a miniature version of her father, Daunk. (Daunk was the only one of the 16 New Hampshire animals who had a name when he arrived.) Howler is a little more reserved. He's very curious about people, and will approach visitors. Howerver, he does have a nipping history, so it's wise to keep an eye on him. He also has a fixation with gloves, and has made off with a few over the years!

Both of them are total water junkies, and love their wading pool. They're the only two who'll play in the water year-round, unless it's frozen. It's quite a sight to see when it's 35 degrees and cloudy and both of them are soaking wet! They also enjoy digging in their pen. Nancy has had to fill in some pretty big holes!


Event Schedule

Our Howl-Ins for 2008 are as follows:

April 19th
May 17th
June 21st
July 19th
August 16th
September 13th
October 11th

Tours of the Farm start at 3:00 pm. Potluck supper starts at 5:00. Cost is $5.00 and includes Perry's Barbecue and soft drinks. Bring a side dish and come join the howling!

Our musical fundraiser that was originally scheduled for March 17th has been postponed. As soon as it's rescheduled, we'll let you know.


Mud Season

Nancy likes to say that there are three seasons at Full Moon Farm: Warm Mud, Cold Mud and Frozen Mud. The latter two usually occur simultaneously. As you can probably guess, we're well into the Cold/Frozen Mud season! This can create difficulties with the driveway. The ice is bad enough (our volunteer coordinator managed to get her car stuck in the driveway one morning). But the freezing and thawing help to create huge ruts that can be quite interesting to navigate. Prior to the start of the Howl-Ins, the drive will have to be re-graded, and at least one load of gravel will have to be added. If you're interested in helping out, please let Nancy know.

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