Ripples: The Miracle Ground

Ray, Jessie and Dr. Laurie create the ground for the Miracle Ground Sanctuary in meditation and loving one another.

Rich, Ken, Paula and Dr. Laurie have meetings to create the Miracle Energy dance and meditation in the sanctuary.

We sit in silence and practice sharing what ever emerges without fixing, advising or correcting. We just allow ourselves to emerge. We find love for who we turn out to be which is quite different from our stories and perceptions of who we thought we were.

It is the greatest blessing to find a oneness in brother and sisterhood in such a circle. Nobody is right or wrong as we each uncover and learn about the ways in which Great Spirit speaks through one another.

Circling around this are the seminars where everyone is invited to come benefit from these beautiful energies that come through. People come to be love and find they really are LOVE.

The animals are prodding and gently guiding their people to come home through our own souls so they send their people to the beautiful seminars.

Tracy, Amber and Lin edit and organize the Ezines so this energy goes out into the big world and can be shared with the globe. A beautiful flowering. As you read this you become the next circle.

We are like a tree who keeps growing rings as s/he becomes older. Each ring is more people and animals.There is angelic music flowing in this.

In silence as you read this you may hear it. Animals speak to one another beyond time and space and we are learning how to do this as humans in The Miracle Ground.

You are invited to do this in your homes and your places of the love so that it ripples out and you live in the center of a love tree...this is the invitation to everyone everywhere!

Dr Laurie Moore

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A New Success Story

Hi All:

Those of you who live near me probably have met my dog, Taipei, and know that she is high energy and loves to lick and spin and bark. The licking was driving me crazy!

I recently experienced an animal communication session with Dr. Laurie Moore who spoke to Taipei - as well as a couple of my other animals who had transitioned years ago. What was most valuable about the session was that it gave me new insights and understanding about Taipei's behavior and gave me comfort about the animals who had transitioned - a way to say good-by to them.

Dr. Laurie was spot on about Taipei's personality, which gave me confidence about what she said was Taipei's answer to the question of why licks incessantly. Taipei's answer: she needs to lick otherwise she will get angry! I take that to mean that she dispels a lot of her energy with the licking and, if she can't lick, she will (as she said) get angry!

Due to the session there is a new development in my relationship with Taipei: I am more patient and understanding with her about the licking. I know the only one I can change is me - and this session has helped me to change how I think about Taipei's licking (not to mention alleviating concerns that she had some nutritional deficiency - hard to believe with the food she gets!) After the session I noticed that Taipei seems more willing to stop the licking after a few minutes - it's like she gets now that it was very irritating to me.

You can arrange to speak to your animal friends whether they are domestic, wild, alive or passed over by contacting Dr. Laurie Moore's office at 831-477-7007 or emailing

You can receive a full free scholarship to her animiracle Seminar in California (create miracles in your life and learn to speak to animals).

Email to receive your full free scholarship with no strings attached. If enough of you in Colorado are interested, Dr. Laurie said she'd be willing to come here where I live to do a seminar in Colorado - so let Dr. Laurie know.


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Satsang Seminars Schedule 2008

Maui, Kauai, Molokai 7 Chakra March 8-17,2008

Portland, Oregon March 29-30, 2008

Big Island Dolphin July 6-11, 2008

Santa Cruz, CA July 18-19, 2008

Carlsbad, CA August 16-17, 2008

Big Island, Hawaii July 18-23, 2009

Molokai, Hawaii July 23-28, 2009

What is Satsang?

The peace, love and joy we all desire is what we are made of essentially. We are the ocean, earth sun and air of all that exists through our own hearts as unconditional love~bliss~peace beyond all circumstances. When we tap into this vital and rich awareness of self, that which manifests as us is peace, love and joy because we were this long ago and are this now eternally. It is in loving all polarities, all that is not what we call peace, love, joy that the fullness of love in all returns deeply, profoundly, authentically.

We gather to share the truth of our hearts, each his or her own and to remember this.

To attend Satsangs that honor animals, insects, angels, elements, humans, master teachers with Dr. Laurie in Hawaii or California visit for dates.

Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF you bring a friend who is NEW to the Satsangs. You may also attend FREE a second, third, etc. time if you come to assist on the set up-host- clean up team. Sign up for a FREE Ticket below at
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Grantwriters are also needed.

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Hawaii Satsang Seminars

Swim with dolphins. Enter the world of love that is your full ,whole natural state of being as all else dissolves. Come home to your own heart deeper than thought, emotion, and circumstance but honoring of it all. Be in communication with animals, humans, insects, the elements, archangels, angels, master teachers, sea animals,benevolent light beings and YOURSELF via the awakening heart.

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You work at a high level, Dr. Laurie. This has been a very very wonderful expereience for my cats and I.
Thank you to you and Jessie Boy.You have a very sweet voice. I will refer you to people. You were very
right about
the cats.

Sue Slater, Animal ComunicatorHi Dr. Laurie;

I learned so much from you and my "classmates" and now have the confidence to move forward and continue to learn and grow.

I look forward to seeing you again!


Laurie yes indeedy I had the most amazing experience of my life in Hawaii and thank you and all .........immensely blessed angels.

Yes yes yes...........................I say amen to all those that help make these incredible seminars so amazing ..........and many blessings to you Beloved Laurie Moore.................for allowing spirit to use you in this way................

Thinking a lot about Hawaii again in July,
Much Love,.


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Dr. Laurie with the Miracle Ground offers FREE.

Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF
you bring a friend who is NEW to the Satsangs. You may also attend FREE a second, third, etc. time if you come to assist on the set up-host- clean up team.

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Rediscover Heaven on Earth for all beings.

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You will assist the Miracle Ground with creating a base in Hawaii and giving scholarships for Hawaii Satsang to people from all over the globe with your contribution of money or time. See yourself go up on the wall of love.

Thank you.

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Networking Work Study

Pay for your Hawaii,California, etc. seminars by working as a networker for The Miracle Ground
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Share about the Animiracle Seminar, peoples' outstanding experiences and results, and show DVD footage
in your area.

You must be able to initiate your own showing or have access to groups where you can present this info.

Email Richard or call 831-477-7007 with your interest.

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This site was created so that you can be with Dr. Laurie and create The Miracle Ground in your home.

In addition to 365 days of inspirational messages members receive a free ebook: 111 Messages by Jessie Justin Joy. Jessie is a cat who has helped hundreds of humans to become awakened, improve their relationships, release karma and discover unconditional joy and goodness.

Members receive a free ebook on animal communication.

Members receive a free copy of Creative Intimacy, a book which will teach you to turn any challenge back into love,autographed by Dr. Laurie.

Members have access to inspiring audio messages from Dr. Laurie. If you have recently joined make sure to listen to the welcome message she has create for you. Dr. Laurie has recorded a powerful 5 minute message for you to assist you
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Sessions and Seminar Rates Changed

In honor of the letters we received we have changed our rates to accommodate more people.

Love, TMG


Carlsbad Seminar

There was a bee waiting for me when I went into a deep prayer after feeling so discouraged about some challenges. I had spend hours forgiving and watched Divine Mother move through me into those who had caused me and my loved ones harm. I had forgiven those who profess that the law of attraction has taken them on beyond all challenge knowing the Christ light brings us everything and allows us to dissolve and wipe all slates clean: all times appreciated and all times challenging are gifts. Even Amma, the Indian Saint, speaks of all this candidly. I went into my heart where I found every person is me and began to forgive any aspect of me I had ever reacted to instead of embraced in love.Everyone became invisible and I was seeing though us.

A bee showed me that the intricate nature of all beings in community is the purpose. After that I had to release many measurements upon which I was falsely basing success and the title of being “responsible.” I had to become servant in motion not knowing where I was going nor taking any set form. I am sure there are people reading this who relate. We have apparently many outer choices but look even more closely at where those come from and see the source. The inner choice is to keep facing in love what is the self in all ways.

At the seminar a woman faced herself deeply in forgiveness. It was so moving. And another woman let us experience her gift as she blossomed into the animal communicator she is meant to be in deep guided trust.

I am grateful to Cheryl,our San Diego host. It is a dear privilege to watch the centers growing in Hawaii, San Diego and Santa Cruz thanks to the generosity of people having us in their private homes and thanks to growing staff. Thank you to Maryam our new host for Portland.

The bee is now taking me and God~Goddess is guiding me in this interaction. I pray each moment to give everything back now and follow the light guidance offered to us all in my role in this intricate web.

A white bird flew over head when I was forgetting and I saw the everything. LOOK and you will see beyond the current assumptions as the new world births. The bridge is ours to create in a reflecting of what is being handed to us. Only the heart can translate the universal soul language which is a gift of creator in creation.

Our unusually tiny seminar turned out to be a GREAT GIFT. Each person had time to go deeply into his or her own transformation with focused attention from Dr. Laurie and the group. Everyone who came is planning to go on a Hawaii seminar. I am happy that seminars can range from 5-60 people and that universe makes this choice for us. It all works beautifully.

I am happy to spread this work. Please share your own experiences of being at the Satsangs and the after rewards so that others may proposer from your prospering. Drop us a line of your momentum and we may share it. Dr. Laurie

Congratulations to Our beloved Richard Smith!

Richard Smith, Head Hawaii Assistant and Spiritual Team Assistant ,who raised 9 children, became a Grandpa today! His first grandchild has joined the human race.

Blessings Richard,
TMG Staff

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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