On the day I recommitted to a Heaven on Earth Creation of complete PEACE with form, my two raven friends re-appeared and circled me.

And on a day I refound the depth of my commitment to my mate of Heaven on Earth, my two hawk friends came and circled me and mated before me. (Yesterday and today). Everything has become fully slow and silent and I see shimmering golden and white lights every where.

Then the gates of Heaven opened as the story of golden love and bright lights poured through the skies. I saw angels and what had once been The Hidden Valley Sanctuary was relocated and re-blessed to a new location fully protected in my heart. What’s here is there. What was then is now as Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thank you God and Goddess.

Title Lion and Human LOVE

New Success Story

Amber Spirit Horse Harton, a gifted writer and beautiful hearted woman, is the winner of the Indianna Animal Reading. She has blessed us with her beautiful story that occured prior to our meeting. We are re-printing it below.

Dear Dr. Laurie

Oh dear one it is so good to hear from you. I love your writing too, the sumptuous feast of Source just fountains from every word!!! Simple, sweet, rich, full, and ALL OURS!!!

You have created a wonderful opening in this dimension and I am truly grateful for your unique gifts and wish to help you in whatever way I can. I'm glad the words of my heart touched yours. And yes you may put Valor's story on the ezine, I think it may help others BELIEVE and surrender to their own power. What a delicious thought! :) :)

I will soon be joining your Inside-the-Circle and look forward to getting more of my Laurie Fix !! :)

May your thoughts nest so magnificently in the genesis of creation that new worlds are borne of your joy!!!!

Loving It All,

Amber (Spirit Horse) Hinton


The Story of Valor by Amber Hinton

Valor and I go way back. He’s taught me many wonderful lessons and our companionship is deep and wide and full of gorgeous scenery. Here is a small part of our story.

In the spring of ’03 I became very aware of a deep call inside me, a familiar one. Horse was again calling and it was so intense I couldn’t resist. I said to the Creator that I needed horse energy in my life again, badly! It was a cry of the heart, and those never go unanswered.

Soon after I had a dream. I was riding a horse the color of desert camouflage, and he was magnificent. I can feel what it was like to ride him as plain as if it was an hour ago. I stopped in front of some people at a table and they inquired about him, saying they too raised unusually colored horses, and they would be interested in setting me up with some. I said, “Well, I don’t see how. I have no …” and stopped dead. I could not say the word I had in mind – money. For in that exact moment the horse translated right into my mind the word money as energy. If I was to speak, I would have to say the sentence, “I have no … energy.” And I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t lie. I KNEW I had access to all the energy I could possibly want or need. An endless supply. It was in all my cells and in between all my cells, and in all time and space and beyond it into the invisibles and endlessless of the Divine. I knew I was pure energy, and so was everything else around me.

Animals have always drawn me deeply to them. I was at the tail end of an intensive Energy Healing for Animals course, and one day my assignment was to find an injured animal and heal it. I couldn’t find any physical animals so I cruised the innernet (hee hee) for any animal I could find through universal connection. We don’t have to see one to connect with it – sort of like a phone call. We all have this innate ability to hear the animals speak. I could go on and on about this but that’s for another day …

That day, when I sent out my heart thoughts I was expecting to find maybe a deer or mouse, bird or dog that could use a little help. I got a shock! Velvet, my first horse, answered my call! He had come into my life when I was 16 years old, and had spent 19 years with me, a dear and faithful friend, mentor and companion.

He said he was coming back! Well I was floored and excited and just beside myself with joy to feel him again. I sent him many blessings, asking him all sorts of flabbergasted questions, like how, when, where, and my answer was a sweet river of love pouring into my heart.

Weeks went by, and I continued on with my daily busy life. One day I had a sudden urge to visit my friend’s ranch and I ignored it because she’s so very busy, and I figured it was just my horse itch again. Two days later she called me to say she’d had a foal born and I should come see it. I thought that would be kind of neat, then it hit me! What if it was Velvet!? I looked at the pictures on her website, and there was a beautiful gypsy cob colt. She was asking $6500 for him!

Well, I had to go see. But a part of me was hoping it wasn’t him. I lived a very simple life with no savings, no way of buying an expensive horse. I just didn’t know what I’d do if it was him. But I went, all along saying things like, “okay, if you’re Velvet, I want you to leave your mama and come right over to me when I walk in the corral.” (Most foals won’t do that, they stick pretty close to their dam.) “And you have to show me in some way that it’s you.”

I walked in that corral, squatted down 30 feet away and just looked at that foal. He left his mom, walked right over to me and started to nuzzle my hair (Velvet would do that). I still didn’t want it to be true, but I closed my eyes and reached out and touched him and it was like a comet between us. I just KNEW. I knew it was my Velvet. The energy was exactly the same, and with my eyes closed I wasn’t getting the confusing image of him being in a different body. I was feeling him with my heart, seeing him with my heart, smelling him with my heart. And in that moment I knew again how small the world of seen things is. I knew this horse. Images, feelings, rememberings, experiences, came flooding back.

Oh, boy, the next few weeks were not pretty. I went to see him as much as I could but my heart was torn apart with feeling that I couldn’t afford him as I had no money and disliked debt. I was just waiting, hoping I’d win the lottery, or that some miracle would happen and I would get the money.

And then my worst nightmare happened. I got an email from the owner that Valor had been sold to California. I was devastated. I felt I had betrayed my dear friend who had come such a long “way” to be with me. Friends were beside themselves at my inconsolable state about losing Valor.

Comfort did come, as it has a way of doing. Books came into my life that helped tremendously. Friends, mentors, appeared that showed me a fresh new way to be with money. And I remembered the dream and then I understood. This was Velvet/Valor’s first lesson for me, to teach me that I was AFRAID of money. I was afraid of the responsibility, thinking there was only one way to get money and that was to spend even more hours working hard for it. Money had always been scarce in my family’s life, and in mine. Getting money seemed a terrible burden. He had come to teach me that money IS energy. And that I had all the energy I needed to make this happen.

But I’d blown it, waiting for it to fall into my lap instead of really calling it into my life. Instead of FEELING it so real, as if it was already there, that it simply HAD to decloak into this earthly life.

Then the miracle happened. I got a call from the breeder. She had told my story to the new owner, and the lady had offered me a second chance to come up with the money and she would take next year’s foal instead. I was elated and yet scared half to death. Now all these things I had learned would be tested HERE, in the earth lab, in the physical realm, where needless to say things get a little sticky!!

I told her I would have the money for her within a week. I got on the phone and the internet, applying everywhere for a loan. Not a lick! Not even the 27% interest folks would touch me because I was 51 years old with absolutely no credit history and in a very low-paying human services job. I even tried friends. No one I knew could help. Oh, they knew I was good for it but they just didn’t have that kind of money. And yet the whole week I just KNEW it was going to work. I didn’t know how but I never, ever lost the faith that had been burned into me with this lesson. That I WAS energy and I would indeed have the money to buy the right to be guardian for my friend. (I could not say I would ever own this magnificent being.)

And it happened. Two hours before the deadline! A call came -from my brother, saying my mother had a CD she would joyfully cash in to help me. I was laughing and crying, and we were the magic. He has already given me so much more than the gift of his presence as companion for the oh-so-many years we have ahead of us. He gave me confidence to reach out - that it was okay to want something really badly. That I didn’t have to make my life smaller and smaller until there was nothing left.

Things began to happen at amazing speeds as I really got a hold of how to invite beautiful things into my life. Spirit had upped the ante with Valor. It stretched me emotionally. I was so humbled and grateful at the whole orchestration. I reached out more and more and soon I was living on a horse ranch, teaching and training and oh my heart is so full. I am doing what I love.

So here we are again, my friend and I, co-creators of a new chapter in our never-ending Life. Valor says he has barely begun to teach me. Wow. Looks like I’m in for an interesting Ride!

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Paul Howard, An ANGEL in my LIFE

Paul Howard came into my life out of no where right when I needed him.

He is the incredible person who became the final producer of Animiracles, Indimiracles and Duomiracles. I called him today to thank him for being an angel in my life.

He stayed up till 5 a.m. many nights to get my projects done and I absolutely love what he did!

If you have an angel in your life, let them know!

Dr Laurie Moore

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This is a small job for some one wishing
to do something enjoyable on the side.
About an hour a week.

If yes call 831-477-7007 or email Laurie @DrLaurieMoore.com.

Email us for a schedule

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


• • • •

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