This contest will support the Planet Love Project.

Rules: However you do it is RIGHT. Love yourself and use our suggested steps if doing so makes you happy only. It is your game so you get to do it your way. We live on Planet LOVE!


1. For the next 24 hours, give as many sincere complements and gifts of love, encouragement and appreciation as you can to as many people that you can in as many ways as you can.

2. Take notes of how you WIN in your heart and mind, body and soul!

3. Donate $1.00 or more to Planet Love at

4.Send this on to eleven more people on Planet Love, Heaven on Earth which is here and now.

5. Next time you find yourself complaining about anything, choose to spend a minute loving yourself or another instead.

This contest begins on March 10, 2008 and ends on March
11, 2009. Our goal is to gain one million dollars to begin The Planet Love Project and movie while spreading LOVE all over,inside and out everywhere.

And it is all ready happening. Look, see, touch, feel, sing, dance and hear. We ARE THE LOVE!

Thank you.
Dr. Laurie Moore with Planet Love

Planet Love Project

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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