We can now learn, be and accomplish all we need to know, experience and do, here now.

Recently I became out of balance as I had taken in others' karmas and patterns very deeply into my consciousness while teaching.

New Age teaches to protect ourselves with white light but the empathizer is meant to feel others and then release them in each breath. It is our soul job.

We are not about wearing ethereal rain coats as we came here to feel. And thus we need to cleanse. It is all good and well.

I needed a cleanse and reset.

I sent a message to Gina Palmer, one of my mentors, via the cosmos asking her for current info on the most rapid human recovery system.

So as not to use my time with phones and emails and calendars I simply sent a one moment message.

Immediately she replied by showing me that she and her animals were one with all rhythms and sounds of the Earth and
the star, air and purified water systems. Although she indicated that this awareness can be built through breathing, sound, mantra over life times, her aura also explained, with the help of her cat friends Shera and Sno, that these rhythms were instantaneously available by saying it is so.

So I retuned myself to the entire universe with inner music and breath in a moment, as trees do, and became the complete fulfillment of every longing I have ever had.

My conversation with Gina and the following adjustments took one second.

This is how easy life can be here and now. We can now learn, be and accomplish all we need to know, experience and do, here now.

Thank you to Gina and the animals for holding this type of love awareness on Planet Love Heaven on EARTH as youlet theuiniverse hold you.

Life invites you all to the entire universe with inner music and breath in a moment, as trees do, and you become the complete fulfillment of every longing you have ever had.

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New Success Story

Hawaii Dolphin Seminar Winner~ South Africa

Congratulations Diana K off Sundancer of

We are very honored to have you join us! A delight. Thank you for your story.
We have reprinted part of it below.
Dr. Laurie



I will never forget my first dolphin encounter. The sea was a bit rough with huge swells and I remember feeling very nervous, yet very excited as we headed out on the boat. I had never been in a little boat on the sea, so that in itself was nerve-wracking. Most people on the boat, novices like me, were getting sea-sick so when the skipper cut the motors and asked who would like to get into the water, the heaving on the boat and my churning stomach prompted me to be the first to volunteer enthusiastically. Next thing I know I’m in the sea, struggling to stay above the swells and hardly perturbed about dolphins or anything else at that moment. I remember a large swell washing over my head and when I surfaced above water, I couldn’t see my buddy, anyone else nor the boat. Panic set in and I desperately tried to swim upwards with a swell in an effort to get it to lift me up so that I could see further around me then the dark rolling swells surrounding me. I also swam like crazy in the direction I thought I’d come in and when I finally got sight of the boat I was terrified as it seemed to be miles away. I saw the skipper gesticulating and pointing close to me and there they were – the happy-go-lucky creatures of the sea. I watched them come by very close to me and swim past, their shiney eyes fixed on me. I was so excited I forgot all about my panic and a feeling of peace came over me like the waves washing over. I felt a bit intimidated by their sheer size as they swam past so didn’t venture after them.

The encounter was brief but when I got back in the boat I could barely speak. Later that day I shed some tears of the warm and happy kind and spent the next couple of days in a state of quiet euphoria. My heart felt wide open and I felt a great change in my state of being. Since then, I have had some incredible encounters with the dolphins, each one speaking of a special connection between human and animal.

On this first trip we got to meet a young man called Manoli, who had been born cerebral palsied and who was never able to walk unaided and had lived his whole life in a wheelchair. When we met Manoli it was a year after he had first come to swim with the dolphins. He told us that the first time he was taken out on the boat, when he was placed in the water many dolphins surrounded him. At first he was terrified but then enjoyed the interaction immensely. He explained to us that somehow this experience inspired him so when he got back to Johannesburg, he was not sure what prompted him, but he decided of his own accord to go to gym, strengthen his legs and walk, even though he had never been given any indication that it would be possible to do so. A year later, there he was walking with a stick, on wobbly legs - but nonetheless, getting from point A to B by himself. I was so moved by his story and his tenacity and intent to develop himself, that something in me decided that there was definitely more to this thing about swimming with dolphins than can be scientifically explained. This was my first nudge towards leading me to bring others to experience this unusual form of healing. Now, years later I am told that Manoli is living and working in Cypress, travelling back and fourth to Johannesburg and walking and getting around quite confidently.

Yes, on a scientific level we understand that dolphins have a highly developed sonar system which they use for echolocation to hunt and stun their prey so we can appreciate the power of their sonic radar. It gets a bit more technical to try and understand how it is these very sound waves that penetrate our bodies and create a shift at cellular level. You might know that sound also travels four times faster in water than through air, and as we are made up of mostly water, that sonar frequency disperses throughout our body at a rapid rate, breaking through blockages - hence the healing.

Water increases electrical currents and sound travels 4,5 times faster in water. It is cleansing and invigorating (particularly the salty water of the sea). So water and dolphins create the perfect combo of liquid and sonic media. Add to this the dolphins’ lovable and huggable looks, their power and gentleness, sleek beauty and their willingness as completely wild creatures, to play and interact with us. Add to that the adventure of being out there in a little boat in the deep blue sea .. the leap of faith it takes to dive into the wild sea to connect with them.. and you have created MAGIC!!

So my answer to “WHY?” is a bit of all that and because I want others to experience this. Even if they’re not tuned in, they do get the love wash. And this love wash shifts them. And that I think is the MIRACLE and that is the key!

Virtual copyrighted by:
Diana K.
Sundancer Promotions
EARTHDANCE – Global Festival – 13 Sept 2008
- follow up & pics

To apply for a free Hawaii seminar please email
(Does not include travel, accomadations, food or fees). I offer one winner per country and one winner per state in 2008.

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Satsang Seminars Schedule 2008

Maui, Kauai, Molokai 7 Chakra March 8-17,2008 (Free tickets to one evening available)

Big Island Dolphin July 6-11, 2008
Dolphinville: (Free ticket to one evening available)

Santa Cruz, CA July 18-19, 2008 (Free tickets available)

Carlsbad, CA August 16-17, 2008 (Free tickets available)

Big Island Dolphin Hawaii 5 night July 18-23, 2009
Dolphinville: (Free ticket to one evening available)

Big Island Dolphin Hawaii 5 night July 25-30, 2009
Dolphinville: (Free ticket to one evening available)

Big Island 12 night July 18-30, 2009
Dolphinville: (Free ticket to one evening available)

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Each bottle is made with energy invoked specifically for the individual ordering by Dr. Laurie.

This blend is one that will assist you to create balance, meditation, connection to universal source, flow with all life, surrender to highest path and purpose, and trust in highest purpose of the heart while creating great inner wealth.

Ghandilee's Magdalison
This is a high frequency erotica blend, a deep sacred Divine love potion,and a spiritual uplifting perfume. Dance and ground in this passionate essential aroma oil for lovers: couples or the lover and beloved within your own inner rapture for the Divine and life itself!

Ghandilee's MasterRoses
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Sweet Life Of Miracles
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Therapy vs. Miracle Coaching vs. Readings

Do you still practice therapy, Dr. Laurie or do you only practice miracle coaching and readings?

I practice all three.

Therapy is an arena in which to discuss your problems and find solutions. I meet with my therapy clients on a regular weekly basis. People come for 6 weeks up to several years. Some drop in and out over the years. People come to solve any problems that are upsetting them.

Miracle coaching is focused on intentions and awakening only and moves at a much quicker pace and in a very different mode. Coaching clients come for 16 weeks, twice a week or as drop ins. Clients come to create miraculous lives. Clients come to work from the unconditional realm.

A reading is a translation session. I speak to you on behalf of your animal friends or your higher angelic self and master guides.

I work with people by phone and in person.


Thanks for asking.

Dr. Laurie, LMFT, CHT

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Get YOUR Life Report

Get YOUR Life Report

Your individual written Life report will give you 11 powerful bits of information to assist you with 9 important matters:

1)Living up to your fullest potential

2) Identifying cyclical road blocks you may experience so you can be prepared to counteract them with wisdom designed to help you with having a happy life

3) Let you know what your main emotional lesson is for this life

4) Identify your soul purpose for this incarnation

5) Give you three practices to keep you on your happiest path

6) Help you to comprehend and release your main self defeating habit

7) Give you insights which will allow you to have a fulfilling
spiritual, mental, emotional and physical life based on your uniqueness

8)Remind you of why you are alive and why you have some challenges so that you may over come them and truly enjoy your time on Earth

9) Inspire you to utilize some of your most precious life gifts

Dr. Laurie does the life report with the help of one of your beloved animal friends (on this side or the other) or animal teachers from the wild.

To receive a reading email your name, age, gender along with a loved animal's name, age and gender to

Let us know if your animal is on this side or the other and his or her species. Include your phone number.

Reports are delivered by email.

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I have just returned from a weekend in Portland that has answered my deepest synchronicity and equal ratio prayer of this time. Big HUGE Mahalo to Dr.Maryam Larki who was the over all manager, Waldemar Drozdek for being the gracious co organizer, Mara Sussman for her wonderful attentiveness, and Brad Tilden for the concert from the Heavens.

I am beyond grateful for the most impeccable assistance. Thank you for picking up at the airport and even tapping me on the back in baggage claim to tell me you would carry my guitar, cooking incredible Persian food, hosting the event in the perfect place (a lovely home where 7 cats who assisted lived), having me in a an apartment for myself where I could have some quiet alone time, making sure that the seminar details were attended to every micro second. For the first time ever in any seminar I was able to be there solely to teach instead of have many tasks coming to me to supervise. BIG Thanks! Dr. Larki managed every aspect of the seminar’s well being and my own well bring with her team. Mahalo.

Dr. Larki told me that she and Waldemar had one intention: service. She SWEETLY approached me to say they offered their volunteer work in service with absolutely no agendas or expectations of me other than to provide a forum for me to serve. Ahhhhhh. Music to my ears. I prayed for years to serve from the place of pureness...Thank you to many who come to TMG with the same intention.

Thank you to the Spiritual board who have given so much so often. Thank you to the spiritual board for keeping things in balance and on track. The president needs the checks of the congress and senate and the teacher needs the checks and balances of a spiritual staff. Thank you Ray, Jessie,Ken, Rich and Paula.

Thank you to Graham for his days, months, of work to create ITC.

Thank you to Erin Pasco for ongoing lovely cooking in Hawaii.

Thank you to Joe Pettricione and Helen Lang for amazing support, love and assistance! Thank you to Joe for singing with all his heart!

Thank you to Pat Beckham, Kathryn Conley, and Clare Strohman for all their generosity of spirit and attentiveness with assisting.

Love, Dr. Laurie

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Everyone may attend a two day Satsang Seminar in California or Oregon FREE their first time. You may attend FREE a second, third, etc. time IF
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Audio E-Courses on Enlightenment and Success

Every person deeply desires to live in a world of love. You will go to great lengths to find this love, and in the end, find that the love has been right in your heart all along. At some point you struggle and feel the absence of love. You seek. It is time to stop the search and find that the love you seek is you. Through six guided lessons you will discover the way to use your own body and brain to return to unconditional love in every situation. Whether you crave peace, joy, companionship or understanding, your hunger will be fulfilled through the discovery that you are love. You may have spent months or years in educational pursuits or Ashrams, hundreds of thousands of dollars on self help, years of labor and multiple tactics to solve problems with relationships, finances, careers, and health when what you are seeking more deeply than anything is to BE LOVE. I will teach you to master this with 12 lessons and then the practice will be yours to continue in your own unique way forever more.

While you are incarnated in a body, you desire to feel well in the body – well financially and well with the people in your life. Many of you would prefer to feel ecstatic, exuberant, and richly alive. Each person is different and there is not a right or wrong. Some of you simply crave ease and peace with family, friends, career and material well being. There are very simple methods by which you can create all of this. Since each person's karma is unique, some will be able to create what they desire in an area of life easily while others will gain the gifts that come with learning over months or years. There is no right or wrong way; however, there are simply ways that will ultimately lead you to what you seek when practiced.

Through six guided lessons you will learn the required tools to create success in any area of life.

The 12 powerful and pure audio E-Courses each contain an inspiring true life story of someone who was experiencing failure and turned this around into success. This will inspire you to go deep into your heart and to do your best whether you are facing happy or harsh life circumstances.

Each of the six enlightenment Audio E-Courses will include one simple practice that will guide you to master unconditional love and ongoing awakening. Each of the six success courses will teach you to create the runway that is designed to get you to your chosen goals. You can use the tapes over and over to go deeper and deeper into love and create more and more of your dreams. This will give you the ability to experience enlightenment and move toward success every moment of each day.

Each course will prepare you for possible pitfalls and give you multiple keys for an immediate shift should a pitfall occur. This will potentially save you years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will learn from the mistakes of others who failed and ultimately succeeded so you can go in ease.

Each course will give you the joy, laughter and love of Dr. Laurie Moore right in your home. Many feel a loss and disappointment after attending the Dr. Laurie Moore Satsangs which bring out the greatest love, joy and peace. They return home and miss the Satsang. With these techniques YOU WILL CREATE AND BE THE SOURCE OF SATSANG WHEREVER YOU ARE!

Each audio E-Course will end with an uplifting shamanic experience that took place between Laurie and an animal friend who assisted her in finding the gem key you have just learned on the audio E-Course.

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Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of struggle again and again that was at last replaced with ongoing eternal awakening.

Learn to experience enlightenment NOW with the final step that liberated Dr. Laurie for life. In this audio E-Course she will share the simple step.

Avoid 10 common pitfalls that many spiritual seekers have encountered which have cost decades and life times. Dr. Laurie will candidly and authentically discuss the ways in which she got in her own way with each of the pitfalls in the past, and now has a counter practice for each so that she gets to experience the incredible joys of awakening everyday.

Hear the story of Dr. Laurie and Jonah the dove, who in one precious minute gave Laurie something she had sought in numerous courses from East and West for two decades: the way to ongoing contentment each moment.

Audio E-Course 2:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of one of her clients who began to awaken and then STOPPED his own grace with unconscious thought patterns. Find out how he sought help to stop the suffering, and found a key that set him free and took him into daily awakening for good.

Learn to identify common human ego strategies that will get in your way before they have a hold of you with the final step that liberated Dr. Laurie for life. In this audio E Course she will share the simple step and you will have the opportunity to live in unconditional love, grace, peace and joy forever more.

Prevent five ways of living that good people with good intentions have fallen prey to, thus disrupting the joy of grace once it begins. Dr. Laurie will candidly and authentically discuss the ways in which she got in her own way with each of these five mistakes in the past, and how she got herself out by replacing these with five life style practices destined to assist one in remaining in an awakened state.

Hear the personal story of Dr. Laurie's mentor, feline Sno, who gave Dr. Laurie these keys.

Audio E-Course 3:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of how the profound heart break of personal and professional betrayal tested her after she began to experience awakening and success in all life.

Find out that such a test does not have to bruise our faith, but will instead strengthen it when we understand the gift in betrayal and how to respond. Discover that betrayal is always an invitation from your higher self to deeper love, and how betrayal can set you free.

Learn to experience betrayal as an immediate doorway to profound love and peace with the step that gave Dr. Laurie an ability to experience extraordinary love for all beings, including herself, beyond the greatest love she had known previously.

Avoid seven mental choices that people often make which have sent them spiraling down rather than uplifted in times of hardship. Dr. Laurie will candidly and authentically discuss the ways in which she got in her own way with each of the seven mental choices in the past, and how she now uses seven different thought choices to turn every experience – good, bad or indifferent – into an opportunity for profound love and peace!

Hear the story of Dr. Laurie and her hawk friends who opened the gates of Heaven on Earth to her.

Audio E-Course 4:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of how her awakening was shaped by how she treated life. Come see that once awakening becomes your daily norm, how happy you are with the process is related to how you are treating your own life.

Learn one simple technique for treating life in such a way that your awakening can occur through Fun instead of melodrama!

Avoid four physical habits that make the brain register pain when bliss is an option. Find out that the body personality is designed for bliss. Learn four ways to drive your body personality with the same practical wisdom you drive your car for success in the bliss factor of life.

Hear the story of Dr. Laurie and her friends, the dolphins, who explained to her that all awakening, regardless of circumstances, is available to be experienced in bliss.

Audio E-Course 5:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story with a client who was sure she was unable to be enlightened and how this client broke through to experience the unconditional realm of peace.

Learn one simple technique for taking yourself to the realm of unconditional peace.

Transform any and all emotional inclinations, urges and habits that prevent you from realizing the peace that you already are.

Hear the story of Dr. Laurie and her friend, Jessie Justin Joy, the cat who taught her that peace is available every moment.

Audio E-Course 6:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of the ecstasy that deepens, multiplies and occurs in surprising new ways each day as her practices continue with steps 1-5, taught on Audio E Courses 1-5.

Learn one simple technique for keeping up with practices when you feel lazy, stuck or unable.

Shift the tendency to think there is an ending point to awakening and join the glorious pathway of miraculous living.

Hear the story of Dr. Laurie and her friend, Lucy the beetle, in depth. Lucy discusses how she pays no attention to societal barriers and beliefs, and gives herself consistent, ongoing enlightenment in exquisitely delicious ways.

Audio E-Course 7 - The Body Experience A:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of having an eating disorder when she was a dancer in college, then transforming the eating disorder into a life in which having a body became the basis of ecstasy, health and joy. Dr. Laurie will also share case studies from her private practice of people who transformed chronic physical ailments into health.

Discover that the human body and personality are created from waves of emotion which will dissolve into the unconditional soul-self when faced 100% in love. Let Dr. Laurie take your hand and guide you through your conditioning back into that which is eternally happy and well. Find the secret to changing addictions, bad habits and self-sabotage.

Overcome the human tendency to think that you are alone in your troubles. Come to realize that challenges are necessary for your growth and to be expected. A challenge is life's way of saying: You are invited onto the road to success!

Hear the story of Shera, Dr. Laurie's feline mentor, who assisted Dr. Laurie with learning to transform pain into neutrality.

Audio E-Course 8 - The Body Experience B:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of a client who discovered at age 61 that body bliss was an option every day. After temporarily losing his daily surfing practice of decades due to a back injury, he realized his ailment was the key to a far more expansive life experience. Against odds, using a tool for success, his back healed, his surfing began again, and his experience of ecstasy through the body multiplied tremendously.

Learn the one key that allowed Rich to find greater pleasure in his journey with his back instead of succumbing to a life of pain and paralysis.

Release the idea that you are on Earth to suffer. Discard media information that having a body means having ongoing trouble. Replace this notion with methods for finding sheer pleasure in your cells, organs, muscles and heart.

Hear about a bee who taught Dr. Laurie to turn pain into ecstasy.

Audio E-Course 9- The Relationship Experience ~ Section A:

Listen to Dr. Laurie's personal story of finding the soul mate of her dreams. Hear the authentic and candid details of her many trials and tribulations which temporarily gave her the idea that being alone might be her calling. Be inspired as she shares how this despair ultimately lead her to great faith, as well as her meeting her beloved.

Learn the eight steps that took Dr. Laurie straight into the arms of her beloved.

Say goodbye to the idea that being with a life partner is better or worse, and open up to the idea that being with a life partner is a choice you are offered. Find yourself at the steering wheel of your choosing.

Hear how feline Jessie Justin Joy taught Dr. Laurie that what she thought she needed in a mate was what she really sought in herself. Be inspired by the new type of relationship Dr. Laurie came to experience after she mastered Jessie Justin Joy's teaching.

Audio E-Course 10 - The Relationship Experience ~ Section B:

Listen to Dr. Laurie share stories of clients who have learned to utilize every relationship with family, friends, and colleagues as an occasion to experience love, joy and peace.

Learn the three steps these clients used to discover all the love and acknowledgment they desired was there to be experienced with all people and animals in all experiences.

Say goodbye to the notion that peace comes from changing anyone and anything.

Hear how dogs and dragonflies showed Laurie to be in love with everyone in all occurrences.

Audio E-Course 11 - The Career Journey:

Find out how Dr. Laurie teaches each person at her seminar to experience ANY career as the ultimate spiritual path and place to realize oneself as unconditional love, joy and peace.

Master eight ways to practice what Quan Yin, Buddha, Allah, Raddha, Krishna, Shekinah, Jesus, Mary and Magdalene (the divine feminine) practiced in their ascending. Discover that your career is the perfect arena and ashram for your holiest and most sacred learning.

Identify four habits that keep you from being an enlightened master at the work place and replace them with four practices that dissolve you deeper and deeper into your true nature of love.

Hear how an owl showed Dr. Laurie to live in endless faith in her career experience which is the entrance way to endless unconditional love.

Audio E-Course 12 – Body, Relationship & Career as an Experience of Divine Love

Review what you learned in Audio E-Courses 7-11. Become unconditional love, joy and peace, as an awakening master in all areas of your life experiences: health, wellness, the body, relationship, money and career.

Learn about the three predictable challenges that turn people away from becoming masters of happiness. Receive tools for facing these challenges with the capacity to direct yourself more deeply into success in all life areas: the body, wellness, health, money, relationships with family, friends, colleagues and career path.

Create 4 life long approaches to living that allow you to awaken wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whomever you are.

Hear how a gold finch taught Dr. Laurie to be in endless grace. Be inspired as you remember that everyone and thing you need is here now.

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Members now receive the first audio e-course of the 12 Audio e-course set FREE. This is a wonderful intro to ITC .

This site was created so that you can be with Dr. Laurie and create The Miracle Ground in your home.

In addition to 365 days of inspirational messages members receive a free ebook: 111 Messages by Jessie Justin Joy. Jessie is a cat who has helped hundreds of humans to become awakened, improve their relationships, release karma and discover unconditional joy and goodness.

Members receive a free ebook on animal communication.

Members receive a free copy of Creative Intimacy, a book which will teach you to turn any challenge back into love,autographed by Dr. Laurie.

Members have access to inspiring audio messages from Dr. Laurie. If you have recently joined make sure to listen to the welcome message she has create for you. Dr. Laurie has recorded a powerful 5 minute message for you to assist you
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Fun Play Satsang Seminar

Fun Play Satsang Seminar

Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24, 2008

People attending Day of Nurturance and Play on Sunday August 24 are invited to come free on Saturday August 23.

People coming for Play Satsang only (TRANSFORMATIONAL theatre improv, theatre games, singing, sharing, group massage, contact improv, movement,chanting)

August 23, 2008 1-6 P.M
August 24, 2008 3-6 P.M.

Cost for 2 Day Play Satsang is $200.

Registration required by June 15. Limited Spaces.

Day of Nurturance and Play on Sunday August 22

Dr. Laurie will offer a day of deep nurturance and play on August 24, 2008 in Santa Cruz, CA. 11 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Each participant will receive a foot rub with Ghandilee (all Ghandilee products are organic and hand mixed and made by Dr. Laurie Moore)

Foot love and cleanse Oil, a hand wash with Ghandilee Aura
Salts & Flowers cleanse and a Money cleanse~upgrade
with Ghandilee Money New World Oil. You will experience a group trance into a whole new level of body bliss nurturance with Ghandilee hypnotherapy and Ghandilee Flowers of the Air Shakti Oil Myst.

You will enjoy a delicious fully home made Ghandilee Greek lunch of moussaka, tabouli, Greek salad, pita with hummus and babaghanoosh.(Dr. Laurie will use fine organic ingredients in cooking of lunch , dinner and dessert).

Theatre games are next (absolutely no theater background needed). Rejuvenate, re-establish, rejoice on inner and outer planes.

Dinner is home made Italian lasagna with scrumptious home made side dishes and soup followed by amazingly
yummy surprise desserts, delicious chai and mint mochas. All made from scratch at home by Dr. Laurie.

(Very end of the day is for mingling so if you need to leave a bit early to drive a distance that is fine.)

$250 per person.
Register early: limited spaces.

Registration required by June 15. Limited Spaces


Purchase your ticket today. Each participant receives one on one time with Dr. Laurie on April 19, 2008 4-5:30 p.m., a DVD (Your choice of Animiracles, Indimiracles or Duomiracles) and assists tow wonderful causes: The Miracle Ground and The Connection Magazine.

Tickets are $100.

With every additional $100 you donate you help people from all over the world to awaken into their unconditional bliss, love and Joy with Dr. Laurie. Be generous and watch the wealth circle as your heart is filled with giving. Donations of $100 to $1 million will help us to build Planet Love Center in Hawaii so that the globe may prosper. Thank you for your love.

I wish to give a TAX FREE donation: contact Laurie


Laurie, I got everything I needed in the first 14 minutes of the session so we can end now. Thank you!

I have been feeling so uncomfortable and now I feel well.
The burden is lifted.


Laurie, in 15 minutes you taught me all I needed to have the best week ever of my entired married life!
We can end early. Your checks in the mail and i will double it so we can tal again next week.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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